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Medical Gauze Rolls / Gauze Roll Bandages

Gauze rolls are layered, woven fabric used for wrapping wounds and keeping the area around the wound protected. Using a gauze roll bandage is a very practical bandaging method, since it can be cut to the length you need and customized to size during each situation. Clinics and medical facilities often prefer using gauze rolls since instead of having to stock up on a wide range of gauze bandages, they can simply order several gauze bandage rolls in different widths. Read More...

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  1. Dukal 100% Woven Cotton Rolled Gauze Sterile
  2. Kendall Dermacea Gauze Roll
    Kendall Dermacea Gauze Roll
    Starting at $0.46
  3. Kendall Dermacea Gauze Fluff Roll
    Kendall Dermacea Gauze Fluff Roll
    Starting at $0.98
  4. Dermacea Gauze Fluff Bandage Roll
    Dermacea Gauze Fluff Bandage Roll
    Starting at $0.93
  5. McKesson Fluff Bandage Roll Cotton Gauze 6 ply
  6. Curity ABD Pad and Roll, Case of 144
  7. CURAD 100% Cotton Bandage Roll
    CURAD 100% Cotton Bandage Roll
    Starting at $13.47
  8. CURAD Sterile Rolled Gauze
    CURAD Sterile Rolled Gauze
  9. Nonsterile Cotton Gauze Bandage Rolls
  10. Curity Heavy Drainage Pack
    Curity Heavy Drainage Pack
    Starting at $5.28
  11. Kerlix AMD Antimicrobial Gauze Dressing
    Out of Stock
  12. Curity Cotton Roll
    Out of Stock
    Curity Cotton Roll
    Starting at $9.42

Items 1-12 of 14

Set Descending Direction

What are the Benefits of Gauze Roll Bandages?

Gauze roll bandages have several benefits. Some advantages are identical to those offered by regular gauze, while others are distinct to gauze rolls. Read on to find out about all the benefits gauze, and, more specifically, gauze rolls have to offer! 

  • Conduces Clotting: Gauze features subtle compression, so it can help control bleeding.
  • Size Options: Non-woven and cotton gauze rolls are available in different widths and lengths, and besides for that, they can be cut to size. As mentioned previously, this makes them an excellent option for medical facilities and clinics.
  • Can Be Used in Conjunction: Gauze from gauze rolls can be used in conjunction with topical medications.
  • Versatility: These are very flexible, and can be used in many situations and for several different body parts, including arms and legs. They often stay on better, because they are wrapped several times all the way around the limb. They can be used as both primary and secondary dressings.
  • Use on Infected Wounds: Gauze rolls can be used over infected wounds.
  • Absorbent: If a wound is exuding drainage, the soft gauze roll will help soak it up so that it doesn’t sit on the wound for an extended period of time, resulting in infection. Keep in mind that the thicker and more dense the gauze is, the more exudate it can contain.
  • Efficient Wicking: A gauze roll is designed to wick moisture away from the wound and into the dressing, thereby preventing infection.
  • Can be Used with Outer Bandage: Oftentimes, the piece from the gauze roll will be covered with a secondary dressing. Drainage can seep through the wound and into the outer dressing.
  • Holds Dressings in Place: Wrapping a wound with gauze can help to hold the dressing in place and keep it steady.
  • Convenient: Instead of needing to store multiple gauze bandages, one can simply keep a large gauze roll on hand for any situation.
  • Protective: Conforming gauze roll bandages will help cushion and pad the area, protecting it from further trauma and ensuring the patient’s comfort.
  • Breathable: Gauze rolls allow for air circulation, thus preventing the wound from becoming macerated and enabling it to heal at a steady, normal pace.

Sterile Vs Non-Sterile Gauze Roll Bandages

Gauze rolls can be sterile or non-sterile. Here’s how to choose which to use for your circumstances. If the gauze will be in direct contact with the wound, it is imperative to use a sterile gauze roll in order to minimize infection risk. If a soft bandage roll is being used merely to hold the primary dressing in place, or as a secondary dressing to absorb excess exudate, a sterile bandage roll is not necessary. 

Questions About Medical Gauze Rolls

At AvaCare Medical, we do our best to enable you to choose the optimal medical supplies items for your needs. We achieve this by sharing as much info on the topic as we can, so that you can make an educated decision on which products work best for you. Below are some questions you’ll want to ponder before deciding which gauze rolls will fit your needs best. 

What Sizes Do Gauze Rolls Come In?

Gauze fluff rolls come in several sizes. 2 inch gauze rolls and 1 inch gauze rolls are the most common sizes, but we do also carry 3 and 4 inch gauze rolls. 

Why Buy Gauze Rolls?

Gauze fluff bandage rolls are purchased for medical or surgical-related purposes by professionals, as well as to be stored in a first aid kit. 

Are Gauze Rolls Roller Bandages?

Gauze rolls are a very common type of roller bandages. Roller bandages are bandages designed to keep the underlying primary bandage in place. 

Where Can I Buy Gauze Rolls?

Find medical gauze roll bandages including cotton bandage rolls, stretch bandage rolls, and more at great prices on AvaCare Medical now! Choose from our many options of gauze bandage rolls available in different sizes, and at various price points. 


Whether you need gauze rolls in bulk or a single gauze bandage roll, we have what you’re looking for. We have everything from non-stick gauze rolls, to stretch gauze bandage rolls, to adhesive gauze rolls, and all that’s in between. If you have any questions about roll gauze dressings, feel free to give us a call at 1.877.813.7799 now!