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Mesh Underwear / Mesh Panties for Postpartum

Postpartum mesh underwear, or disposable mesh panties, are widely recognized as the best postpartum disposable underwear available for mothers today. They are extremely flexible, and make changes quick and easy. Read more...

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  1. MediBrief Mesh Brief
    MediBrief Mesh Brief
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  2. Premium Knit Underpants
    Premium Knit Underpants
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  3. Wings Incontinence Knit Pant
    Wings Incontinence Knit Pant
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  4. McKesson Knit Pant
    McKesson Knit Pant
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  5. MediBrief Seamless Knit Pant
    MediBrief Seamless Knit Pant
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  6. First Quality Mesh Pants
    First Quality Mesh Pants
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  7. Wings Seamless Knit Pant 2X-Large/3X-Large
  8. Protection Plus Mesh Incontinence Underpants,Large
  9. Wings Maternity Knit Pant
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    Wings Maternity Knit Pant
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  10. Abri-Fix Knit Pant
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    Abri-Fix Knit Pant
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  11. Attends Mesh Pants
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    Attends Mesh Pants
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  12. Abri-Fix Net Knit Pants
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    Abri-Fix Net Knit Pants
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12 Items

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Usually comprised of breathable, soft materials that allow for optimum airflow, postpartum mesh underwear provides the wearer with a sense of security and the knowledge that leaks are now less likely.

Mesh Underwear Uses 

Hospital mesh underwear are most commonly used by individuals to comfortably hold large pads in place during postpartum bleeding. (Postpartum bleeding typically lasts up to 10 days, although staining may continue until 6 weeks or later.) Besides maxi pads, disposable hospital underwear have the capacity to hold perineal ice packs and tucks in place, making them a great all-in-one perineal care panties for after birth. Although they are sometimes referred to as maternity mesh underwear, the lack of stomach support from these panties make them more suitable for the fourth trimester than before the baby is born.

These are also perfect for long-term wear following a C section, hysterectomy, major abdominal surgery, or urinary tract surgery. Wearing regular underwear in these circumstances can be agonizing; avoid rubbing the area and causing unnecessary pain by wearing well-designed postpartum hospital underwear. 

Disposable postpartum panties can also be used for incontinence purposes; to hold incontinence liners in place. They are ideal for use with bladder control pads, since they are shaped to hold them securely in place. This use is often referred to as the “pad and pant system”.

Mesh Panties: Typical Features & Details

Some disposable postpartum panties feature soft elastic leg openings, which are secure yet not overly tight, to prevent redness or skin marks from occurring in the thigh area.

Some mesh panties for after birth can be reused multiple times for economical purposes without becoming frayed or out of shape. 

Unlike their reusable counterparts, postpartum mesh panties don’t offer stomach support (for that, a belly band may be recommended), since they are purposely not very constricting so that the wearer can experience the most possible comfort in this situation. 

Reusable vs. Disposable Mesh Underwear After Birth

Discreet disposable maternity underwear are remarkably practical, and make those first few days after birth much easier to get through. The fact that they are disposable makes them ever so easy to use; after wearing it once, one can chuck it in the trash and take out a new one. This is more hygienic, and prevents ever growing laundry loads from getting even larger. 

Where to Buy Disposable Underwear for After Birth or Surgery

AvaCare Medical has an expansive selection of comfortable, non-constrictive postpartum disposable panties and mesh underwear for women who have just given birth or undergone surgery. They also carry unisex reusable and disposable mesh underwear, which can be worn by males who have had surgery.

Browse our selection of comfortable postpartum and pregnancy mesh underwear at affordable prices. Find products that are better quality than typical postpartum hospital underwear and hospital maternity underwear. Choose the ones you want, and enjoy FREE next day shipping!* 

If you have any questions regarding which mesh underwear will fit you or your needs best, contact our capable customer care reps, who will address your concerns and answer any questions. Chat with them onsite, or call them at 1.877.813.7799.

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