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Category: Tapes & Adhesives
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Medical Tape / Surgical & Wound Tape

From to surgical tape to wound closure strips and everything in between, we carry the medical tape products you need to secure bandages and dressings – all from top brands including MedFix, Curad tape and more. Read More...

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  1. McKesson Medical Tape - Cloth w 2" Perforations
  2. McKesson Medical Tape - Silicone
    McKesson Medical Tape - Silicone
    Starting at $5.36
  3. McKesson Medical Tape - Brown Paper
    McKesson Medical Tape - Brown Paper
    Starting at $0.46
  4. Mepitac Medical Tape
    Mepitac Medical Tape
    Starting at $19.31
  5. Mefix Dressing Retention Tape
    Mefix Dressing Retention Tape
    Starting at $4.53
  6. McKesson Performance Medical Tape - Water Proof
  7. McKesson Performance Plus Medical Tape Plastic
  8. McKesson Performance Plus Medical Tape Silk Like Cloth
  9. McKesson Medical Tape - Paper
    McKesson Medical Tape - Paper
    Starting at $0.11
  10. McKesson Medical Tape - High Adhesion Silk-Like Cloth
  11. McKesson Medical Tape - Water Resistant Plastic
  12. McKesson Medical Tape - Skin Friendly Paper
    McKesson Medical Tape - Skin Friendly Paper
    Starting at $0.78

Items 1-12 of 36

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For high exudate wounds, or wounds with a heavy amount of discharge, you’ll need wound tape that is absorbent. Waterproof medical tape is ideal for swimming or showering, and is made to hold fast even when submerged in water.

Choosing Medical Tape

If you’re buying medical adhesive tape, choose tape that is gentle enough for the level of skin sensitivity, but strong enough to properly secure the dressing. Paper tape for medical use is designed to be extra gentle for sensitive skin, and can be used on moist or oily skin. Another option for individuals with fragile skin is self adherent tape, or cohesive wrap, which sticks to itself, not to skin, hair or dressings. Because this type of medical tape does not stick to fur or hair, it is an ideal solution for pet care.

Other popular medical tape options found here include skin closure strips like NexCare Steri-Strips and Curad Medi-Strips for gentle wound closure, cloth adhesive, hypoallergenic medical tape for those with allergies or skin sensitivities and more.

For self adhesive wraps and dressings, see our Bandages and Wound Dressings category pages.

If you’re not sure what you need, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 – we’re here to help you!