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Elastic Bandage Wraps / Elastic Wraps / Elastic Compression Bandages

Find elastic bandages from top brands on AvaCare Medical today! Elastic bandage wraps are stretchy, flexible bandages that mold to the injured area with gentle pressure. These are used for light compression. Elastic compression bandages are available in a plethora of sizes, from companies including Ace and McKesson. They are often used by athletes to prevent sports injuries, or to alleviate uncomfortable muscle pains or strains. Shop elastic compression bandages now! Read More...

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  1. McKesson Elastic Bandage Dual Hook and Loop Closure NonSterile
  2. McKesson Elastic Bandage Knit/Woven Blend
    McKesson Elastic Bandage Knit/Woven Blend
    Starting at $0.93
  3. McKesson Elastic Bandage Sterile
    McKesson Elastic Bandage Sterile
    Starting at $122.82
  4. ACE Elastic Bandage
    ACE Elastic Bandage
  5. ACE Elastic Bandage with Clips 4" Width
  6. McKesson Elastic Bandage
    McKesson Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $0.64
  7. Shur-Band LF Elastic Bandage
    Shur-Band LF Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $1.20
  8. EZe-Band LF Elastic Bandage
    EZe-Band LF Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $3.98
  9. Econo-Wrap LF Elastic Bandage
    Econo-Wrap LF Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $0.51
  10. REB LF Elastic Bandage
    REB LF Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $3.94
  11. Dynarex Elastic Bandage
    Dynarex Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $1.06
  12. DUKAL Elastic Bandage
    DUKAL Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $0.96

Items 1-12 of 38

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Why Use an Elastic Bandage Wrap?

There are several reasons why a person would choose to use an elastic roller bandage, or even an elastic net dressing. These bandages have several purposes. Here are the most common reasons why someone would wear an elastic wrap.

  • To keep compresses firmly in position
  • To keep bandages snugly in position
  • To improve circulation in that body appendage
  • To wrap around a splint to hold it in place
  • To alleviate joint or muscle pain
  • As a muscle strain elastic bandage
  • As a lymphedema elastic bandage
  • To decrease swelling
  • To provide firm pressure to the area
  • To provide the area with firm, light compression
  • As an elastic athletic wrap to prevent sports injuries
  • For health and beauty treatments
  • For first aid purposes
  • As a bone fracture elastic bandage
  • As a body wrap
  • As an elastic bandage for back pain

Common Types of Elastic Bandages

Most elastic bandages can be divided into two categories: Elastic bandages with self-closure, and elastic bandages with a clip closure. Each of the two has its own benefits to boast of, and some disadvantages to speak of as well.

Elastic Bandages with Clip Closures

Each elastic bandage with a clip closure features two clips for closing. These bandages are supportive and comfortable. Some options, such as the Curity Elastic Bandage, feature removable clips.

Elastic Bandages with Self-Closures

An elastic bandage with a self-closure features a hook and loop (velcro-style) closure at the ends. This bandage is a great option if you’re looking for a bandage with low compression. These are amazingly easy to use, and are considered the more up-to-date option of the two.

Short-Stretch Vs. Long-Stretch Bandages

Short-stretch bandages are typically made from cotton, while long-stretch bandages are usually bandages that contain elastic fibers (although there are cotton elastic bandages on the market today). Long-stretch bandages can usually stretch to at least 140%, and up to 300% of their original length. Their flexibility enables them to contour to the area. Short-stretch bandages provide more compression than long-stretch ones.

Long-Stretch Bandage Uses

Long-stretch elastic bandages are most commonly used to treat sprains and strains. They offer support to muscles and joints. Elastic support bandages are very stretchy, and quality long-stretch bandages will bounce back to their original length once they aren’t being stretched anymore.

Short-Stretch Bandage Uses

Short-stretch bandages can be used by anyone with venous edema, lymphedema, vascular insufficiency, and several other conditions. As mentioned previously, these provide a higher level of compression than regular tensor elastic bandages.

