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Simpro Portable Fetal Doppler with Speaker and Backlit LCD Display, 135mm L x 95mm W x35 mm H, Two AA Battery

This handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler for pregnant woman into 12 weeks of pregnancy to safely check and listen to the fetal heart beat. It is designed to adopt Doppler principles, with ultralow and ultrasound output intensity and high sensitivity ultrasound transducer. The small handheld design and ease of use is intended for pregnant woman to do self-check at home, not for medical diagnostics.

  • Battery status indicator.
  • Low power inspection of the battery.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • Output for headphones.
  • The probe can be changeable.
  • Probe inspection.
  • Backlight.
  • Auto shut off.
  • 2M/3M straight probe standard.
  • Standard 1.5V alkaline battery available which can work up to 10 hours.

SKU: JK2229284

Brand: Simpro

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