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Medical Office Supplies / Disposable Medical & Clinic Supplies

Every exam room needs medical office supplies; from paper towels to alcohol prep pads, and everything in between, clinic supplies are a basic requirement, right after exam room equipment. Unfortunately, searching for all the disposable medical supplies that make your patients’ exam room experience an exemplary one can take time and effort, especially when you can hardly keep track of the numerous products you need.


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  1. Disposable Plastic Drinking Cups
    Disposable Plastic Drinking Cups
    Starting at $3.94
  2. Disposable Paper Souffle Cups
    Disposable Paper Souffle Cups
    Starting at $3.47
  3. Emesis Bags
    Emesis Bags
    Starting at $18.06
  4. Specimen Collector Pans
    Specimen Collector Pans
    Starting at $73.20
  5. Non-Insulated Plastic Pitchers
    Non-Insulated Plastic Pitchers
    Starting at $63.54
  6. McKesson Flexible Drinking Straw
    McKesson Flexible Drinking Straw
    Starting at $8.56
  7. Drug Buster Drug Disposal System,64 OZ
  8. Cormatic Paper Towel
    Cormatic Paper Towel
    Starting at $72.72
  9. preference Toilet Tissue
    preference Toilet Tissue
    Starting at $1.10
  10. PediFix ArchSupport Bandage
    PediFix ArchSupport Bandage
    Starting at $5.94
  11. acclaim Toilet Tissue
    acclaim Toilet Tissue
    Starting at $52.18
  12. B. Braun Replacement Cap
    B. Braun Replacement Cap
    Starting at $0.29

Items 1-12 of 329

Set Descending Direction

There are many medical office supplies that are necessary for every nursing home, hospital and medical office; some that come to mind automatically, and some that are just as important, yet aren’t the first things that are thought of. If you’re looking to stock your exam room, you’ll need disposable cups, tissues and more - but there’s no need to spend valuable time searching for all these crucial doctor office supplies.

Now, you can find these products easily and all at once at AvaCare Medical! Plus, we’ve put together a handy medical office supply checklist to help you ensure you’ve got all your bases covered at all times.

Medical Office and Surgical Supplies List

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Exam rooms require unique products often not used elsewhere in the medical world, like swab sticks for detecting strep throat, specimen collector pads, applicator sticks, and emesis bags. And, of course, there are also tongue depressors, solution basins, and irrigation syringes. Those are just a few of the many products a professional exam room needs in order to be fully functional.

Nearly every medical office requires table paper, tissues, paper towels, and cotton balls; they are basic equipment for everyday use. AvaCare Medical offers a wide range of supplies in this arena, with products from popular healthcare equipment brands like McKesson and Encore. We have toilet seat covers, perforated table paper, disposable tape measures, and other basic medical clinic supplies.

If patients are served meals in the facility, individually wrapped eating utensils are an important item stock. That’s why we carry single-use forks, spoons, and straws, all having been designed specifically for patients. There are also non-insulated plastic pitchers, which are easy to use.

AvaCare Medical is proud to provide you with the best medical equipment available for your practice. With over 250 products, if it’s relevant to healthcare, we may have just what you need. We actually have an auto re-order system, so that you can have the products you need shipped to you every month for 5% off, without having to even take two minutes to place the order each time! At AvaCare Medical, shopping for medical supplies is easy. Call 1.877.813.7799 now, and we'll set up your auto re-order today! Save time, and save money.