Safety Precautions

If you’ve decided to get an elastic medical wrap, check out this list. Read through these precautions to ensure that you only benefit from using such a bandage. These precautions are easy to keep in mind, and following them will help to keep you even more safe.

  • Extreme pain
  • Swelling doesn’t recede after a few days
  • Pain or swelling worsens
  • The injured area tingles or is numb after the bandage is taken off

Elastic Bandages Buying Guide

Elastic bandages come with many different features. Here, we’ve provided you with a full overview of all the possible features you have to choose from when looking for an elastic bandage. Obviously, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a bandage with every single one of these features, but it is possible that you’ll find one with most of the features you’d appreciate. Use the questionnaire below to choose an elastic bandage that you believe will work best for your needs.

  1. Do you have latex allergies?
  2. If you do, your best option would clearly be to get a latex free elastic bandage, such as the Dynarex Elastic Bandage.
  3. Do you want an elastic pressure bandage that offers firm support?
  4. Then try a bandage that is recommended for that, such as the McKesson Elastic Bandage. Most orthopedic elastic bandages are supportive, but before choosing any, confirm that it is from a trusted brand so that you’ll know you can depend on it to truly support.
  5. Do you want a bandage with a detachable clip?
  6. As we mentioned previously, some bandages have clips that can be removed. An example of this would be the Curity Elastic Bandage.
  7. Do you prefer a bandage that is sterile?
  8. If yes, choose one that is! For instance, get sterile Medline Matrix Elastic Bandages.
  9. Would you rather a hook and loop bandage?
  10. That’s a velcro-style rubber elastic bandage. There are many such options on AvaCare Medical.
  11. What type of woven elastic bandage do you need?
  12. There are tubular elastic stretch net bandages, sticky elastic bandages, elastic bandage boots, waterproof elastic bandages, and more. Decide which type best suits your needs.
  13. Do you plan on using the elastic bandage to lower extremities?
  14. Be sure you get a bandage that is the right size for that, and ditto if you’re looking for a bandage for something else.
  15. Do you want a bandage that is self adhering, or that is adhesive?
  16. Self-adhering elastic bandages don’t need any clips. The Ace Bandage is a wildly popular example of such a product.
  17. How wide do you want the elastic bandage to be?
  18. Bandages come in different widths. 6 inches is considered a wide elastic bandage, and a small size would be two or three inches wide.
  19. Do you specifically want a reusable elastic bandage?
  20. Reusable elastic bandages can be used as elastic sport bandages. You can find such bandages on our site.

Elastic Bandage Sizes

There are several common sizes for elastic dressings and bandage rolls. There are 2 inch elastic bandages, which are commonly used on the hand, wrist, or toes. There are also 3 inch elastic bandages, and 4 inch elastic bandages. 6 inch double length elastic bandages are considered large sized elastic bandages, and are therefore 6 inch elastic bandages are often referred to as double length.

Elastic Bandage Colors

There are a number of colored elastic bandage wrap options. There are white elastic bandage wraps, black ones, blue elastic bandage wraps, and more. Check out the full selection of colored elastic grip bandages on AvaCare Medical now!

The plethora of options of medical elastic bandage wraps at AvaCare Medical is extremely expansive, with too many of the best elastic bandages to even list. They’re available in different sizes and hues, and with distinct details. There are body wrap elastic bandages, elastic plaster bandages, and coban elastic bandages, as well as elastic cohesive bandages and fixation bandages.


You can afford the price of elastic bandages on AvaCare Medical - our elastic fabric bandages are offered at very reasonable prices. Whether you need elastic bandages for your first aid kit or for your medical office, or even if you need elastic bandages for dogs or elastic nose bandages, you'll find them here. Of course, you can find non-adhesive bandages on our site, too - give our care team a call, and someone will assist you in finding the perfect bandage for your needs.