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Silicone Bandages / Silicone Band Aids

Silicone adhesive bandages are sometimes hard to find, but not when you shop here! The bottom layer of a silicone adhesive dressing, which is in contact with the wound, is made from silicone. Silicone is a comfortable material that should not adhere to (and therefore will not leave residue in) the wound bed. These fall into the category of atraumatic bandages; they can be easily removed without causing any sort of damage or trauma to the new tissue or surrounding skin. Shop now! Read More...

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  1. McKesson Silicone Sheer Adhesive Strip Bandages Sterile
  2. McKesson Lite Thin Silicone Foam Dressing without Border
  3. McKesson Lite Thin Silicone Foam Dressing with Border
  4. McKesson Silicone Foam Adhesive Dressing without Border
  5. McKesson Silicone Foam Dressing
    McKesson Silicone Foam Dressing
    Starting at $2.59
  6. ComfortFoam Border Lite Thin Silicone Foam Dressing
  7. Aquacel Silicone Adhesive Foam Dressing
    Aquacel Silicone Adhesive Foam Dressing
    Starting at $24.03
  8. Cutimed Siltec B Silicone Foam Dressing
    Cutimed Siltec B Silicone Foam Dressing
    Starting at $85.02
  9. ComfortFoam Silicone Foam Dressing Box of 5
  10. Mepitel
    Starting at $6.61
  11. Mepiform Safetac Self-Adherent Soft Silicone Dressings
  12. Mepitel  One
    Mepitel One
    Starting at $6.61

Items 1-12 of 19

Set Descending Direction

Benefits of Silicone Adhesive Bandages

Silicone adhesive bandages are more gentle than standard adhesive bandages, which feature a rubber-based bottom layer. They are an excellent adhesive bandage option for elderly individuals, young children, and when a bandage is needed on a sensitive area such as the face. Silicone adhesive bandages offer users a panorama of benefits. Read on to learn about all of them! 

Better Sealing

Silicone seals well around the wound; this prevents maceration from occurring. Skin maceration is a common effect of bandaged skin. Maceration occurs when the skin is exposed to moisture for an extended period of time. It causes the skin in the wound area to look more white and sort of wrinkled, with a noticeable similarity in texture to a raisin. According to multiple studies, maceration is less common when one uses a silicone adhesive dressing. 

Faster Healing

Silicone adhesive bandages prevent certain complications from occurring, and therefore can enable the wound to heal more quickly. Ways in which silicone expedites the healing process include the fact that it reduces the risk of maceration, and also that they don’t leave residue behind which can irritate the wound. 

Painless Removal

Protective silicone bandages afford the user much less painful removal than other types of bandages. They are known to be an adhesive that is easy to apply and remove, and are less aggressive than standard rubber-based adhesives. They also are designed not to leave behind residue in the wound bed. The hydrophobic nature of silicone prevents it from sticking to a wet wound bed. 

Water Resistant

Silicone bandages are many times water resistant; they feature an outer film that keeps water out. They are not always showerproof, though, and therefore should be covered with an impenetrable material so as to prevent water from infiltrating the bandage. 


As you well know, silicone adhesive bandages are just that: They’re an adhesive bandage option. The benefit of a bandage being adhesive is that it is very easy to use - no need for bandage tape; you can do it all with this bandage. Sometimes, these are referred to as band aid silicone bandages. 


This is the most sought after advantage; possibly the biggest reason why silicone band aids and bandages are the preferred choice of many individuals. Silicone adhesive bandages feature a more gentle adhesive that is less harsh than typical rubber-based elastic bandages. This promotes gentle application and removal, and also often allows for repositioning. Speak to a licensed medical professional about whether the bandage you have for your wound can be repositioned. Several choices of silicone adhesive bandages are designed in a way that they don’t pull out hair or skin. 


The adhesive backing on these bandages help them to conform to the skin properly. The fascinating paradox of silicon band aids is that they perfectly conform to the body’s contours, and yet have no problem being removed when the time comes. They’re advantageous no matter how you look at them! 

Chemically Inert

Silicone is chemically inert; it is not chemically reactive. This means that it poses less of a risk and has a reduced likelihood for causing sensitive reactions, since it doesn’t really have any chemical effect on the cells that are involved in the healing process. Essentially, silicone adhesive bandages seldom (or almost never if ever) cause adverse reactions (or any sort of reaction) because it is not chemically reactive. 

Best Silicone Adhesive Bandages

Are you interested in ordering silicone adhesive bandages? The following is a list of our three top-selling silicone adhesive bandages, as well as information about each of these popular products. Now you can easily choose the best adhesive silicone bandages to be found. 

McKesson Silicone Sheer Adhesive Strip Bandages

McKesson Silicone Adhesive Bandages come individually packaged to promote cleanliness and maximize sterility. These waterproof bandages are repositionable and absorbent. Offered by a brand you know you can trust, these transparent strips are discreet and comfortable. 

Mepilex Border Bandages

The Mepilex Border Lite Foam Dressing has a bacteria-proof film backing, and features a high level of moisture resistance - it can even be worn in the shower. This Mepilex Border Bandage has Safetac technology, which ensures that even as the bandage adheres to the skin, it isn’t stuck to the wound bed. This bandage is thin and comfortable, and can be adjusted if needed. 

Aquacel Silicone Adhesive Foam Dressings

This silicone adhesive from Aquacel is comfortable and practical. This skin-friendly bandage features an outer layer that is designed to prevent moisture and bacteria from penetrating. It can be worn during showering and bathing. This bandage locks in wound exudate and also helps to evaporate excess moisture. It’s available in two sizes - 7” x 7” and 8” x 5.5”. 

Silflex Silicone Contact Layer

This product is actually not exactly a standard silicone bandage for wounds, but it’s such an innovative item it deserves mention. It is used as a primary dressing, and features large pores which allow exudate to pass through. The purpose of the Silflex Silicone Contact Layer is to prevent the secondary dressing from clinging painfully to the wound bed. This silicone dressing offers the same benefits silicone offers in all other bandages, but doesn’t adhere to the wound bed without a secondary bandage. 

Check out the extensive selection of wound care supplies on AvaCare Medical now! Place a bulk order for plastic adhesive bandage strips, or order one or two to keep in your first aid cabinet. And don’t forget - we don’t only carry silicone bandages; we also offer numerous other types of dressings and bandages, from reputable brands. Shop wound care supplies now!