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Thumb Splints / Finger Cots / Trigger Finger Splints

If you’re looking for finger protectors (aka finger cots) or thumb support products, this category will likely have just the product you need. There are thumb splints, finger cots, finger splints, and many more products to help your finger heal. Read More...

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  1. ProCare Finger Strip Splint
    ProCare Finger Strip Splint
    Starting at $21.30
  2. ProCare Plastic Finger Splint
    ProCare Plastic Finger Splint
    Starting at $2.96
  3. Plastalume Finger Splint Stax
    Plastalume Finger Splint Stax
    Starting at $1.58
  4. ProCare Thumb Splint Perforated Suede
  5. Form Fit Thumb Spica Thumb Splint
  6. ProCare Thumb Splint Wrap Around
  7. DJO Finger Splint
    DJO Finger Splint
  8. Plastalume Stax 30 Finger Splint Kit
  9. DJO ThumbSPICA Thumb Splint
    DJO ThumbSPICA Thumb Splint
    Starting at $20.96
  10. DJO Abducted ThumSPICA
    DJO Abducted ThumSPICA
    Starting at $13.73
  11. ProCare Padded Aluminum Frog Finger Splint
    ProCare Padded Aluminum Frog Finger Splint
    Starting at $2.11
  12. ProCare Curved Finger Splint
    ProCare Curved Finger Splint
    Starting at $1.52

Items 1-12 of 25

Set Descending Direction

With such a variety of finger support products, it can be hard to know offhand which will be most conducive to your specific needs. Therefore, we’ll provide you with some crucial information about finger and thumb support products, and how to use them, to assist you in choosing the optimal one for your needs, and utilizing it in the best possible way. We’ll also give you some info about the conditions which necessitate these products.

What are Finger Cots Used for?

A finger cot, aka a finger protector, is used to cover a finger that has open wounds, blisters, burns, or cuts. It protects the finger from moisture, dirt, and any other type of contamination. Finger cots are also worn by medical professionals while applying topical medication, and can be secured over a dressing on the finger to keep it dry. Finger cots are often also used as a substitute for a condom.

Since air circulation decreases when wearing a finger protector, it should only be worn for short periods at a time.

Finger cots are usually made from watertight materials such as latex, vinyl, and nitrile rubber.

What is the Difference Between a Finger Cot and a Glove?

A finger cot only covers one finger, while a glove covers the whole hand. This is why if you’re doing something that may contaminate more than just one finger, than a glove is necessary, but if you’re only going to be using one finger, a finger protector is perfect.

What is a Finger Splint?

When a finger is fractured or sprained, a finger splint positions the finger in place and keeps it from moving so that it can heal properly. A finger splint can also be used to increase the mobility of a finger that isn’t naturally in the proper position, and therefore requires frequent stretching. Finger splints are most commonly used as treatment for injured fingers, but they are also used by individuals with arthritis.

How Long Should You Wear A Finger Splint?

For a fractured finger and for trigger finger, a splint is usually worn for about 4-6 weeks. For a sprained finger, 1 week is enough time for the finger to heal. If the finger is dislocated, it can take from a few days to several weeks until you can take off the splint. During this time, the finger should be used as little as possible, so that it can heal.

How Does a Finger Splint Work?

The finger splint works like a brace. It either keeps the finger immobile so that it will be properly aligned when it heal or increases the mobility of a finger that is stuck in place.

What is Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis) is when your finger gets into an awkward, unnatural position. Mild trigger finger causes your finger to become uncomfortably stiff, especially after you wake up, and severe trigger finger is when your finger is “locked” in a crooked position, and you’re unable to bend or straighten it.

Typical symptoms of trigger finger also include a clicking or popping sensation when you move this finger, or softness or a bump where this finger meets the palm.

Will a Splint Help Trigger Finger?

Since a finger splint will keep your finger immobile, while still allowing you to use the rest of your hand. It usually needs to be worn for about 6 weeks.

What are Thumb Splints Used for?

A thumb splint is a thumb support device that that is used to treat thumb conditions, disorders and injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains. It is also used to treat deQuervain's syndrome and tendonitis, and to relieve arthritis in the thumb.

What’s the Difference Between a Thumb Spica Splint and a Regular Thumb Splint?

A thumb spica splint offers the thumb more support, but a regular thumb splint is easier to use during day-to-day activities. The thumb spica splint is a bit more awkward for everyday use.

What is a Thumb Stabilizer?

A thumb stabilizer firmly supports and provides stability while limiting the motion of lower thumb joints, without restricting the movement of the other fingers. It is used to relieve pain in the thumb caused by arthritis, trigger thumb, Gamekeeper’s thumb, and strains.

The most recommended choice for a thumb stabilizer is the Futuro Thumb Stabilizer.

What Thumb Brace is Best for Thumb Arthritis?

A supportive thumb brace that immobilizes painful joints is what will help relieve the pain most. If it hurts at the base of the thumb, where it meets the palm (at the CMC joint), the Universal Thumb-O-Prene Thumb Support is a great option. If it hurts you at the knuckles of your finger (the MP joint), look for a thumb support that will support your knuckles and the CMC joint. If the pain is only apparent while you are using your thumb, all you may need is a lightweight thumb support. If your thumb hurts even when it is at rest, an immobilizing thumb stabilizer may be necessary.

Where Can I Buy Finger & Thumb Support Products?

Whether you need a thumb splint, thumb stabilizer, finger splint, finger protector or any other finger or thumb support products, AvaCare Medical can provide you with just what you need. With our vast selection of finger protectors, finger cots, and other related products, if your finger is in pain, there’s no need to fret; all you need to do is visit AvaCare Medical.