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Mayo Stands & Linen Carts / Medical Office Equipment

Every healthcare facility requires specialized medical office equipment, such as Mayo stands, linen carts, medical lights and more, to provide an efficient, safe and positive work environment for the professionals who work there. Read More...

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AvaCare Medical provides medical facilities, including doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and the like with professional medical furniture and equipment that is durable enough to withstand the rigors of the healthcare world.

Medical Equipment List - A Quick Reference Tool

Mayo Stands

Mayo trays are a must for most medical facilities. They often provide the optimal surface to put diagnostic tools during any procedure. The average mayo stand can usually be adjusted so that it stands between 25 and 50 inches tall. The premium benefit of choosing an instrument stand instead of an instrument table, which serves the same function, is that it takes up less space in the room.

Whether you’d prefer an instrument stand with a removable tray, or one with casters and wheels for easy maneuverability, you’re sure to find a strong and durable mayo stand at AvaCare Medical that will help you maximize space while keeping important medical tools easily accessible. Healthcare facilities that do their best to enact sanitary precautions whenever possible are quick to utilize disposable Mayo stand covers, which keep the Mayo table sterile.

Linen Carts

Linen carts, in which clean linen can be stored, are crucial for creating a functional and sanitary environment in medical facilities. A linen cart with a front cover is especially conducive to this purpose. AvaCare Medical can also provide you with a practical linen cart bag which can be used to store relevant supplies, and then slung over the side of the cart.

Medical Lights

As part of comprehensive hospital lighting, many rooms in medical facilities often require medical lights. Also known as exam lights, these provide illumination of the patient’s body during minor or diagnostic procedures, and these medical lamps need to be bright enough so that they provide pleasant, adequate lighting without causing a glare, or giving off too strong of a light.

Our selection of medical exam lights have been carefully chosen to provide you with just the right lighting for diagnosing patients, or for small procedures. These lights come in various styles to suit your needs and preferences; there is the standard medical light with a height lock feature, the gooseneck exam light with a neck that can be adjusted 360 degrees in any direction, and a mobile base medical light with wheels on the bottom for situations when the lamp will need to be moved around.

Hamper Stands

Medical hampers are similar to linen carts in their role; they are also utilized for maintaining a clean, professional medical environment. Using a proper hamper and hamper stand upholds sanitary conditions in any nursing home or hospital, and prevents the spread of infections or viruses, through allowing for safe disposal of soiled linen. The selection of sizes and styles allows you to choose the hamper stand that has the maneuverability and functionality you need for your facility.

Other Medical Office Equipment

A trash can is another necessary product which helps uphold hygienic conditions in a healthcare facility (or in any commercial, educational or family environment, for that matter). One convenient feature to look for when searching for the perfect trash can for a medical office is one that is equipped with a foot pedal that can be lightly stepped upon to open the trash can lid. This allows busy medical staff members to open the lid even when their hands are full, and also helps prevent cross-contamination by minimizing handling.

Other products included in this category include side chairs, narcotic safes, glove dispensers and countertop supply storage solutions, and more. To ensure a fully equipped exam room, you’ll also need to consider exam tables, a patient scale, a portable ultrasound scanner, and a nebulizer. In addition, be sure to check out our full selection of exam stools, IV stands, and patient lifts.

All of these products can make life just a bit easier for busy professionals. They allow for medical facilities to function most efficiently, and help create an organized, efficient, and sterile environment.

Most medical office equipment can be ordered at AvaCare Medical this morning and get shipped - and likely delivered - by tomorrow. Try it out today, and see for yourself what it’s like to shop at AvaCare Medical.