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A and D Ointment / Barrier Cream / Wound Cleansers

Care for your skin properly with products such as A and D ointment, zinc oxide cream, barrier cream, calmoseptine ointment and more. Our full line of wound cleansers and skin protectant creams include products from Remedy, TriDerma, ReliaMed and other top-of-the-line skin care brands. Read More...

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  1. Germ War Hand Sanitizing Gel
    Germ War Hand Sanitizing Gel
    Starting at $3.55
  2. TriDerma Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer 8 oz
    TriDerma Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer 8 oz
    Starting at $19.68
  3. Gelright Hand Sanitizer 4 oz.
    Gelright Hand Sanitizer 4 oz.
    Starting at $1.09
  4. Hand Sanitizer HandClean 8.45 oz. Ethyl Alcohol Gel Bottle
  5. CURAD Zinc Oxide Skin Cream 2oz Tube, Case of 12
  6. McKesson Antibacterial Foaming Soap
    McKesson Antibacterial Foaming Soap
    Starting at $5.97
  7. Prevantics Device Pads
    Prevantics Device Pads
    Starting at $26.02
  8. McKesson Dermal Wound Cleanser
    McKesson Dermal Wound Cleanser
    Starting at $4.70
  9. Kleenex Hand Sanitizer Foaming Refill Botle
    Kleenex Hand Sanitizer Foaming Refill Botle
    Starting at $108.78
  10. McKesson Skin Protectant Cream w Lanolin
    McKesson Skin Protectant Cream w Lanolin
    Starting at $9.25
  11. Sensi-Care Clear Zinc Skin Protectant
    Sensi-Care Clear Zinc Skin Protectant
    Starting at $16.05
  12. Lantiseptic Original Skin Protectant
    Lantiseptic Original Skin Protectant
    Starting at $1.06

Items 1-12 of 340

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For skin protectants, wound cleansers, skin repair creams and more with propriety ingredient blends that help deliver key nutrients to the skin, look out for the unique products from the Remedy Phytoplex and Remedy Olivamine lines. These ingredient blends utilize natural ingredients like olive extract, soy, clove, blue green algae, and green tea to help provide amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins. Along with the nutritional benefits of the products in the Remedy Olivamine and Remedy Phytoplex lines, both lines also use gentle cleansing agents, natural oils to moisturize, and silicones to protect the skin.

Barrier ointment protects the skin from irritation due to prolonged exposure to moisture. Applying barrier creams is an important line of defense for incontinent individuals who wear briefs or protective underwear to protect the skin from harm.

Skin Protection for Individuals with Incontinence: best and worst products

Whether you’re at home or in a professional facility, stock up on the right products so you always have what you need to care for your skin. Our full line of skin protection and cleanser products includes items such as:

  • A D ointment: This petroleum-based ointment uses vitamins A and D to help protect the skin from wetness and relieve rashes, burns and other minor skin irritations.
  • Saline wound wash: Clean minor wounds sting-free with saline wound spray to prevent skin infection and bacterial contamination in minor burns, scrapes and cuts.
  • Foaming hand sanitizers: Instant foam hand sanitizers leave your skin feeling soft and healthy, with a drip-free dispenser that’s convenient and easy to use. Also try our hand sanizer wipes and gel!
  • Cotton tipped applicators: These sterile cotton swab sticks are ideal for medication application or wound treatment.
  • Skin barrier creams: Protect skin that is at risk of breakdown due to incontinence, wound drainage or post-op conditions with a barrier formula designed to prevent moisture from contacting skin.
  • Antibacterial hand soap: Kill harmful germs with a soap that’s gentle enough for daily use.
  • White petroleum jelly: Buy white petrolatum to serve as an affordable, scent-free skin protectant.
  • Rinse-free cleansing products: No-rinse cleansing foam, lotion and body cleansers allow you to clean quickly, easily and efficiently with special formulas that offer effectiveness combined with the ultimate convenience.

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