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Best Baby Wipes / Diaper Wipes

Keep your little baby’s delicate skin free of irritation with soft, non-irritating baby wipes. Using gentle diaper wipes is very important, since infants have very sensitive skin. When skin is exposed to excessive moisture for long periods of time, it becomes weaker and is more susceptible to rashes. Cleaning the skin properly and thoroughly with effective yet gentle diaper wipes will prevent your little one from getting uncomfortable skin rashes. Read more...

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  1. Aloetouch Sensitive Fragrance Free Baby Wipes
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    Baby Wipes Plus
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8 Items

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Choosing the Best Baby Wipes for Newborns: What to Look For 

So, you’re interested in buying a pack of baby wipes for newborns. Here are the main details to take notice of in your search for the best baby wipes for newborns!

Wipe Material

Make sure the infant wipes you purchase are comprised of a material that cleans the skin in a gentle manner. You may want to try using one to wipe your hand, and see how it feels. 

Wipe Texture

Quality baby diaper wipes with an embossed or interlocked design often offer extra softness. These are the best diaper wipes for an easy, thorough yet gentle cleaning. 

Wipe Thickness

Some moms prefer to use only thicker baby cleaning wipes. If you’re concerned or nauseated by the thought of dirty hands, you may want to find disposable baby wipes that are substantially thick.

Wipe Wetness

Its preferable to use baby wet wipes, since wetter wipes clean the area more thoroughly and keep the skin more hydrated. Disposable dry baby wipes may cause the area to become irritated or dry.

Always be sure to close the cover of the pack of wipes after use, to prevent the newborn baby wipes from becoming dried out.

Organic Diaper Wipes

Organic wipes are more ecologically friendly, and therefore used by people who are concerned for the environment. 

Scented Diaper Wipes

Many people enjoy using scented newborn wipes with a pleasant smell to clean their baby. However, it is important to bear in mind that scented baby wipes often contain properties which can irritate sensitive skin. If your baby has sensitive skin or is prone to allergies, it may be easier on both of you if you stick with unscented baby wipes. 

Diaper Wipe Packaging

A plastic box with a lid that can be flipped up is very practical; you can flip open the lid and pull out a wipe with one hand, and you can even refill them whenever necessary. This makes these wipes practical for at-home use. 

If you’re looking for wipes to store in a diaper bag, go with a small pack of wipes that comes in a plastic bag with the same flip-open cover, since it’ll take up less space.

Amount Per Pack

Use this to determine if the baby wipes cost is reasonable. Also, if this is the first time you’re buying a certain kind of wipes, don’t get a really big box of baby wipes until you know if these are okay with your baby’s skin. Once you’ve tried out a certain kind of wipes and seen they work well for your baby, then you can start to buy baby wipes boxes in bulk to save money. 

Diaper Wipe Sizing

Small baby wipes are okay for newborns. When cleaning up stool, it can be more practical to use large baby wipes. The standard baby wipe size is 6.6” - 7.1” x 7” - 8”. The top baby wipes sizes are the following:

  • 6.6” x 7.7”
  • 6.8” x 7.0”
  • 6.8” x 7.5”
  • 6.9” x 7.4”
  • 7.0” x 7.0”
  • 7.1” x 8.0”

Common Causes of Diaper Rashes

Here are a few of the most common reasons for diaper rashes, and how to avoid them.

  • Prolonged exposure to stool or urine
    • change baby’s diaper at frequent intervals
  • Sensitive skin
    • try using a soothing diaper rash cream long-term and change baby’s diaper frequently
    • use gentle disposable baby wipes to rub the skin very softly when cleaning
  • Prolonged rubbing against the skin
    • make sure baby’s diapers & clothes aren’t tight-fitting
    • don’t rub the skin harshly when cleaning the baby during a diaper change
  • Bacterial infection 
    • the pediatrician may prescribe oral or topical antibiotics
  • Fungal infection 
    • he may prescribe an antifungal cream
  • Diapers that are not breathable or not absorbent enough 
    • get better quality baby diapers for your little one
  • New diaper product 
    • figure out which product it is and stop using it 
  • Starting to eat solid food 
    • try to pinpoint which foods are causing the rash
    • avoid acidic foods such as citrus fruits, & prunes & plums until baby is a year old

6 STEPS TO PREVENT DIAPER RASHES: 1. Change diaper frequently; 2. Wipe area thoroughly & gently; 3. Gently pat skin dry after wiping clean; 4. Use diaper rash cream if necessary; 5. Don't close the diaper too tight; 6. Use diapers with dry technology

Using Baby Wipes for Adults

If an adult with incontinence is getting skin rashes in the area, wiping with baby wipes may be beneficial. Baby wipes are designed for delicate, soft skin, and are the least irritating of all wipes. Find the best baby wipes for adults on AvaCare Medical.

Whether you’re looking for the best wipes for newborns, or you need the best baby wipes for adults, be it a big box of wipes or a small pack for traveling, you can find the best wet wipes for baby or anyone else at AvaCare Medical.