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Special Needs Seating / School Chairs for Special Needs

Special needs seating is very important for those with disabilities; it provides them with the comfort and positioning support they deserve. Whether you need special needs chairs for schools or clinics or other pediatric seating solutions, you’ve come to the right place! Read More...

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  1. First Class School Chair Dining Tray
    First Class School Chair Dining Tray
    Starting at $100.30
  2. First Class School Chair Legs w/ Casters
    First Class School Chair Legs w/ Casters
    Starting at $111.38
  3. First Class School Chair Anti-Tippers
    First Class School Chair Anti-Tippers
    Starting at $37.84
  4. First Class School Chair
    First Class School Chair
    Starting at $382.73
  5. First Class School Chair Footrest
    First Class School Chair Footrest
    Starting at $91.88
  6. Seat2Go Positioning Seat
    Seat2Go Positioning Seat
    Starting at $204.15
  7. First Class School Chair Push Handles
  8. First Class School Chair Multi-Axis Headrest
  9. First Class School Chair Hip Guide
  10. First Class School Chair Leg Extension
  11. Seat2Go Positioning Seat Abductor
  12. First Class School Chair Support Kit
    First Class School Chair Support Kit
    Starting at $193.60

Items 1-12 of 13

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Schools often provide their students who have special needs with special needs chairs for school which are designed specifically for people like them.

These chairs can be used by students of varying ages and diagnoses, and offer them security and comfort simultaneously.

They are ideal for use while the students are learning, therapy, playing, or being fed. Aside from providing schools with chairs for those with special needs, AvaCare Medical also offers accessories such as First Class School Chair Anti-Tippers, chair legs with casters, and school chair footrests.

Pediatric seating is much more ideal for disabled individuals than regular chairs. It provides the person sitting on it with balance, head support, and promotes proper spinal alignment.

When sitting in a chair that is comfortable and safe for them, these students will likely be more focused on tasks at hand since they feel more secure, and, effectively, happier.

Aside from being used at school, families with a child that has special needs will often keep a chair at home which the child can sit on while the family eats supper, or while he plays.

The following are two popular special needs seating options.

First Class School Chair

This chair can be customized to each student’s individual needs in numerous ways. You can add whichever accessories are neccessary to make sitting a safer and more comfortable experience for each individual student.

Standard Features

  • Legs & Seat: The adjustable height of the legs of this chair allow you to extend them as the child grows. The seat itself can be adjusted for depth, and to allow multiple individuals to sit on it simultaneously.
  • Armrests: They can be flipped back when necessary, and can be adjusted for the right height, to provide the student with a stable space to rest his or her arms on. 
  • Pelvic Belt: Like all the aforementioned features, this belt is adjustable. It also keeps the hips properly positioned in place.


  • Head Rest: This provides individuals with dependable head support. The depth and angle of the headrest can be adjusted for the ideal fit.
  • Footrests: The footrests on the First Class School Chair can be flipped up. There are also heel loops, which secure the user’s heels in place and prevent them from slipping.
  • Anti-Tipper: This makes the chair less likely to tip; it keeps the chair steady and stable. It is often used in the case of a more fidgety student than average or a student with tics.
  • Tray: This attaches to the armrest, and can be removed when necessary. It’s easy to clean and height adjustable. Often used at feeding, playtime and speech therapy, this is an accessory every student will benefit from.
  • Hip Guides: These can be adjusted to provide optimal support for the hips.
  • Mobility Base: This, together with push handles, enables the chair to become almost like a wheelchair; it’s a mobile base, with four wheels.
  • Push handles: These enable the caregiver to push the chair when its on wheels.

MSS Tilt and Recline Seating System

The MSS Tilt & Recline Seating System is designed for children with moderate to extremely limited physical abilities. It comes with nearly two dozen different features and benefits. The hydraulic actuator allows for seat adjustment so that you can tilt the chair back or forward, according to the student’s needs.

  • Headrest: The multi-axis headrest can be adjusted in height, depth, and angle, and is even able to be placed off center.
  • Back: It can be adjusted for height and angle.
  • Harness: This can be zippered on, and provides front chest support.
  • Pelvic belt: This belt properly positions the hips, and can be adjusted for the optimal fit.
  • Laterals: These help align the pelvis with the trunk, and can be adjusted in height and width.
  • Armrests: They provide a resting space for the individual to keep his hands on.
  • Adductors: These prevent adduction (movement of a body part toward the body's midline) through controlling lower extremity positions. Two different size adductors allow for the chair to be adjusted to several different widths.
  • Footrests: The angle, height, and depth of footrests can be adjusted for the optimal fit, and there are also foot sandals, each with a toe loop attached.
  • Tray: It’s easy to clean, and features a safety lip to prevent items on the tray from falling. It provides trunk stabilization and upper extremity support and can be adjusted for height.
  • Fabric Covers: The fabric covers have a comfortable feel. They are washable and can be removed if necessary.

AvaCare Medical can provide you with special needs chairs for school or home. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our customer care agents and they’ll be happy to assist you in finding the product that fits the needs of the children under your care.