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Iodoform Gauze / Iodoform Packing Strips

Iodoform gauze packing strips are impregnated with iodoform, which is an antimicrobial solution. Iodoform packing strips are used to drain exudate from tunneling wounds that are open and/or infected. It’s also used to stop severe bleeding in the mouth, nose, or ear cavities, and to help prevent or treat infected wounds, including those with dead tissue. Iodoform gauze dressings come as a long packing strip in a sealed, sterile container. Shop now! Read More...

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Some iodoform dressings, such as those from McKesson, are designed to prevent fraying or linting. There are different types of iodoform strips; usually, if you’re the one making the purchase, a doctor will let you know which type of iodoform gauze packing you need. He’ll also tell you how wide and long the strip should be, as well as what material to choose. Iodoform gauze is usually around 5 yards long, and between a quarter of an inch to an inch thick. Know that most of the time, the doctor will take care of choosing the iodoform gauze dressing himself.

Uses for Iodoform Gauze Dressings

There are many uses for iodoform gauze dressings. Some of them we’ve mentioned previously, and some are yet to be mentioned. Read on for the full list of usage options for iodoform gauze dressings.

  • Remove necrotic tissue
  • Drain exudate
  • Nasal packing
  • Dental packing
  • Packing open wounds
  • Packing infected wounds
  • Packing tunneling wounds with foul discharge
  • Packing wounds with surrounding induration
  • Packing surgical incisions

Remove Necrotic Tissue

Iodoform ribbon gauze is ideal for wounds with necrotic tissue. According to PubMed, more than 60% of wounds treated with iodoform gauze packing were debrided within just 14 days. These dressings are known to be among the best for removing necrotic tissue. 

Drain Exudate

Iodoform gauze dressings are quite absorbent. They soak up exudate, thus preventing infection from occurring, and helping the wound to heal. The packing actually prevents the wound from closing up; it holds the wound open, allowing it to drain as needed, through the healing process. 

Nasal Packing

Nasal packing, also called sinus packing, is often used following a surgery in the nasal area. Iodoform gauze is an excellent option for nasal packing, since these packing strips help to stop bleeding, and also help prevent infection. 

Dental Packing

Sometimes called iodine packing strips, iodoform gauze is used by dentists and orthodontists to pack the socket following a tooth extraction. Iodoform can help prevent dry socket, which is an uncomfortable dental condition that can occur after an adult tooth is extracted. 

Packing of Open Wounds

Open wounds that are not packed can become easily infected, and can close up before the inner section of the wound is fully healed. To prevent a wound from closing up at the outer surface, the wound can be packed with iodoform dressing. 

Packing Infected Wounds

Infected wounds can be packed with iodoform gauze. Iodoform gauze packing is known to be excellent for treating infecting wounds, and is also ideal for preventing wounds from becoming infected. Tunneling wounds with foul discharge are generally infected, and therefore have odorous exudate. Induration (hardened skin) surrounding the wound is also usually infected. 

Packing Surgical Incisions

Surgeons commonly choose to use sterile iodoform packing strips to pack surgical incisions. 

How to Pack a Wound with Iodoform Gauze

The person who is packing the wound with iodoform gauze will put on sterile gloves, and pull the gauze out of a bottle with a sterile instrument. He will loosely pack the wound, being careful so as not to stuff in the gauze and cause harm to this delicate area. That’s how to use iodoform gauze! 

Q & A Corner: Resolving Your Questions About Iodoform Gauze Packing

Here are some common questions that people have regarding iodoform gauze packing. When you read through them, you may realize that some of them you’ve been wondering about yourself, too! And even if they haven’t entered your mind yet, you’re bound to find them interesting. 

Does Iodoform Dissolve?

Iodoform doesn’t dissolve in anything, but it dissolves when in contact with endodontic infections or secretions. 

Does Iodoform Gauze Expire?

Like most dressings and bandages, iodoform gauze does come with an expiration date. The main reason for the expiration date is so that when you use it, the iodoform gauze is as potent as possible. After the expiration date, there is a possibility that the gauze will degenerate in freshness, or begin to disintegrate. Basically, after the expiration date, the manufacturer will no longer guarantee the quality of the product. 

Does Iodoform Gauze Have Iodine in It?

Some reactions of iodoform can release iodine. For instance, iodine is released when the gauze is in contact with endodontic infections or secretions. 

How to Remove Iodoform Ribbon Gauze?

Iodoform ribbon gauze can be removed using sterile forceps. Before removing, be sure the packing is not sticking to the wound at all, and if it is, soak the packing with sterile saline or saline water before attempting removal, so as not to cause trauma to the wound bed. 

Is Iodoform Gauze Compatible with Silver Products?

Iodoform gauze should not be used together with silver products, because these substances decimate collagenase; the enzyme that helps the body get rid of dead skin and tissue. 

What Fabric is Used in Iodoform Gauze?

Iodoform gauze dressings are usually made from cotton gauze strips. 

Where Can I Buy Iodoform Gauze?

Well, that answer’s easy - AvaCare Medical, of course! Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, or any other professional who requires iodoform for wounds, you can find it, along with any other medical supplies you need, on AvaCare Medical. 

AvaCare Medical is your online source for iodoform wound care, as well as all other types of medical equipment. As one of the nation’s largest online medical supply stores, we offer a full selection of medical equipment, ranging from wound care supplies to walkers, and with everything in between. Shop now!