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Dry Wipes / Dry Disposable Washcloths

Dry wipes, for newborns and adults, serve many purposes. Disposable dry baby wipes are used in hospitals for babies, and dry cleansing cloths can be used for keeping things clean. Dry wipes are available from many noted brands; there’s Medline Dry Baby Wipes, Medline UltraSoft Dry Baby Wipes, and many other popular choices. Read more...

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  1. Deluxe Dry Wipes
    Deluxe Dry Wipes
    Starting at $28.83
  2. TENA Cliniguard Dry Wipes 10" x 13-1/4"
    TENA Cliniguard Dry Wipes 10" x 13-1/4"
    Starting at $2.58
  3. TENA Cliniguard Disposable Dry Wipes, 13" x 13.25".
  4. Dry Wipe Washcloth, 12 X 13, 50/Pkg
  5. Attends Dry Wipes, Medium-Weight
  6. Ultra-Soft Dry Wipes
    Ultra-Soft Dry Wipes
    Starting at $3.09
  7. NatureSoft Flushable Cleansing Dry Wipes

7 Items

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Soft vs. Strong Dry Wipes

Soft and strong dry wipes both work well; each for their intended purposes. Soft disposable dry wipes are designed for use on delicate skin; they are gentle to the touch and not irritating in the least, while tougher dry cleansing wipes are perfect for industrial use. 

Least Irritating

Dry wipes are the least likely to irritate the skin, since there is absolutely no solution on them and therefore no harmful chemicals which can cause irritation or rashes to develop. 


Hospital dry wipes can be more durable than other kinds of wipes. They won’t dry out or expire, so they can be kept and used for longer. You can even leave the container of the wipes open, and nothing will happen!


Dry bath wipes are often more economical, since they don’t have that extra solution. If you go through hundreds or thousands of wipes per month, replacing even some of those premoistened wipes with dry wipes can save you a significant amount of your hard-earned money.


Dry disposable washcloths, such as Medline Disposable Washcloths, are oftentimes thicker than regular wipes. This prevents one’s hands from coming into contact with unpleasant substances. 


Another benefit often offered by dry wipes is their flushability. Flushable dry wipes for adults can be placed in the toilet without guilt, since they will decompose and will never clog sewer systems. 


Baby dry wipes for newborns or adults can be used for countless purposes, including (but in no way limited to) incontinence, baby care, child care, and housekeeping. 


Another thing people appreciate about dry wipes is that anyone can create his own solution for it. Whether it’s just water or its a recipe you’ve put together, there’s no need to worry about dangerous chemicals and the like; you can trust yourself instead.

If you’re searching for disposable dry washcloths for adults, you can choose from effective dry cleansing cloths on AvaCare Medical’s easy-to-navigate website. Shop now for next-day shipping on all wipes, dry or otherwise!

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