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Elastic Bandage for Foot / Elastic Bandage for Knee or Ankle

Find an elastic bandage for your ankle, knee or any other part of your foot on AvaCare Medical now! Choose from a huge selection of leg elastic bandages at great prices. Whether you need an elastic bandage for your knee, thigh, sprained ankle, or any other part of your foot. Don't search through an endless array of bandages; check out our curated selection of elastic bandages for your knee, ankle or foot now. Shop AvaCare Medical, your source for all types of wound bandages and dressings. Read More...

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  1. McKesson Elastic Bandage Dual Hook and Loop Closure NonSterile
  2. McKesson Elastic Bandage Knit/Woven Blend
    McKesson Elastic Bandage Knit/Woven Blend
    Starting at $0.93
  3. McKesson Elastic Bandage Sterile
    McKesson Elastic Bandage Sterile
    Starting at $122.82
  4. ACE Elastic Bandage
    ACE Elastic Bandage
  5. ACE Elastic Bandage with Clips 4" Width
  6. McKesson Elastic Bandage
    McKesson Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $0.64
  7. Shur-Band LF Elastic Bandage
    Shur-Band LF Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $1.20
  8. EZe-Band LF Elastic Bandage
    EZe-Band LF Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $3.98
  9. Econo-Wrap LF Elastic Bandage
    Econo-Wrap LF Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $0.51
  10. REB LF Elastic Bandage
    REB LF Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $3.94
  11. Dynarex Elastic Bandage
    Dynarex Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $1.06
  12. DUKAL Elastic Bandage
    DUKAL Elastic Bandage
    Starting at $0.96

Items 1-12 of 36

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When to Get an Elastic Bandage for Your Foot

There are numerous reasons why someone would choose to get an elastic bandage for their foot. Some include sprains, strains, and fractures. Read on to find out why someone would need an elastic bandage for a specific part of the foot. 

Sprained Ankle Elastic Bandages

The most common reason why someone would use an elastic bandage for their ankle is because they sprained it. Requests for sprained ankle elastic bandages are very frequent because ankle sprains are mind bogglingly common. Every hour, well over 1,000 people suffer ankle sprains. Ankle injuries altogether occur very often; over a million individuals come to the ER every year with ankle injuries, and many of these people need an elastic bandage for a sprained ankle. Ankle fractures, sprains and strains are all common athletic injuries. 

How to Wrap Your Ankle: Simplified 5 Step Guide

  1. Double wrap the elastic bandage for the ankle around the ball of your foot, under your toes.
  2. The wrap should be applied so that it is taut, but not tight.
  3. Continue wrapping your foot, working your way up in a figure 8 pattern until a few inches above your ankle, being sure to fully wrap your heel.
  4. Once you’ve gotten to a few inches above your ankle, end off by double wrapping the elastic ankle wrap bandage around that part of your lower leg.
  5. If the bandage is not adhesive, use the appropriate fasteners (adhesive tape, metal clip, or hook and loop) to fasten the bandage in place at the end.

Elastic Bandages for Knees

Elastic bandages for knee pain not only can be used for knee injuries, but can also be utilized for knee pain and knee pain prevention. Like ankle elastic bandages, these are often used by athletes. Aside from being a great item for athletes, elastic knee bandages are ideal for anyone who does a lot of exercise, a person who fractured his knee, and individuals who have undergone knee surgery. Also, older people with weak knees or knee arthritis can benefit from wearing compression elastic bandages for knee support. You can put a cold or hot compress under the elastic wrap for knees in order to help relieve your knee pain. 

How to Wrap Your Knee: Simplified 5 Step Guide

  1. Arrange the leg in a natural position, and bend the knee slightly so that it is comfortably flexed.
  2. Begin wrapping the elastic wrap for your foot about two inches below the knee cap, overlapping layers by about 50% so that the bandage will hold well.
  3. Continue wrapping over the knee, being sure to fully cover the knee cap, and go up until two or three inches above the knee.
  4. The bandage should be snug above and below the knee, but not as tight on the actual knee cap so that the knee is not locked into place.
  5. Secure the bandage with tape, velcro, or clips.

When to Use an Elastic Bandage for Groin, Thigh or Hamstring Injuries

Thigh, hamstring and groin injury are all common occurrences among athletes. Muscles of the upper inner thigh that involve the hamstring and the abdominals are termed the groin. A groin injury will occur if the muscles are stretched beyond their capacity; this will usually happen while the individual is involved in intense physical activity. It can occur while the person is running, dodging, or squatting. 

A groin injury can also happen if the person fails didn’t do the proper warm-ups before beginning to exercise or play a sport. Groin injuries usually manifest in strains, but can result in a ruptured muscle, which may require surgery. An elastic bandage should be used for a groin strain, to help reduce swelling and pain. If you still find that you have to wear the elastic bandage on your groin after half a week, be in touch with a medical professional.

Hamstring injuries happen when back muscles of the thigh are overstretched, and this will often cause the person to need to wear an elastic bandage for hamstrings. This can happen during bending exercises, running, climbing, and jumping. A person who has suffered a hamstring injury is more vulnerable than the average individual to such injury in the future. 

Safety Tips for When Using Elastic Bandages

Here are a few pointers for anyone using any kind of elastic bandage. These tips will help to ensure that you stay safe. If you notice any of the following, contact a medical professional immediately. 

  • Intense pain or agony
  • Swelling persists even after several days
  • Swelling or agony seems to be increasing with time
  • There is a feeling of ‘pins and needles’ in the area
  • The area is numb or tingly (this can be even after the bandage was removed)

Aside from elastic wraps for the foot, AvaCare Medical also carries elastic bandages for wrists, golfer’s elbow elastic bandages, upper arm elastic bandages, and other options of elastic bandages for hands or elbows. 


If you need an elastic bandage for legs, AvaCare Medical is the address you’re looking for. With options that can be used as elastic bandage wraps for thighs, knees, and other areas, at AvaCare Medical, you’ll find what you need. We have varicose veins elastic bandages, sprained ankle elastic bandages, and more. If you need an elastic bandage, be it for your foot or not, give us a call today at 1.877.813.7799!