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Male Guards: Men's Incontinence Shields and Guards

The best male incontinence guards from Depends, Prevail and TENA can be found here. Whether you are experiencing light or moderate urinary incontinence, we have the best men’s shields and guards to offer you reliable leakage protection. Read More...

11 Items

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  1. Attends Guard for Men
    Attends Guard for Men
    Starting at $9.97
  2. FitRight Active Male Guards
    FitRight Active Male Guards
    Starting at $21.22
  3. Depend Guard for Men 12"
    Depend Guard for Men 12"
    Starting at $20.88
  4. Depend Shields For Men Light Absorbency, One Size Fits Most
  5. Attends Discreet Male Guard
    Attends Discreet Male Guard
    Starting at $6.83
  6. Prevail Male Guard 13" Long
    Prevail Male Guard 13" Long
    Starting at $14.48
  7. Prevail Male Guards with Adhesive Strip
    Prevail Male Guards with Adhesive Strip
    Starting at $4.34
  8. Sure Care Guard
    Sure Care Guard
    Starting at $7.62
  9. Tranquility Male Guard Bladder Control Pad
    Tranquility Male Guard Bladder Control Pad
    Starting at $32.50
  10. Abri-Man Zero Incontinence Shield
    Out of Stock
  11. Abri-Man Slipguard Bladder Control Pad
    Out of Stock

11 Items

Set Descending Direction

Urinary incontinence can be a source of embarrassment to some - but it doesn’t have to be. The incontinence product industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, providing multiple solutions that have all the pros you expect and none of the cons you fear; these high-quality products are reliable, discreet, comfortable, skin safe and odor neutralizing.

And when it comes to male guards and shields for incontinence, there’s no exception. AvaCare Medical’s selection includes products from brands you can trust, such as the Depends guards and shields for men, Prevail male guards and more. These incontinence “guards” do exactly that; they guard your clothing from dribbles while keeping your skin odor-free, comfortable and most importantly, safe from moisture damage.

Depends Guards vs Depends Shields for Men

Note: While we have chosen to compare the men’s guards and shields from the Depend brand, these differences are generally universal and can be applied to most similar products.

Depend Shields for Men vs Depend Guards for Men: Shields - for drips and dribbles, light absorbency, ultra-thin, cup-like, discreet profile, no leak barriers, odor control, $0.35 per pad; Guards - for larger surges, maximum* absorbency, thick 12

** Male guards that are promoted as offering “maximum” absorbency are generally referring to the maximum absorbency offered by men’s pads; this should not be confused with the maximum/overnight absorbency level that is provided by high quality incontinence underwear and diapers.

The difference between male guards and incontinence shields is similar to the difference between light panty liners and thick (maxi) pads for women’s incontinence; shields are thin, discreet, and function as a “back-up” in case of small leaks, whereas guards are thicker, more absorbent pads that are designed to absorb small flows of urine.


If you have any questions or concerns, or you’d like to try a free sample of these men’s leak guards and shields, give us a call today at 1.877.813.7799; we’re here to help!