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Liquid Bandages / Spray On Bandages / Powder Bandages

Find liquid bandages, spray on bandages and powder bandages on AvaCare Medical today! A liquid bandage is a liquid adhesive (i.e. a glue) that dries to form a film over the wound, protecting it and sealing it closed. A liquid band aid is a modern and innovative alternative to regular bandages. It is especially beneficial for cuts on joints, since it allows for muscles to be flexed without the bandage popping off. Shop our curated selection of the best liquid bandages for cuts now! Read More...

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    New-Skin Liquid Bandage

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These invisible bandages can be used in place of standard bandages, and will help your cut heal neatly and discreetly. 

What is a Liquid Bandage Spray?

A liquid bandage spray is the easiest type of liquid bandage to apply. This is sometimes called a spray on band aid, because you simply need to aim it at the area, and spray. Many of the best liquid bandages, such as NexCare and NewSkin, come in spray bottles. 

What is a Powder Bandage?

A powder bandage forms an artificial scab that seals the wound, causing the bleeding to stop. In order for the powder bandage to work, use your fingers to apply pressure to the bandage for about 30 seconds. AvaCare Medical offers WoundSeal, which is the powder bandage that is the most highly recommended by medical professionals. 

Liquid Bandage Uses

Skin sprays and liquid bandages can be utilized in an abundance of circumstances. These are ideal for cuts and other types of pains on fingers and joints, and other areas where bandages are prone to fall off. Specifically, liquid bandages and sprays are excellent for use in the following situations: 

  • Blisters: A liquid skin bandage can not only help you to get rid of your blister, but can also prevent blisters from occurring in the first place. If you find yourself prone to getting blisters in certain places after certain activities, try applying a liquid bandage in the area.
  • Paper cuts: Using a regular band aid for a paper cut can get annoying, because it keeps falling off, and they make it almost impossible to use touch screen devices. It is possible to use a smartphone or tablet while after using a clear liquid band aid spray.
  • Chapped fingers: Seal the cracks with a liquid skin bandage, and moisturize your skin multiple times every day. This routine will help to heal your chapped fingers!
  • Shaving nicks: Using a liquid adhesive bandage over the area can help prevent infection. Only apply the liquid bandage once the bleeding has fully ceased.
  • Skin tags: Using a liquid bandage for skin tags helps the skin tag to shrivel up.
  • Face wounds: Using liquid bandage for face wounds is much more inconspicuous and discreet than having a regular bandage on one’s face. For this reason, if someone has a cut on the face that needs a bandage, they often prefer to use liquid bandage spray over a regular bandage.
  • Hangnails: A liquid adhesive bandage can be used to cover painful hangnails.
  • Cuts & Scrapes: Although using a bandage for a face is considered by some people to be a deadly awkward move, some individuals prefer to stick with band aid spray on bandages on any part of the body; not just on the face, since it is often much less conspicuous. Whether it’s on the knee, hand or neck, a spray on bandage or regular liquid bandage is an innovative and non obvious solution.
  • Cracked heels: Liquid bandages prevent germs and debris from getting into the cracked or callused heel, keeping it protected and helping it heal optimally.
  • Cracked nails: Liquid waterproof band aids help one’s nails to become stronger and less likely to get cracks. It repairs cracks that are there, and prevents cracks from forming in the future.
  • People with certain jobs or hobbies can also often benefit from using liquid bandages. For instance, runners and dancers use them to prevent or get rid of calluses and blisters, musicians use them to protect their fingers while using stringed instruments, and golfers use them to prevent and eradicate blisters. 

    How Long Does Liquid Bandage Last?

    Usually, a liquid bandage seal will stay on from 5 to 10 days. After the aforementioned time period, the invisible bandage will usually come loose. 

    Benefits of Liquid Bandages

    Have you ever tried using a clear or skin colored liquid bandage? There are many benefits to using these bandages, the most obvious one being that clear liquid bandages are subtle and much less noticeable. Here are some more advantages liquid bandages have to offer. 


    These bandages are usually waterproof, and can therefore be worn right through your shower. (It is best to avoid direct water flow, though.) 


    Liquid bandages are much more discreet than regular bandages. They create an invisible film that seals the wound. 

    Easy to Apply

    Applying liquid bandages takes a very short amount of time, and therefore can help the cut clot as fast as possible. These bandages cause very little discomfort while being applied. 

    Instant Bandage Removal

    Band aid liquid bandages fall off on their own after a couple of days; they don’t need to be removed manually. This makes liquid bandage removal an unbelievably easy process. 

    Less Risk of Infection

    Since the wound is sealed, there is less risk of it becoming infected. 

    More Immovable

    Liquid bandages conform to the area more effectively. They stay in place better over joints such as the elbow, knee, or knuckles. 

    Tips for Wearing a Liquid Bandage in the Shower

    As mentioned previously, a liquid bandage is usually waterproof and can be worn in the shower. However, there are a few considerations to think about. Firstly, try not to have the liquid bandage in the direct line of water. Also, don’t rub the area. When you finish showering, gently pat the area dry. 

    Best Liquid Bandages

    There are a nice variety of liquid bandages available these days to choose from, but at AvaCare Medical, our selection of liquid bandages is very curated: We only carry the best liquid bandages available today. Those include NexCare liquid bandages and New Skin liquid bandage sprays. 

    NexCare Liquid Bandage Spray

    The 3M NexCare Liquid Bandage Spray is a powerful spray on band aid that can be used for both small cuts and large abrasions. The no-sting formula of NexCare Spray makes for comfortable application, and the waterproof protection works as a barricade against germs. 

    New Skin Liquid Bandage Spray

    The New Skin Liquid Bandage Spray provides antiseptic protection to cuts, calluses and blisters, preventing infection and sealing out germs and moisture. New Skin liquid bandage can be used for deep cuts. 


    Find waterproof spray on bandages and standard liquid skin glue, as well as powder bandages, on AvaCare Medical today! Our selection includes only the best liquid bandages for cuts. You can use these as first aid liquid bandages or liquid bandages for kids or rambunctious toddlers. Shop liquid bandages at great prices now!