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ABD Pad / Abdominal Pad / Abdominal Dressing

Abdominal pads are used for exudating and/or large wounds, most often in the abdominal area. These pads seal off the wound area, keeping the wound protected so that infection is less of a risk, and it helps prevent drainage from pooling in the wound bed. Find abdominal dressings, or ABD dressings for short, on AvaCare Medical now! Choose from a selection of ABD dressings from the best manufacturers, at great price points. Shop now! Read More...

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  1. Caring Sterile Abdominal Pads
    Caring Sterile Abdominal Pads
    Starting at $4.78
  2. Caring Abdominal Pads
    Caring Abdominal Pads
  3. Sorbalux ABD Abdominal Pad
    Sorbalux ABD Abdominal Pad
    Starting at $0.29
  4. Dynarex Abdominal Combine Pads
    Dynarex Abdominal Combine Pads
    Starting at $4.94
  5. Dermacea Abdominal Pad
    Dermacea Abdominal Pad
    Starting at $0.13
  6. Sterile Abdominal Pads
    Sterile Abdominal Pads
    Starting at $5.46
  7. Medline Non Sterile Abdominal Pads
    Medline Non Sterile Abdominal Pads
    Starting at $60.30
  8. Sterile Multi-Trauma Abdominal Pads
  9. McKesson Abdominal Pad
    McKesson Abdominal Pad
    Starting at $0.37
  10. Curity ABD Pad and Roll, Case of 144
  11. Curity Heavy Drainage Pack
    Curity Heavy Drainage Pack
    Starting at $5.28
  12. Abena Abdominal Pad
    Out of Stock
    Abena Abdominal Pad
    Starting at $6.59

Items 1-12 of 14

Set Descending Direction

ABD Pad Uses

You may not have known this, but some ABD pads were originally created to treat wounds that happened on the battlefield. That means that these dressings are exceedingly effective, designed to treat serious injuries. Some even go so far to say that ABD stands for Army Battle Dressing! ABD pads for wounds can be used either as primary or as secondary dressings. 

Features of ABD Pads for Wounds

ABD Pads come with many different features and functions. To find out more details about these dressings, read on! 

  • Sealed edges: these prevent the gauze from shedding lint, which can get into the wound bed and end up causing infection.
  • Absorbency: ABD pads are very absorbent. They have a thick, absorbent inner which can hold fluid. Since they have the capacity to hold immense amounts of fluid, they can be used in the situation of extreme injury.
  • Sterile packaging: If sterile ABD pads sound like something you’d be interested in, some ABD pads come in sterile packaging. This makes sterile abdominal pads great for environments in which sterile items are needed.
  • Non-woven outer layer: ABD pads often feature a non-woven outer layer, which is much less likely to leave shed lint (which would land in the wound bed).
  • Latex-free: since many people are allergic to latex, most professionals choose to use non-latex ABD gauze pads to keep all their patients safe.
  • Hydrophobic back: some abdominal pads feature a hydrophobic backing, which prevents strikethrough from occurring.
  • Lotions: ABD pad dressings can be used with ointments or lotions if needed.

Questions about Abdominal Pad Dressings

You have questions? We have answers! Here are a few answers to questions people have asked recently. If you have a question relating to medical supplies that you’d like to resolve, or specifically to ABD pads, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help! 

“How Do You Hold ABD Dressings in Place?”

In order to hold an ABD dressing in place, medical tape is needed. AvaCare Medical has a full selection of medical tape for you to choose from. 

“Is there a Waste Pad to Protect the Stomach when Wearing a Bass Drum?”

Well, yes; abdominal pads may be what you’re looking for. They’re large and have a thick, fluffy inner layer. If you want to protect your stomach while wearing a bass drum, an abdominal pad can probably do the trick. 

“Is it OK to Cut an Abdominal Drainage Pad in Half?”

If you need a pad that’s half the size of the abdominal dressing you ordered, you can cut the pad in half, but be sure to tape the open side of the pad well so that lint doesn’t seep into the wound bed, and make sure the area that is taped is not touching the wound at all. 

“What Sizes Do Abdominal Gauze Pads Come In?”

8x10 abdominal pads are the most common size, and next in line are 5x9 abdominal pads. Other sizing options include 8x7.5 and 12x16. 

“Where Can I Find Extra Absorbent Abdominal Pads?”

Do you need extra absorbent abdominal pads? You’ve come to the right place! AvaCare Medical is your medical supplies superstore, and can supply you with all the abdominal pads you need, whether you require them for personal or professional use. With options from top brands including Dynarex, Curity abdominal pads, and many others, here, you’ll find extra absorbent abdominal pads that fit your budget and suit your needs. Shop now!