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Oxygen Tank, Oxygen Mask, Nasal Cannula

Our full line of lifesaving medical supplies includes CPR masks, oxygen cylinders, oxygen tubing, and other oxygen supplies that can help professionals to assist an individual who is having difficulty breathing. AvaCare Medical also offers oxygen nasal cannulas, medical oxygen tanks, oxygen cannulas, and other such equipment Read More...

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  1. Sterile Bulb Tip Yankauers non Vented, Rigid, Sterile 50 per Case
  2. Oxygen Tubing Green Kink-Free 7 Feet
    Oxygen Tubing Green Kink-Free 7 Feet
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  3. DAR Extendible Extension Tube
    DAR Extendible Extension Tube
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  4. DAR Double Swivel Connector
    DAR Double Swivel Connector
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  5. 3M Sensitivity Solution, Bitter
    3M Sensitivity Solution, Bitter
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  6. AirLife Tubing Connector
    AirLife Tubing Connector
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  7. 3M Sensitivity Solution, Saccharin
    3M Sensitivity Solution, Saccharin
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  8. 3M Fit Test Solution FT-32
    3M Fit Test Solution FT-32
  9. Covidien Tubing Connector
    Covidien Tubing Connector
  10. 3M Qualitative Fit Test Kit, Sweet
  11. Argyle Tubing Connector
    Argyle Tubing Connector
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  12. 3M Fit Test Solution, Sweet
    3M Fit Test Solution, Sweet
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Items 1-12 of 73

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CPR Masks

AvaCare Medical carries a full selection of CPR masks that prolong life.

What is a CPR Mask?

A CPR mask, pocket face mask, or CPR shield is a small medical device that delivers oxygen to an individual who is unable to breathe on his own. It is most often used for individuals undergoing respiratory or cardiac arrest.

The purpose of a CPR mask is to minimize the risk of the rescuer’s exposure to bodily fluids such as vomit, blood, and saliva. A CPR mask is a portable and easy-to-use barrier device; it protects the rescuer from exposure to infection.

oxygen cylinders and regulators graph

How Rescuers Apply a CPR Mask

In order to learn to perform CPR, rescuers usually have gone to a CPR class for training. When providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (yes; that’s what CPR stands for!), the rescuer will use the pocket face mask to create a seal around the nose and mouth. The rescuer will then breathe into the mask, and the air will enter the patient’s lungs.

When an emergency happens, every second is crucial. Be prepared to save the day by keeping a CPR mask within easy reach in your home, office, or college.

Medical Oxygen Tanks and Cylinders

A medical oxygen tank is generally a tall, cylinder-shaped device (hence the name oxygen cylinder) used to store compressed or liquid oxygen under high pressure. Oxygen tanks are to be stored in a ventilated area, placed flat on the floor. They should not be stored in an upright or leaning position.

Can You Keep an Oxygen Cylinder in a Car?

An oxygen tank should never be kept in a car unless it’s cold inside the vehicle. If your vehicle is cold enough that you can keep an oxygen tank inside for the moment, make sure to place it flat on the floor of the back seat, and secure it so that it stays in place. A medical oxygen tank should never be kept in the trunk or on the floor of any vehicle.

Did you know this about oxygen tanks?

Scuba divers wear specialized oxygen tanks when underwater!

Oxygen Tank Sizes

Oxygen tanks are available in several different sizes, so that every patient can have one that suits his needs. Popular oxygen tank sizes include the M2, the M4, the ML6, D, JD, E, M60, and the MM size medical oxygen tanks. The smaller sized oxygen tanks can also be used as portable oxygen tanks. At AvaCare Medical, you can find many of these oxygen cylinder sizes.

Oxygen Nasal Cannula

What is a Nasal Cannula?

An oxygen nasal cannula delivers supplemental airflow to individuals who aren’t being supplied with enough oxygen by means of their natural respiratory system. The device consists of oxygen tubing which splits into two tubes at the end, so that one tube can be placed in each nostril.

Oxygen tubing is often essential for seniors and other individuals with breathing disorders or difficulty; it provides them with lifegiving respiratory assistance.

What is Oxygen Tubing?

Oxygen tubing is the flexible, strawlike tubes that the oxygen travels through until it reaches the nose or mouth. It is most often used together with the nasal cannula.

How Often to Change Oxygen Tubing & Cannula

This depends on how often you use your oxygen nasal cannula. If you use tubing for much of the day, the oxygen cannula and tubing should be changed every 2-6 months. If you use the tubing and cannula for just several hours per day, change them every 3-6 months.

Oxygen Supplies at AvaCare Medical

AvaCare Medical offers a full selection of oxygen supplies. We carry oxygen tubing, oxygen tanks, nasal cannulas, oxygen cylinders, and many other medical products to help those with respiratory disorders or difficulties. Be it an oxygen hose, medical oxygen tanks or CPR masks; if you’re looking for quality oxygen supplies, AvaCare Medical is the place to go.

Aside from providing you with all your oxygen supplies, AvaCare Medical also has a full selection of other medical supplies, including adult diapers, wheelchairs, transfer aids, and so much more. Call us at 1.877.813.7799, and we’ll happily help you to find all the medical supplies you need.