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Women's Washable Incontinence Pants & Reusable Undergarments

Women’s reusable incontinence undergarments are a popular choice for ladies looking for discreet yet absorbent incontinence products. Designed to be soft and feminine, these undergarments are available in many sizes, and with many different features. Read more...

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  1. HealthDri Cotton Ladies Moderate Panties
    HealthDri Cotton Ladies Moderate Panties
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  2. Health Dri Fancies Heavy Nylon Panty White
    Health Dri Fancies Heavy Nylon Panty White
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  3. HealthDri Ladies Heavy Panties
    HealthDri Ladies Heavy Panties
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  4. HealthDri Light & Dry Panties for Women
    HealthDri Light & Dry Panties for Women
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  5. Premier Plus Ladies Panties
    Premier Plus Ladies Panties
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  6. Light & Dry One Piece Women's Panty, 2X-Large, 37" - 40" Waist
  7. CareFor Ultra Ladies Panties with Haloshield Odor Control
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7 Items

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These washable incontinence pants for women were designed with the autonomy of a woman’s body in mind. They offer more protection on the bottom of the underwear, which is the area where the wearer requires the most absorbency.

Why Choose Women's Reusable Incontinence Briefs?

For some, choosing women's reusable incontinence briefs is a no-brainer. Others, who aren’t yet sure which type of incontinence products to choose, can read on to find out the benefits of wearing women’s reusable incontinence underwear over other incontinence products.

Most Discreet

There’s no need to feel insecure and exposed when dealing with incontinence. Women’s washable incontinence underwear provides adequate, yet discreet protection so that anyone can feel confident and dignified; the material doesn’t rustle or crinkle or make embarrassing noises, and the outside looks like regular underwear. 

Most Comfortable

Women’s incontinence underwear was designed to be as similar to regular underwear as possible. Therefore, the outer side is usually covered with a cloth-like material that lays comfortably against the skin. The leg openings are often elastic, so that they don’t leave skin marks or redness, yet still prevent leakage. Some reusable women’s underwear, such as the HealthDri Panties, are comprised of 100% cotton for unprecedented comfort. 

Most Earth-Friendly

Disposable incontinence products take about 500 years to fully decompose. Most individuals use about 150 diapers a month. Help the environment by using only washable products such as women's reusable incontinence panties!

Most Wallet-Friendly

With an average of 150 diapers used per month (5 per day), costs add up quickly - especially since quality diapers and pull ups are so costly as it is! Instead, you may want to consider saving a significant portion of your monthly budget by using washable bladder control panties.

Practical & Dependable

Women’s reusable underwear is a dependable and practical choice for anyone searching for protective yet discreet incontinence products. They are often stain-resistant and can withstand repeated laundering. Some even feature a built-in pad for extra-absorbency.

If you or a loved one or patient wants incontinence underwear but doesn’t need anyone knowing about it, this is a great option. It provides adequate protection while enabling them to retain their confidence and privacy and continue with life as usual.

Explore the many options of washable incontinence pants for ladies, on our easy-to-navigate site. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to chat with us onsite or give us a call at 1.877.813.7799 so you can get the protection you need and get on with life!