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Bath Wipes / Shower Wipes for Elderly Adults

Shower wipes, or bath wipes, are a sanitary, rinse-free alternative to showering or bathing. Choose from our huge selection of no shower wipes and disposable bath cloths on our easy-to-navigate website, and enjoy our next-day shipping option! Read more...

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  1. ReadyBath LUXE Washcloths
    ReadyBath LUXE Washcloths
    Starting at $4.16
  2. Tena Bathing Gloves
    Tena Bathing Gloves
    Starting at $2.58
  3. ReadyBath Evolve Bathing Cloths Unscented 8 Count, 30 Packs per Case
  4. Theraworx Bath Wipe Specialty Care
    Theraworx Bath Wipe Specialty Care
    Starting at $5.68
  5. Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipe
    Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipe
    Starting at $2.88
  6. TENA Classic Bath Wipe
    TENA Classic Bath Wipe
    Starting at $3.90
  7. TENA Ultra Bath Wipe
    TENA Ultra Bath Wipe
    Starting at $5.63
  8. PDI Hygea Multi Purpose Washcloths
    PDI Hygea Multi Purpose Washcloths
    Starting at $2.70
  9. Hygea Premium Multi Purpose Washcloths
    Hygea Premium Multi Purpose Washcloths
    Starting at $5.84
  10. TENA Cliniguard Disposable Dry Wipes, 13" x 13.25".
  11. Hygea Flushable Wipe (48 count)
  12. ReadyBath Washcloths
    ReadyBath Washcloths
    Starting at $40.83

Items 1-12 of 13

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At a certain point in life, showering can become a difficult endeavor. Showering can even be risky at times. 

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), falls are the third highest cause for accidental injuries leading to fatality, topped only by poisonings and motor vehicle accidents.

In the US alone, there were 36,338 falls that lead to death in 2017. The statistics are scary; there’s no denying that, but there are ways to ensure you or your loved one stay(s) safe. 

To assist our customers in taking care of their hygiene while staying clean, AvaCare Medical offers all types of bathroom safety products besides bath wet wipes: There are transfer benches, toilet safety rails, grab bars, and other related items. And, of course, there are shower and bath towelettes!

Who Uses Shower Wipes?

For those who suffer anxiety at the thought of a potential fall, and for individuals who have not the physical capacity to undergo a shower, bath wipes for adults are an effective alternative to regular showering.

What Do Shower Wipes Do?

Shower wipes cleanse, moisturize and deodorize. They often contain soothing elements such as Aloe and Vitamin E, which moisturize the skin and keep it looking and feeling healthy. Shower body wipes also remove grime, soot, and dirt from the skin. Oftentimes, shower wipes have a pleasant fragrances which perfumes the skin and keeps it smelling pleasant. 

Types of Bathing Wipes for Elderly and Less Mobile Individuals

Bathing is a personal experience, and each person likes his bath to be a bit different than the next one’s. To suit as many people’s individual preferences as possible so that each one can have the most enjoyable experience when using body wipes instead of showering, we carry many types of shower wipes, including small and large wipes for bathing, scented and unscented bathing cloths, thick, textured wipes, and flushable bath cloths. You can also find hypoallergenic wipes, alcohol free wipes, and latex- and paraben-free wipes. 

Body bath wipes for adults, often casually referred to as “shower in a bag wipes” or “shower to go wipes,” can be used as an alternative to showers, or between showers. They allow individuals to feel refreshed and pleasant, no matter the person’s age or mobility stage.

For those or are completely immobile, an inflatable tub such as the EZ-Bathe Inflatable Tub can enable a patient to have a pleasant bath without ever leaving his bed. 

Find top quality disposable bath wipes and other bathroom safety products on AvaCare Medical at great prices.

Are you wondering which are the best shower wipes for adults? Are you still unsure whether to choose wet or dry bath wipes? Do you have other questions about bathing cloths? Contact our competent customer service representatives for answers regarding finding the best bathing wipes for your needs; you can either chat with them onsite or dial 1.877.813.7799.