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Personal Care Products

If you’re looking for personal care products such as OTC medication, breast pumps, shampoo, antiseptic and more, you’re in the right place. We carry a full line of personal care and hygiene products for home and facility use, all at the best prices available online. Read More...

At AvaCare Medical, we have the personal care products you need to keep you feeling good throughout the day.

The following is a sampling of the personal care items available from AvaCare Medical.


Get rid of germs with Clorox disinfectants, Micro-Kill disinfectant wipes and more.

Pads & Panty Liners

Stay clean and comfortable with Poise pads and other branded pantiliners. Also try out our line of environmentally-responsible organic liners.

OTC Medications & Drugs

Check out our full line of over the counter medications and drugs, including antibiotics, vitamins, OTC pain relief medications and more.

Shampoos & Body Wash

Our selection of shampoo and body wash products are chosen with caregivers in mind. With rinse-free all-in-one shampoo & body wash, rinse-free shampoo caps and more, showering your patient or loved one becomes a simpler and more pleasant experience.

Cast Protectors

If you have a cast, bandage or a sensitive wound, keep it dry while you shower with a waterproof cast protector.

Oral Care

Oral and denture care products including denture cleaning tablets, brushes, toothpaste and more.

Support Pillows

Relieve pressure and get comfortable with these supportive ring cushions and other support cushions.