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Sharps Containers / Needle Clippers

Sharps containers are strong plastic containers which are used to safely dispose contaminated medical items with sharp edges or points that can cause pricks or punctures when touched, leading to possible infection. Read More...

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  1. SharpSafety Chemotherapy Sharps Container
    SharpSafety Chemotherapy Sharps Container
    Starting at $10.69
  2. SharpSafety PGII Compliant Sharps Container
    SharpSafety PGII Compliant Sharps Container
    Starting at $46.61
  3. SharpSafety Multi-purpose Sharps Container Hinged Lid
  4. SharpSafety Multi-purpose Sharps Container Rotor Lid
  5. SharpSafety Multi-purpose Sharps Container Slide Lid
  6. SharpSafety Multi-purpose Sharps Container Horizontal Drop Lid
  7. SharpSafety Sharps Container Bracket
    SharpSafety Sharps Container Bracket
    Starting at $18.42
  8. SharpSafety Chemotherapy Waste Container
    SharpSafety Chemotherapy Waste Container
    Starting at $51.81
  9. SharpSafety Perfusion Waste Container
    SharpSafety Perfusion Waste Container
    Starting at $52.12
  10. SharpSafety RCRA Waste Container
    SharpSafety RCRA Waste Container
    Starting at $12.62
  11. In-Room Sharps Collector Cabinet
    In-Room Sharps Collector Cabinet
    Starting at $61.37
  12. Multi-purpose Sharps Container
    Multi-purpose Sharps Container
    Starting at $10.80

Items 1-12 of 30

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What is a Sharps Container?

Since most needles are designed for one time use, medical facilities can have an astronomical amount of these instruments that need to be disposed of. Placing needles in the trash is extremely unsafe, so healthcare facilities utilize specially designed sharps containers to store these sharps until they are sent to be incinerated (burned in a controlled manner to sterilize and reduce waste) and then disposed of, or autoclaved (sterilized by steaming in an autoclave pressure chamber) and reused.

Sharps collection is commonly practiced in medical facilities, but individuals who have allergies, diabetes, or other conditions which require the use of needles or other sharps may also have a personal sharps box at home.

In the US, these bins are a bold red color, while in other places, such as European countries, they can be of a different hue such as yellow.

Best Sharps Containers to Buy

According to Wikipedia, NIOSH discovered that the four features of sharps containers which allow for safe disposal of sharps are accommodation, accessibility, visibility, and functionality. Hence, sharps containers should ideally be placed in an easily accessible spot, and be clearly visible. They should also offer features which allow for uncomplicated assembly and easy disposal.

Sharps containers from AvaCare Medical provide the user with several such features.

Here are the most important features to look out for when deciding on a sharps container:

  • Puncture resistant
  • Clear lid
  • Locking lid
  • Leak resistant
  • Stable (won’t tip)
  • Instructions on the container

Types of Sharps Containers

Whether you’re looking for the well-known BD sharps containers or a comparable brand, there are several unique types of sharps containers you may want to consider, all of which are available on our site for your convenience.

Sharps Container Wall Mount

This sharps dispenser can be inserted onto a wall to save floor space, and comes with a glove dispenser for even more sanitary precaution.

Large Sharps Containers

This is one of the extra large sharps container for maximum storage capacity, and accomodation of larger sharps. Busy medical facilities often have these sharps containers.

Needle Clippers

Needle clippers such as the popular BD needle clippers allow diabetic patients to effortlessly clip off pen needles and insulin syringe needles, which are then automatically retained and safely stored within the clipper. This portable needle disposal container is remarkably convenient and reassuringly safe. It takes two years, on average, or about 1,500 clipped needles, until it is full and ready for disposal.

Portable Sharps Container

This container is small, and has a handle so that it is easily transferable. It can be carefully stored on a shelf in a home or facility, carried around from room to room, or kept in an ambulance or car.

Sharps Container with Mailbox Style Lid

A sharps container with a mailbox style lid is an interesting concept, and quite convenient. Before purchasing, please note that due to its easy opening capability design, this sharps container doesn’t have an actual lock.

What Goes in a Sharps Container?

Needles, syringes, lancets, and epinephrine pens are all considered sharps waste. These sharps, as well as chemotherapy waste and other items requiring special disposal, can be easily and safely disposed of in a sharps container. When the sharps container is full, it should be sent to a destruction facility, where it will be properly disposed of by trained personnel.

How to Dispose of Sharps Containers

Per FDA guidelines, the following important points must be followed to ensure safe disposal of all sharps:

  • A strong, rigid plastic container (preferably an FDA-approved sharps container) with as many of the above features as possible should be used.
  • This container should be inaccessible to children, pets, and people who are unaware of this containers purpose.
  • Sharps containers must be sealed & labeled when being disposed of.
  • Contact your trash or public health department about the local sharps disposal program.
  • Follow community guidelines on proper sharps container disposal.
  • Never throw sharps into trash; doing so can be dangerous.

Your Sharps Container

Whether you need any of these specific sharps containers, or you just need a basic, high quality sharps container, AvaCare Medical has what you need.