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Medical Compression Socks / Compression Gloves / Hernia Belts

Compression garments are worn by many people, for many different reasons. Although compression socks are the most popular and well-known type of compression garment, there are also other products for compression, such as compression gloves, hernia belts, compression sleeves and more. Read More...

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  1. Hernia Belt Guard
    Hernia Belt Guard
    Starting at $44.53
  2. C.A.R.E. Anti-embolism Stockings Knee High
    C.A.R.E. Anti-embolism Stockings Knee High
    Starting at $6.96
  3. Scott Specialties Compression Stockings Thigh High Open Toe 20-30 mmHg
  4. BSN Hernia Belt
    BSN Hernia Belt
    Starting at $49.54
  5. C.A.R.E. Anti-embolism Stockings Thigh High
    C.A.R.E. Anti-embolism Stockings Thigh High
    Starting at $12.85
  6. Lifespan Anti-embolism Stockings Thigh High
    Lifespan Anti-embolism Stockings Thigh High
    Starting at $8.62
  7. Lifespan Anti-embolism Stockings Knee High
    Lifespan Anti-embolism Stockings Knee High
    Starting at $4.48
  8. Scott Specialties Diabetic Compression Socks Crew
  9. Scott Specialties Diabetic Compression Socks Over the Calf
  10. GeriLeg Protective Leg Sleeve
    GeriLeg Protective Leg Sleeve
    Starting at $18.08
  11. Sensifoot Compression Socks Crew
    Sensifoot Compression Socks Crew
    Starting at $14.14
  12. Sensifoot Diabetic Compression Socks Over Calf

Items 1-12 of 97

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Compression products offer the wearer many different health advantages. If you’re interested in discovering the benefits of wearing compression garments, read on!

Medical Compression Socks

AvaCare Medical carries a full selection of circulation socks for men and women. These compression stockings are available in various shapes and sizes, and with different rates of compression.

Knee high compression socks, which reach until right below the knee, help prevent swelling and varicose veins in the lower leg. Thigh high compression stockings also reduce swelling, but besides for that, they also prevent lightheadedness. Other options of compression footwear include compression tights, and open toe compression socks.

What Do Compression Socks Do?

Medical compression socks gently squeeze the lower legs to improve blood flow. They provide the wearer’s feet with comfortable support, while preventing blood clots in the legs and reducing swelling due to spider and varicose veins. They are also helpful in preventing many serious medical conditions, and in helping the legs recover from injury.

Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

Compression socks are available for both men and women. Although any individual can benefit from wearing pressure socks, individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet, and those who experience aching legs, varicose veins or swelling at the ankle, should try to wear compression socks as often as possible.

Since frequent flying increases the risk of blood clots and can cause poor blood circulation, those who travel a lot should wear stockings during the flight.

Pregnant women, who often experience aching feet, varicose veins, and the like, can also benefit from wearing compression socks during the last trimester of pregnancy and following delivery. There are special compression socks for women who are pregnant, which are designed to provide them with comfortable support.

Why Should You Not Wear Compression Socks at Night?

There is nothing dangerous about wearing medical compression socks at night; if anything, there are more pros than cons when it comes to wearing compression socks to sleep. The biggest reason why not to wear compression socks at night is that it can cause your feet to become uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

Are There Different Compression Levels?

Yes; there are. Compression levels range from a mild amount of 8-15 mmHg to a strongly compressing 40-50 mmHg which requires a prescription for purchase. We recommend you consult a doctor regarding which level of compression to choose.

Compression Gloves

Compression gloves improve circulation, and provide relief from the swelling and stiffness of arthritis. They can also help those with arthritis to improve their grip, and move their fingers more easily. In order to truly benefit from wearing compression gloves, they need to be worn for several hours at a time.

Hernia Belt

A hernia belt temporarily relieves discomfort due to an inguinal hernia, while keeping the tissue in place and providing support to the muscle. A hernia belt will not usually reduce the hernia, but it can be used until the hernia is removed.

Leg Compression Sleeves

Leg sleeves provide the same benefits as compression socks; however, compression socks cover the calf and the foot, while the sleeves cover just the foot. Calf compression sleeves can often be worn with regular shoes, and can sometimes even be quite fashionable.

Compression Hose

Compression pantyhose help ladies feel thinner than ever, while providing the comfortable support they need so that they can devote their focus on accomplishing efficiently. These pantyhose, like all other compression garments, assist in improving blood flow and prevent or reduce spider and varicose veins.

Compression Arm Sleeves

Compression arm sleeves accelerate the recovery process (usually following sports activities) by increasing blood circulation. These sleeves are used to prevent blood clots from forming in the arms, to prevent sore muscles, and to keep your skin covered and protected from scratches and bug bites. Compression sleeves are often worn by seniors to prevent arm injuries, and to reduce swelling.

Compression Bandages

Compression bandages are worn until a compression garment is cut to size and available for wear. These bandages reduce swelling and improve circulation in the area. They are most often used following injury.

With an endless array of compression hose and products, AvaCare Medical is your go-to source for anything compression related. Whether you’re looking for compression socks for varicose veins, toeless compression socks, or a compression bandage from JOBST, you’re sure to find the product that will exceed your expectations.