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Male Urinals / Portable Urinals for Males

Male urinals are a cost effective alternative option when using the toilet is difficult or impossible. Commonly used in hospitals, medical facilities and for at-home medical care, portable urinals for males are useful for men with incontinence or bedridden male patients. They may also be used as a way of measuring output, since they are equipped with graduated markings. Read More...

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  1. Carebag Men's Urinal with Super Absorbent Pad
  2. Carex Male Urinal with Cover
    Carex Male Urinal with Cover
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  3. Male Urinal Sheath
    Male Urinal Sheath
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  4. Standard Male Urinal Kit
    Standard Male Urinal Kit
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  5. Urocare Male Urinal System with Reusable Latex Leg Bag, Large
  6. Spill-Proof Male Urinal, 1 Liter (32 oz.), L/F
  7. Male Urinal, 32 oz., with Cap
  8. Spillproof Male Urinal
    Spillproof Male Urinal
  9. Lifestyle Male Urinal
    Lifestyle Male Urinal
  10. Autoclavable Urinals
    Autoclavable Urinals
  11. Mabis DuroMed Male Urinal Sheath
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11 Items

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The visual difference between standard travel urinals for men and women

Male Urinals vs. Female Urinals

When searching for a portable urinal, it is important to find a gender specific product since the anatomy of males and females are so different. Luckily for men, male urinals are easier to use since their anatomy fits inside the opening, making splashes and soiled hands significantly less likely. For this reason, portable urinals for males are significantly more popular than portable urinals for women. While the cost of men’s portable urinals and female urinals does not differ greatly, they are clearly not interchangeable, as is obvious by their varied openings.

Best male urinal features include: contoured handle, included lid, male opening, angled neck, wide base, 12 hour capacity, translucent material, graduated markings and ridged bottom

Top Features of Portable Urinals for Males

  1. Contoured Handle: The handle of any men’s portable urinal is extremely important, as it directly impacts its functionality. Firstly, a handle that is easy to hold makes for a male urine bottle that is easier to use. This is especially true when the user struggles somewhat with gripping objects or keeping their hands steady (although keep in mind that if their hand mobility is severely diminished, no handle can prevent the inevitable, so be sure that the user is up to the task before leaving them to it). Another function the handle of a male hand-held urinal can offer, if contoured properly, is the ease of storage when you want to keep the product on hand. When a user needs to have quick access to a urinal while lying in bed, the handle can act as a hook to hang over the bed rail. In this way, the urinal is out of harm’s way but close enough to grab as needed.
  2. Included Lid: The lid is not something you’d want to do without and luckily you don’t have to, since all portable urinals for males (although not necessarily all urinals designed for females) are equipped with some type of lid. The lid helps contain the urine - and any accompanying odors - and is usually easy to open and close.
  3. Male Opening: Quality men’s pee bottles have carefully designed openings and necks, allowing for convenient and mess-free elimination. Urinals for men are anatomically designed to suit male user’s needs and when used correctly, are unlikely to spill. Of course, this is especially true of spill-proof male urinals which are equipped with a spout, as explained below.
  4. Angled Neck: Another important function of the male urinal’s angled neck is that it keeps the liquid at the bottom of the container, regardless of how you position it during use, as shown below.

Diagram demonstrating how liquid is contained within urinal in various positons

  1. Wide Base: Larger bases offer improved stability over a bottle-like design, a feature that is especially important for bedroom usage.
  2. 12 Hour Capacity: The average man has a urine output of about 1 to 2 quarts of urine in a 24 hour timeframe, while a standard male urine bottle with a cover can contain up to 1 quart of liquid. This large capacity makes male urinals effective for a minimum of 12 hours. This is great for anyone who relies on a caregiver but only has periodic care, as the urinal is able to accept additional urine for long stretches of time.
  3. Translucent Material: Most urinals are made to be see-through, and it’s not by accident. The lack of shading in plastic male urinals makes it easy to monitor the output. This is useful in ensuring that the urinal is not overfilled, and also allows for urine output measurement (using the graduated markings), which may be required in certain situations.
  4. Graduated Markings: When micturation is being monitored for any reason, such as to ensure sufficient hydration, graduated markings take all the work out of measuring urine.
  5. Ridged Bottom: Aside for having a wide base, it is an added sign of quality if the urinal is designed with ridges, which makes it stronger and more durable.

3 Unique Urinals for Men: male urinal systems, spill-proof male urinals, urinal pouches for men

Unique Male Urinal Types

  • Male urinal kits or urinal systems are designed to direct the urine into a drainage bag instead of into a bottle. Some of these systems are designed with a male urinal sheath that can be worn, while others have a device similar to a standard male urinal. Each of these options have a spout that can be attached to a drainage bag. By using a male urinal sheath with a leg bag, individuals with mild incontinence can save on their incontinence management by eliminating the need for costly absorbent products.
  • Spill-proof male urinals are considered by some to be the best male urinal bottle option, since they ensure that no spills happen. Non-spill male urine bottles are equipped with specially designed cone-shaped spouts that make it easy for urine to flow in but unlikely for it to flow back out. This feature is great for anyone but particularly for a person whose hands are unsteady. Spill-proof male urinal bottles are not equipped with covers since spills and odors are effectively prevented with the inserted spout.
  • Male pouches are super absorbent polymer pouches designed to fit around male anatomy and safely absorb moisture, preventing leakage and allowing for full mobility and user dignity. These products, such as the urinal pouches from CareBag, function as a disposable male urinal bottle.


The following people may benefit from long-term or temporary use of a male urinal container:

  1. Men who experience both urge incontinence as well as low mobility
  2. Men who are bedridden and have a caregiver available to provide assistance as needed
  3. Men who need to collect a minimal urine sample for assessment purposes


  1. Poor hand control: Poor hand control can make it difficult to grip the male urinal bottle during micturation. Large handles may resolve this issue as they are easier to grip, however keep in mind that urinals can get heavy once full and assistance may be required.
  2. Diminished eye-hand coordination: Eye-hand coordination is necessary for stabilizing urinal on surface while not in use. If this is a concern, an extra wide base may be a good resolution.
  3. Decreased wrist function: Inability to position urinal efficiently may lead to urine leakage during micturation. Consider positioning a bed pad beneath the user as a secondary level of protection for furniture and bedding.
  4. Poor memory and mental function: These impairments may significantly reduce the ability of an individual to use a male urinal safely and efficiently.
  5. Lack of independence - If the user is unable to independently empty the urinal (and there are no available caregivers to do it on their behalf), a urinal would not be recommended. Furthermore, diminished physical abilities may lead to spillage and unsafe situations.

Using a Portable Urinal for Males

Here are a few things to know when using a male urinal bottle for any reason:

  • Urinals can be used standing, sitting, reclining or laying down (which is the reason why they are used both as bedside urinals and as travel urinals).
  • Point the bottom of the urinal downward so the urine flows away from the body.
  • Male urinals are not recommended for bowel leakage.

If you need a male urinal, AvaCare Medical has what you need. Give us a call today at 1-877-813-7799 or browse our selection to find the best products for your needs!