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Short Stretch Bandages & Wraps / Short Stretch Compression Bandages

Short stretch bandages look similar to but have less of a stretch capacity than most other types of bandages. Since they don't have as much of a stretch, these bandages are more compressive, and therefore better suited for certain conditions. Choose a short stretch compression bandage from a medical manufacturing brand that is trusted, such as a Comprilan dressing. You can find quality short stretch bandages from reputable brands on AvaCare Medical. Shop now! Read More...

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What is a Short Stretch Compression Bandage?

Short stretch compression bandages offer compressive support and the optimal amount of inherent stretch for certain conditions. They are usually comprised of cotton fibers, and feature an extensibility of about 30% to 70% of their original length (and this means the most these bandages will stretch is an additional 70% to their original length). Short stretch bandages have increased pressure and compression while the individual is walking, and less pressure while the person is at rest. This allows body fluids to circulate normally even while the individual is in a recumbent (laying) position. 

How Short Stretch Bandages Work

When the person stands up and moves around, there is increased volume of the leg, which results in a higher level of compression. Effective compression of the short stretch bandages occurs when the person is ambulatory, since being mobile means increased leg volume which results in increased compression. 

When to Use Short Stretch Compression Bandages

For certain conditions, only short stretch compression wraps will work. Short stretch bandages, such as Comprilan short stretch compression bandages, are an excellent choice for anyone with edema or lymphedema, since they allow for the lymphatic fluids to drain properly. They are also ideal for individuals with varicose veins or venous ulcers, because they enable optimum venous flow. They provide strong compression, and can be used to manage swelling, as well as to prevent certain sports injuries from occurring. 

Short Stretch Bandages for Lymphedema

Lymphedema is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system, which results in fluid retention and thereby causes swelling in the arms or legs. Short stretch bandages are used to help reduce the swelling (and accompanying pain) by means of increased ambulatory pressure. 

Short Stretch Bandages for Venous Insufficiency

Like Lymphedema, venous insufficiency, formally known as CVI, is a condition that results in swelling, this time specifically in the leg area. Venous insufficiency occurs when there is poor blood circulation, and the blood begins to pool in those veins. When this occurs, it causes swollen legs. 

A benefit of a short stretch compression bandage wrap is that it can be worn at nearly all times.

Wear it to sleep, while exercising, or while completing daily tasks. The one time it is not always recommended to keep on a short stretch compression bandage is while in full contact with water. This would include when the person is showering, bathing or swimming. 

You can find out from your doctor if it is okay for you to wear the bandage while it is submerged, or even simply in contact, with liquid substances. AvaCare Medical carries cast covers for showering, so you can also find out if using such a product would enable you to keep the short stretch bandage on while in the shower. This will let you manage your hygiene without inconvenience. 

Since the bandage is made of cotton, it is relatively comfortable and lightweight, especially in comparison to other bandages. It usually does not contain elastic, though, so it doesn’t have that flexible stretch elastic bandages will offer. 

Short Stretch Vs Long Stretch Bandages

Short stretch bandages are utilized for a different purpose than long stretch ones. Long stretch bandages, which contain elastic, stretch to over 140% and sometimes up to 300% of their original size, while short stretch bandages, as mentioned previously, have 60% extensibility. Short stretch bandages, which are usually made mainly of cotton (although they do sometimes contain limited elastic), have high working pressure and low resting pressure; they provide more compression when the person is active than when he is in a recumbent position. Long stretch bandages don’t boast such a high working pressure. Short stretch bandages promote high venous return, while long stretch ones provide mildly compressive muscle support. 

The Long and Short of Choosing Short Stretch Bandages

Are you looking for a short stretch bandage, but aren’t sure which to choose? Then you’ve come to the right place: AvaCare Medical has an extensive selection of short stretch bandages for your needs, including Comprilan compression wrap bandages and more. Before you settle on a specific short stretch bandage, though, it would be prudent to spend some time researching relevant products to figure out which one is most applicable for your needs. Use our simple and handy guide to decide which short stretch bandage is best for you. 


Be sure to select a short stretch compression wrap that is of sufficient quality. There are three methods to choose from to ensure that the bandage you are choosing is of adequate quality: Check online reviews on that short stretch bandage, find a short stretch bandage from a reputable brand, or give our care team a call at 1.877.813.7799, and a friendly associate will be happy to be of assistance. 


Some short stretch bandages are machine washable, and some are not. If you’d prefer one of these options over the other, be sure to select that kind of short stretch bandage. If you’d prefer a reusable bandage, then try to find one that has sealed ends to prevent it from unraveling very soon after you purchase it. 


Depending on what you’ll be using the bandage for, you want it to be a size that makes sense. Do your research: don’t just choose any size; figure out what size you need and then order that one. 


Not all short stretch bandages feature the exact same extensibility. Some are 60%, some are 40%, and some are 30%. You can look for a short stretch bandage that is more or less extensible, depending on your needs.


Check out our curated selection of short stretch bandages on AvaCare Medical now! Choose between Rosidal K and Comprilan short stretch bandages and other choices. Whether you need a short stretch bandage due to Lymphedema, venous insufficiency, or any other reason, you can find such bandages on our site for prices you can afford. If you have any questions about short stretch bandages or you’d like help with placing your order, contact our customer care team now for efficient assistance.