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Triangular Bandage / Triangular Sling

A triangular bandage is a triangle-shaped bandage which is used to control bleeding, or to immobilize a fracture or a dislocated joint. It also offers solid support to muscles, bones or joints. A triangular bandage can be used as a regular bandage, or it can be used to offer support to joints, bones, or muscles; for instance, it can be turned into a triangular sling. AvaCare Medical has a curated selection of triangular bandages for first aid use or for any other purpose. Browse now! Read More...

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What are Triangular Bandages Used For?

There are many uses for triangular bandages. One very popular option is using the triangular bandage as a triangular arm sling. Aside from arm sling triangular bandages, though, there are many other options for using triangular bandages. You may be aware that in medical terminology, the triangular bandage is usually referred to by the area it is being used on; for instance, when it’s used for a head injury, it’ll be called ‘triangular bandage for the head,’ or something to that effect, and so on. 

You can use a triangular cloth bandage for the following: 

  • Hip wrap
  • To treat minor hand burns
  • Immobilizing a fractured jaw
  • Eye injury
  • Sprained ankle
  • Tourniquet
  • To apply pressure to bleeding wounds, so they can clot more quickly
  • To hold wound dressings in place
  • Together with a splint for a broken leg
  • Heel bandage
  • Elevation sling
  • Arm sling
  • Sling and swathe triangular bandage
  • Broad-fold bandage
  • Narrow-fold bandage
  • Trauma Pad
  • Cravat

How to Use a Triangular Bandage

A triangular bandage offers support to the muscles, bones, or joints. Bandaging an injury will often help the hand to heal more quickly. Here are a few instances which call for bandaging, and how a triangular bandage can be of help. 

  • Wounds (broken bones, lacerations, etc.): A triangular bandage can be used as a trauma pad - fold it into a rectangle so that it becomes a triangular cravat bandage, and place it gently yet firmly over the wound to absorb the blood, and help the skin to clot so the bleeding will stop. This method of use is also applicable if one suffered an animal bite. It is beneficial sometimes to use two triangular bandages - use a second triangular bandage to wrap the wound, or even to hold the pad in place if there is no tape available. In the case of a broken arm, use the triangular bandage as a sling.
  • Sprains (stretching, twisting or tearing the ligaments of a joint) or Strains (stretching or tearing muscles or tendons): Wrap the injured joint like you would with any regular bandage, taking care to ensure that it’s tight enough, but not so tight so as to reduce blood circulation.

Note of Caution: A bandage never be worn around the neck because it could affect blood flow circulation and prevent blood from reaching the head. 

Triangular Bandages: Facts to Know

Triangular bandage cloths are known to be first aid kit essentials, since they can be used for so many different kinds of injuries, and even as a tourniquet. Another reason why triangular bandages are so popular in first aid kits is because Boy Scouts wear them as neckerchiefs, so they’ll have them on hand in case of an injury. The standard size of a triangular bandage is about 40x40x56 inches. Large triangular bandages will be bigger than the regular 40 inch triangular bandages. 

What is a Cravat Bandage?

A cravat is a triangular bandage that has been folded by bringing the longer side (base) of the triangle to its point (apex). It is folded over and over until it is the desired width. The triangle bandage becomes a lot smaller when folded - it will be about 5 inches. When folded into a narrow shape, it can be used as a cold compress to control bleeding. 

It’s important to remember that while a reusable or disposable triangular bandage can definitely provide crucial assistance in an emergency, and is therefore a crucial first aid kit component, if a serious injury occurs, one should never attempt to solve the situation without professional medical intervention. If someone is badly hurt, they should visit the nearest ER or a medical professional. 

At AvaCare Medical, you’ll find an extensive selection of triangular bandages. You can make a sling from a triangular bandage, use it for a knee bandage with a triangular bandage, or use it for a head bandage with a triangular bandage. You can also make a collar and cuff sling with a triangular bandage. You can even use it as a military cravat triangular bandage, if you need! 

Whether you’re trying to find a non woven triangular bandage, a large one, or a cotton triangular bandage, you’ll see the one you want when you browse our selection. We have options of triangular bandages with safety pins, first aid kit triangular bandages, and more. If you need a triangle cloth for first aid use, whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or an experienced medical professional, you’ve come to the right place!


Find triangular bandages on AvaCare Medical now! Our triangular bandage selection includes products from trusted medical supply brands such as Dynarex, McKesson, and more. You might also want to stock up on medical tape, as well. Browse our selection online, or call our customer service team today at 1.877.813.7799. Shop now!