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Fecal Bag / Fecal Collectors & Pouches

Are you looking for a fecal bag for your hospital, home or nursing facility? At AvaCare Medical, we carry high-quality fecal collectors for patients who are bedridden, have little to no independent mobility, or experience bowel incontinence. Read More...

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What is a Fecal Bag?

A fecal incontinence bag, also known as a fecal collector, is a closed catheter system for fecal incontinence. In other words, fecal bags are containment used to divert liquid or semi-liquid stool from the anus of a patient into a bag which is continuously emptied.

The fecal incontinence pouch is designed to prevent skin damage and infection, and it comes in parts which include rectal tubes & catheters, additional fecal pouches, and rectal trumpets.

With a fecal pouch, you can have a temporary management system for patients with fecal incontinence. Fecal collectors are intended to be single-patient products and should not be used for multiple patients.

Benefits of Fecal Bags

Fecal bags are used for patients who are unable to control their bowel movements, resulting in leakage from the rectum. The fecal collector works as a stool collection bag to gently extract stool from the anus into the anal bag.

Fecal Bags vs. Adult Diapers

Fecal collectors are highly effective and in many cases may be the best alternatives to pads or diapers. The following are some of the reasons caregivers may choose to utilize fecal collectors rather than standard incontinence products such as adult diapers.

  • Prevents skin breakdown and infections by minimizing skin exposure to feces
  • Reliably prevents soiled bedding
  • Lowers the cost of laundry and cleanups
  • Reduces time and effort for the caregiver
  • Reduces patient cleansing
  • Prevents odors
  • Ensures quick and safe waste disposal

Fecal Bag Features

  • The transparent bag helps prevent overflow and enables output monitoring
  • The bag is graduated for output monitoring
  • The integrative skin barrier contours to the patient for improved comfort
  • The bag is designed to be easy to use and easy to drain liquid (if needed)

Frequently Asked Questions About Fecal Collectors

Q: Who can use a fecal collection device?

A: Fecal collection devices are designed to be used by professional caregivers who have been trained in the use of fecal collection systems. The application of this process is necessary to give the desired results and minimize the risks associated. These are not hard to learn how to use; however, they should not be utilized by one who was never educated in how to utilize them.

Q: How do I dispose of fecal bags?

A: Disposal of the fecal bag should be done according to standard medical waste disposal protocol. However, it is essential to note that solid and liquid stool should be flushed down the toilet the usual way. You can also dispose of the bag by wrapping it up or placing it in a clinical waste bag (if available) and discarding it with regular household waste.

Q: What’s the difference between fecal bags and stool collection bags?

A: There is no difference between the two. Fecal collection devices go by many names, but they all do the same thing. So don’t get confused by other terms such as anal bag, stool collection bag, fecal pouch, faecal or collector bag.

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