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Biofreeze Gel & Theraputty / Physical Therapy Supplies

There are many types of physical therapy supplies designed for different therapeutic purposes. Whether you’re a professional look to stock up on Biofreeze gel or you’re a patient who needs Theraputty for at-home use, we have all the physical therapy tools you need. Read More...

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  1. CanDo Hand Exercise Ball
    CanDo Hand Exercise Ball
    Starting at $9.07
  2. Sup-R Band Exercise Band
    Sup-R Band Exercise Band
    Starting at $4.05
  3. Cando Overdoor Shoulder Exerciser Single Pulley
  4. CanDo Exercise Band
    CanDo Exercise Band
    Starting at $10.78
  5. Dycem nonSlip Matting
    Dycem nonSlip Matting
    Starting at $57.23
  6. CanDo Theraputty Therapy Putty 6 Piece Set
    CanDo Theraputty Therapy Putty 6 Piece Set
    Starting at $22.29
  7. Thera-Band Exercise Band
    Thera-Band Exercise Band
    Starting at $22.32
  8. REP Band Exercise Band
    REP Band Exercise Band
    Starting at $95.49
  9. Nitro EVO Leg Press Exercise Machine
  10. 3M Cover for Nexcare Cover, Case
  11. Therapy Putty
    Therapy Putty
    Starting at $14.66
  12. Temper Foam R-Lite Foam Blocks
    Temper Foam R-Lite Foam Blocks
    Starting at $111.79

Items 1-12 of 301

Set Descending Direction

Millions of people benefit from physical therapy at some point in their life, whether it’s because they suffered an injury, need help with post-op recovery, or something else.

Aside from reconditioning and retraining compromised muscle function, another very important aspect of physical therapy is relieving bodily aches and pains. The following are some of the many types of therapy tools available to assist in your recovery and pain relief efforts.

Biofreeze Gel, Spray and Roll-On

Provide pain relief that starts earlier and lasts longer with Biofreeze products, the cooling topical analgesic that provides Pain Relief That Works.

Known as the #1 clinically recommended product for external pain relief by chiropractors and pharmacists, Biofreeze has been used by clinical professionals and athletes for over 25 years to relieve backaches, arthritis pain, and soreness in muscles and joints. When spread on clients’ skin, the Biofreeze menthol formula gives off a cool, metallic feel that cools the area for a numbing effect and true, extended pain relief.

While there are many products available for cold therapy, this powerful, research-backed formula is proven to be twice as effective as ice and has a 10:1 preference over ice in patient studies. Fast acting and long lasting, Biofreeze products are available in a variety of product offerings, including massage cream, gel, 360° spray and roll-on tubes.

The original Biofreeze gel formula is often used prior to massage in physical therapy as it allows for hands-on application. Biofreeze gel is available in standard tubes, larger pump bottles, and sample packets. Another option that’s great for massage is the soothing Biofreeze Pain Relief Cream. For hands-free massage, try the Biofreeze 360° spray, and for general, hands-free pain relief, use the convenient Biofreeze Classic Roll-On.

Besides Biofreeze, other products commonly used for pain relief by physical therapists include hot and cold packs and TENS units.


Therapy putty, commonly referred to as Theraputty, is very commonly used and recommended by physical therapists. This tool can help increase a patient’s fine motor skills and the dexterity of their hands, wrists, and fingers. Therapy putty exercises can help relieve symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and are often a part of the post tendon surgery or post hand fracture therapy routine. Available in a range of consistencies from extra soft to extra firm, Theraputty is ideal for strengthening hand muscle in individuals with different levels of gripping ability.

Cervical Traction

Cervical traction is a modality used by physical therapists to treat the cause of neck pain. Instead of merely relieving the symptoms of neck pain, cervical traction is a drug-free method that is commonly – and successfully – used to treat the cause of the pain.

There are many different types of cervical traction devices, but all are designed to gently stretch the patient’s neck and separate the joint and disc surfaces in the cervical spine.

One such device is the portable neck traction device, which inflates with air to relieve pressure on tight muscles and pinched nerves, thereby assuaging neck pain, sprains, and spasms. When the traction fills with air, it also helps mitigate pain caused by spinal disc herniation.

Hand Strengtheners

Aside from the popular Theraputty, other useful physical therapy supplies used for finger, wrist and hand strengthening include hand exercise balls, foam blocks, door pulley exercise sets, latex-free resistance bands, palm grips, and more. All of these products, available here, are great ways to increase fine motor skills and improve hand and finger strength.

Leg, Mobility, and Balance Therapy

There are also many physical therapy equipment options for leg therapy. When the patient’s mobility is weakening or they recently experienced a leg injury and/or surgery, leg therapy is often part of the client's exercise routine.

Pedal exercisers, for example, can help in improving mobility and building stamina in the upper and lower body. This rehab exercise tool is an excellent way to tone upper and lower body muscles.

An effective method of improving an individual's balance is with the use of an exercise balance ball. These balance balls facilitate core strengthening in the legs and are also helpful when a physical therapist is working on increasing the range of motion of a patient's arms and lower back.


In addition to hand and leg strengthening equipment, AvaCare Medical also offers products to enhance any physical therapy exercise experience.

Rehab exercise is often essential to ensure complete recovery after an injury. Independent seniors and other individuals with weak bone muscles are prone to accidental falls and slips. In such cases, physicians may recommend specific exercises to strengthen the body’s resistance, thus reducing the risk of such incidents.

For these purposes and more, we carry a full selection of high-quality dumbbells, balance pads, shoulder exercising equipment, and many other products for use during exercise and rehab sessions.

AvaCare Medical’s numerous types of rehab and exercise equipment span the spectrum of physical therapy essentials. With rehabilitating strengthening supplies such as balance and total body conditioning, continuous passive motion, exercise bands, therapy tubing and balls, and other upper and lower extremity exercise products, no matter your rehab or exercise requirements, you're bound to find the physical therapy supplies you need here.