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Non-Woven Gauze

Non-woven gauze is usually made from polyester, rayon, nylon, or a combination of these. The fibers in non-woven gauze are more condensed, and designed to allow exudate to seep into a secondary dressing. They are as breathable as standard gauze bandages, but able to wick moisture away from the wound at a quicker rate. Non-woven gauze doesn’t leave behind as much lint as other gauze types. This gauze is excellent for wounds that require packing, cleansing, or debridement. Read More...

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  1. Dukal Non-Woven Top Sponge, Sterile, 4" x 4", 600 Each / Case
  2. Sterilux Gauze Sponge
    Sterilux Gauze Sponge
    Starting at $5.23
  3. Sorbalux Drain Sponge
    Sorbalux Drain Sponge
    Starting at $0.08
  4. Sorbalux ABD Abdominal Pad
    Sorbalux ABD Abdominal Pad
    Starting at $0.29
  5. Dynarex Non-Woven Sponge
    Dynarex Non-Woven Sponge
    Starting at $1.46
  6. Dynarex Abdominal Combine Pads
    Dynarex Abdominal Combine Pads
    Starting at $4.94
  7. Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponge
    Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponge
    Starting at $1.70
  8. Ducare Drain Sponge
    Ducare Drain Sponge
    Starting at $0.13
  9. Curity Non-Woven Sponge Sterile
    Curity Non-Woven Sponge Sterile
    Starting at $0.14
  10. Dermacea Abdominal Pad
    Dermacea Abdominal Pad
    Starting at $0.13
  11. Dermacea Non-Woven Sponge
    Dermacea Non-Woven Sponge
    Starting at $3.65
  12. Curity ABD Pad and Roll, Case of 144

Items 1-12 of 44

Set Descending Direction

Browse the selection of non-woven gauze at AvaCare Medical, the online medical supplies superstore. If you have any questions about regular or sterile non-woven gauze, or if you’re interested in learning more about this extraordinarily versatile product, read on! 


Benefits of Non-Woven Gauze

There are multiple benefits to using non-woven gauze over standard gauze. The following are just a few reasons why non-woven gauze may be the best option for you! 


Non-woven gauze has the ability to absorb exudate, and also to pass it through to a secondary dressing, thus preventing it from pooling in the gauze itself and possibly indirectly causing infection. 

Reduction of Lint

Non-woven gauze bandages are less likely to get lint into the wound. If lint does get into the wound, it can cause infection. Using a non-woven gauze bandage can therefore help prevent infection from occurring, and hence reduce the likelihood of certain complications. 

Stronger Wicking Capacity

These bandages have a stronger capability when it comes to wicking drainage away from the wound. This ensures that drainage doesn’t sit on the wound as long, and allows for faster healing to take place. 

Non-Adherent & Flexible

Since non-woven bandages are non-adherent, they’re not likely to cause trauma to the wound. This type of gauze is flexible, so it can be used for wounds or joints. 


Questions Corner

You may have questions about non-woven gauze bandages that you’re wondering about, but not to worry - we have the answers for you! Below, you’ll find replies to commonly asked queries about non-woven gauze. 

What’s the difference between woven gauze and non-woven gauze?

Woven gauze is the more standard style of gauze - it’s less tightly woven, and created from cotton. Non-woven gauze, in contrast, has a tighter weave. It’s made from synthetic materials (generally poly, rayon or a combination of the two) and is softer, stronger, and more absorbent than woven gauze. Non-woven gauze also is less likely to leave behind residue in the wound bed. 

What sizes do non-woven gauze sponges come in?

Non-woven gauze comes in sizes 2”x2”, 3”x3”, and 4”x4” on AvaCare Medical. The most common option is 4x4 non woven gauze, followed by 2x2 non woven gauze. 

What’s the difference between a non-woven gauze sponge and a non-woven gauze pad?

There isn’t really a difference; people are often asking us the difference between the two, but they’re really both the same. Some companies will label one piece of gauze as a ‘pad,’ and a pack of several together as gauze ‘sponges.’ 

Where can I buy non-woven gauze?

You can find non-woven gauze bandages at any medical supply store. Of course, we recommend AvaCare Medical, because their team is friendly, capable, and very knowledgeable about the products they carry. 


AvaCare Medical has a full selection of non-woven gauze, and also sells many other types of wound care supplies. Your online medical supply superstore, AvaCare Medical is the place to go if you need any type of medical equipment. If you have questions about a product, give them a call at 1.877.813.7799, or chat with them onsite now.