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Tena & Poise Overnight Pads / Best Overnight Incontinence Pads

Overnight incontinence pads are the optimal nighttime choice for those with any form of mild or moderate nighttime incontinence. Pads such as the Tena and Poise overnight pads preferred by many individuals with light nighttime incontinence as a comfortable and convenient way to stay protected until the morning. Read More...

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7 Items

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Most often utilized by adults with stress incontinence or light overflow incontinence, we carry the best overnight incontinence pads for your needs. Choose from our most popular styles such as Poise Overnight Pads and Tena Overnight Pads, or decide which pads will work best for you based on the criteria further below.

Best Overnight Incontinence Pads

Finding the right overnight incontinence pads can be challenging. Alleviate any confusion with this helpful guide to finding the best overnight incontinence pads. Check out the best options quickly and easily immediately below.

Poise Overnight Pads

The Poise Overnight Pads are the epitome of pad perfection. They are comfortable and wonderfully discreet. They come in various styles and thicknesses. They minimize odors and prevent leakage. Aside from all that, Poise Overnight Pads have a back that is more than double as wide as most other ones, and provides unsurpassed coverage from leaks for those who sleep on their backs. Leak-block sides prevent liquid from slipping through the edges, and the absorb-loc core locks away wetness in a snap. Whether you’re looking for pads that offer lots of absorbency or ones that will protect against light leaks, Poise Overnight Pads are a fantastic option if you want comfortable pads that do the job.

Tena Overnight Pads

Designed for nighttime use, these pads feature a soft topsheet layer that pulls fluid into the core of the pad and keeps the individual’s skin healthy and safe. With an extra-wide back design for Lie Down protection, and soft foam barriers on the sides to prevent leaks, Tena Overnight Pads provide women with the protection they need, plus a comfortable fit. 


Overnight incontinence pads cost much less per piece than incontinence underwear or diapers. According to our calculations, one can save nearly 50%, and sometimes more, by choosing overnight pads. Anyone who is looking to spend less on incontinence products without losing out on quality can try overnight pads. 


Overnight incontinence pads often have a soft, lightweight feel. They often feature a soft topsheet, and fit well. They are therefore a comfortable choice when it comes to deciding between incontinence products.


Overnight bladder control pads are ever so discreet, since they are worn inside regular underwear. They contour to the figure really well, and are designed to prevent the pad from bunching. (Bunching, aside from leading to leakage, can also make the pad more noticeable, and no one wants that.) Overnight pads often also contain properties which help to inhibit odors. They are the perfect option for one who wants a bit more protection yet values her privacy, and provide the user with a feeling of normalcy that diapers and pull-ups just can’t match.

Leakage Prevention

Overnight pads contain fast acting leak control properties which swiftly soak up any spills and stop them from spreading. They often feature adhesive peel strips in the back, which secure the pad in place and so that its ready to catch any drips.


Fast-acting, with moisture lock capabilities and targeted absorbency areas, these night time incontinence pads are quite absorbent. They sometimes even come individually wrapped for hygienic purposes. Anyone can manage incontinence efficiently with these pads. 

Please bear in mind that even maximum absorbency incontinence pads are not designed as standalone products for those with heavy or total incontinence. The most absorbent incontinence pads can be worn during the night (or even day) by those with a moderate level of incontinence, and people who want a little protection just in case. If you believe you have heavy bladder leakage, pads likely won’t be sufficient for leak-proof protection, but if you’re brave you can try it out; they may just work for you!

Maxi Pads vs. Overnight Pads

Some people try their luck using feminine pads instead of those designed specifically for incontinence. Here are some differences in the basic makeup of both period and incontinence pads; read through them so you can make an educated decision about whether you’d like to try using period pads to manage your incontinence.

Period pads are designed to handle thicker substances than urine. They are not as absorbent as incontinence pads; they are designed to absorb a slower flow of liquid. One would usually require a heavy period pad to get the same results as a light incontinence pad. 

Period pads actually contain deodorizing properties which mask odor. Incontinence pads often contain pH absorbent materials, which don’t merely mask odors; they neutralize them. Incontinence pads also prevent the wearer’s skin from getting irritated. 

Stay dry all night long with these comfortable and protective pads. Some come in larger shapes for all-night protection, and others feature a wider back design. Whether you’d prefer disposable or reusable, light or heavy incontinence pads, search AvaCare Medical’s extensive selection of the best incontinence pads for night time use, and you’ll be sure to have worry-free nights once again!