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Unscented Wipes / Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

Unscented wipes are usually the best choice for those with sensitive skin, and individuals with eczema or other skin conditions also find fragrance free wipes to be the best choice. For individuals who are prone to allergies, AvaCare medical has a full selection of hypo-allergenic wipes, which have been tested to ensure that they shouldn’t cause allergic reaction. Read more...

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Scent Free Wipes

Scent free wipes are the least likely to cause irritation, rashes or redness, since they don’t contain perfumes or fragrances which are not necessary for cleaning one’s skin. 

Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

Since newborns and babies have delicate skin, often, scented wipes can be irritating for them. Therefore, mothers often choose to use fragrance free baby wipes. Not always do people find the smell of wipes to be pleasant. Some individuals get headaches or even suffer from a tinge of nausea when using strong-smelling wipes. Seniors or adults with disabilities often prefer unscented wipes for adults, rather than wipes with a smell that reminds them of babies. 

Keep in mind, though, that even unscented wet wipes will sometimes have a slight smell. It won’t be a strong, overpowering, sickly sweet scent, but it may be something someone with a strong sense of smell will detect. Of course, the smell is much less definitive than that of scented wipes. 

Choose from our selection of quality unscented adult wipes as well as unscented wipes for babies, at AvaCare Medical!