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Elbow Support / Elbow Bands, Sleeves & Braces

An elbow brace or tennis elbow sleeve or band reduces pressure on the elbow and offers an individual the necessary elbow support while his injury heals. Wearing an elbow brace can help reduce pain in the elbow, while quickening the recovery process. Read More...

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An elbow support or elbow brace is often used for an injury that doesn’t necessitate total immobilization. Such an elbow support or brace allows you to move your arm or wrist when needed, but prevents your arm from moving unnecessarily.

Why Do People Need Elbow Support?

Tennis elbow and other repetitive injuries generally occur because the person is overusing the affected joints and muscles. Using an elbow support product will add strength to the area, and help prevent you from injuring it again. Individuals who spend a lot of time playing sports such as golf or tennis, and those with jobs that entail a lot of use of the elbow muscle or lots of grip strength, can be more prone to elbow injuries. Providing the elbow with the stability it needs to heal properly and avoid future injury is very important.

However, elbow support products do not remove the problem; they are usually merely a band-aid for the pain. If you’re using an elbow support product and the pain is not receding, visit your doctor for a long-term solution.

There are several different types of elbow support products; one example is a warming elbow brace, which increases blood circulation.

Here are a few of our most popular elbow support products.

Elbow Brace

An elbow brace improves blood flow and supports the elbow muscles. It can be used to decrease symptoms of tendonitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, golfer’s and tennis elbow, and burstitis. People also use it for weightlifting.

Elbow Support Strap

An elbow support strap is an ideal product for those with muscle tension in the elbow area, and individuals with weak or swollen elbow muscle. It offers the elbow area additional support, and provides relief to sore, swelling or strained elbow muscles.

Elbow Support: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Elbow Brace Used for? And Do Elbow Supports Work?

Studies have shown that using a tennis elbow brace the minimizes the pain of tennis and golfer's elbow, and improves grip strength. They also lessen the pressure on the elbow area, preventing future injury. So, yes; these things work. However, they shouldn’t be used for long term relief; if the pain isn't lessening, a doctor or physical therapist should be consulted for a long term solution.

Do Elbow Sleeves Help with Elbow Tendonitis?

Elbow sleeves don’t usually entirely cure tendonitis, but they do reduce the symptoms of it, by improving circulation and supporting the muscles in the elbow area. This reduces stress, strain and swelling on the muscles.

Is Tennis Elbow Always Caused from Playing Tennis?

Definitely not. Tennis elbow can happen to anyone of almost any age. It can be triggered from overuse of the elbow muscles when cutting with scissors, chopping hard foods, when gardening, or when plumbing or bricklaying. Sometimes, the cause of why someone got tennis elbow can be uncertain.

What’s the Difference Between a Tennis Elbow Band & A Tennis Elbow Sleeve?

A tennis band only covers the immediate elbow area, while a compression sleeve offers equal pressure on a much larger area. Both provide support when your elbow is weak or injured.

AvaCare Medical offers an extensive selection of support products. We carry not just elbow support items; we also provide customers with other supportive products, such as knee braces, back braces, and lots more.

If you have any questions, contact our customer support team today at 1.877.813.7799, or chat with them onsite, and they’ll happily help you out.