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CAM Boots / Post-Op Shoes & Medical Boots

Medical boots such as CAM Boots and post op shoes will allow your foot to heal following a surgery or injury. If you’re looking for a cast boot for a broken foot or a surgical shoe, you’ve found the right place to pick the best one. We offer fast shipping, competitive prices, and our priority is your satisfaction. There's a reason why care is in our name! If you're not sure which medical boot is best for your needs, call our experienced care team for expert assistance. Shop now! Read More...

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  1. Vinyl Open Toe Cast Boot
    Vinyl Open Toe Cast Boot
    Starting at $10.29
  2. ProCare Ankle Walker Boot
    ProCare Ankle Walker Boot
    Starting at $73.01
  3. XcelTrax Ankle Walker Boot
    XcelTrax Ankle Walker Boot
    Starting at $42.05
  4. ProCareRemedy Pro Off Loading Shoe
    ProCareRemedy Pro Off Loading Shoe
    Starting at $23.02
  5. XcelTrax Tall Walker Boot
    XcelTrax Tall Walker Boot
    Starting at $44.14
  6. Prevalon Heel Protector III Boot with Wedge
    Prevalon Heel Protector III Boot with Wedge
    Starting at $148.06
  7. MaxTrax Diabetic Walker Boot
    MaxTrax Diabetic Walker Boot
    Starting at $106.86
  8. MaxTrax Ankle Walker Boot
    MaxTrax Ankle Walker Boot
    Starting at $62.58
  9. Equalizer Air Walker Walker Boot
    Equalizer Air Walker Walker Boot
    Starting at $51.34
  10. FP Walker Ankle Walker Boot
    FP Walker Ankle Walker Boot
    Starting at $88.54
  11. XcelTrax Walker Boot Medium
  12. Diabetic Pressure Relief Shoe Small

Items 1-12 of 43

Set Descending Direction

The medical boot, also referred to as a cast boot or post op shoe, is usually worn to protect the foot from re-injury. It helps bones at the lower leg and ankle to heal. Many orthopedic medical boots are able to be adjusted, and can be removed if the situation arises where it is necessary. There are many different brands of cast boots; here are the most popular products from the best brands.

5 Best Medical Boots of 2021

Finding a top quality medical boot is extremely important for anyone who wants to have full and smooth recovery. The following are the 5 best medical boots of 2021.

  • MaxTrax Air Walker Boot
  • Ossur Walker Equalizer Low Top Orthopedic Boot
  • Braceability Short Toe Boot
  • Equalizer Air Walker Walker Boot
  • Nextep Contour "Shortie" Ankle Walker Boot

What is a CAM Boot?

CAM (controlled ankle movement) boots are medical boots which allows you to walk even with serious foot injuries. CAM boots are adjustable, can be used multiple times, and can be removed when necessary.

The CAM walker boot is referred to as such since it severely limits the range of movement of your ankle hinge. This allows the injured area to heal properly without re-injury or misalignment.

This cast boot provides the wearer with stability, support and comfort.

Features that CAM boots often offer include a rocker sole and a pneumatic air liner for more natural gait,

CAM boots are available from many elite medical brands on AvaCare Medical.

Whether you’ll need a tall or short CAM boot depends on several factors, the main one being how much of the leg needs protection and support. Below is an easy-to-follow chart with all the info you’ll need to decide whether you require a tall or short CAM boot.

Tall Walking Boot Short Walking Boot

Ankle sprain

Toe fractures

Lower leg stress fractures

Foot and ankle soft tissue injuries

Lower leg soft tissue injuries

Not as supportive as the tall CAM boot

Foot & ankle fractures

Used as post op shoe after surgery

Metatarsal fractures

What to Look for in a Surgical Shoe or Post Op Boot

Following surgery, not just any cast boot will do. If your foot is bandaged, look for a surgical boot or shoe that is large enough to fit over the bandages or cast. Find a post op boot (aka post op shoe) that will provide your foot with as much support as possible. You can get a contoured inner sole for your post op shoe, which will provide you with additional comfort. A closed toe post operative shoe is more protective, so if you can find a post op shoe within your budget, that’s a better option than a regular surgical shoe.

Short CAM boots, also known as ankle walking boots and short walking boots, are available in air and non-air options. The benefit of a short CAM air boot is that it offers additional compression, which prevents swelling, and reduces pain. Air boots are also known to smooth and quicken the recovery process, especially after surgery. The wearer can customize the amount of air that is pumped into the boot.

CAM Boot Vs. Cast

Casts and CAM boots are used for similar purposes, but the benefits each offers is quite different from the other. Here are some details.

CAM Walker Boot Cast

Easily removable

Can only be removed by a professional


Custom made

Retains its shape and strength more than a cast will

Becomes soft when walked on;

can get loose over time

Won’t fit every individual

Custom made

Prevent Pain Caused by Medical Walking Boots

A medical walking boot usually lifts your foot up so that it’s elevated slightly higher than the one without a cast boot. To protect you from unnecessary foot and back pain, either wear a shoe with a very high sole, or attach a temporary heel lift to the shoe, so that both of your feet are as level as possible. This will prevent you from suffering foot problems and/or lower back pain.

Best Types of Medical Boots

The following, many of which we mentioned previously, are the most popular medical boots offered by AvaCare Medical. Choose the one that meets your needs.

  • CAM Tall Boots
  • CAM Short Boots
  • Pneumatic Boots (aka air boots)
  • Heel protector boot
  • Immobilization boot
  • Surgical boot (aka surgical or post op shoe)
  • Closed toe post op shoe

Common Questions About Medical Boots

Do you still have more questions about medical boots? Is there more you feel you’d like to know so that you can utilize your cast boot in the proper way and gain the most from wearing it? If yes, read on! You’ll be glad you did.

Do I Sleep with My Walking Boot On?

Usually, sleeping with a boot is better; just make sure to loosen the straps a bit to allow for proper blood flow. However, this is not a one-answer-fits-all question; it really depends on your individual needs. Ask your doctor for a professional opinion on your personal circumstances.

Can you Walk on a Broken Foot with a Boot?

Yes, sometimes; that’s what the boot is for! Whether or not you can utilize a medical walker boot depends on the severity and type of fracture, the and which bones are involved. Visit your doctor, and he’ll tell you if you can walk in the boot or not.

Often, following injury, the doctor will recommend that you wear crutches for a few weeks, to keep the weight off your leg. Use them as directed, for as long as your doctor deems necessary.

Why Choose a Closed Toe Post Op Shoe?

A closed toe post op shoe keeps the foot warm and protected. It offers the maximum possible amount of support you can get from a surgery shoe, and keeps swelling to a minimum.

Can you Drive with a Walking Boot?

Driving with a walking boot is not safe, since breaking response time takes longer when wearing a boot, and you may not be able to slam down on the brakes as quickly as is necessary. Therefore, one should not drive until the foot has healed enough that he doesn’t need to wear the medical walking boot.

Where to Buy a Walking Boot?

A walking boot can be purchased from any medical supplies store, such as AvaCare Medical. The reason why many choose AvaCare Medical as the place to find the perfect walking boot is because AvaCare Medical has the best customer service, and can give you the answers and info you need to make a smart decision. Also, AvaCare Medical offers free shipping over $50, and guaranteed next day delivery! Call our devoted customer care team, and they’ll assist you in figuring out and finding what you need.

If you already know what you’re getting, just visit us online, and enjoy the smooth and speedy shopping experience.

With a vast selection of medical boots of varying types, including CAM boots, cast shoes, post op shoes and so much more, you can find the perfect medical walker boot for your requirements on AvaCare Medical.