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Collagen Dressings / Collagen Wound Dressings

Browse the selection of collagen dressings on AvaCare Medical, your source for wound care supplies. Choose between Biostep, Stimulen, Puracol Plus, and other brands you know and trust. There are collagen wound dressings, powders, pads, gels, sterile collagen sheets, and other types of collagen dressings to choose from. If you have any questions about dressings, give our care team a call now at 1.877.813.7799, send an email, or chat with a live onsite rep now. Read More...

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What is a Collagen Dressing?

Collagen, a protein, helps to repair body tissue and holds the dermis together, attracting new skin to the wound site. It’s what causes the skin to be contoured to the body; in contrast, lack of collagen causes wrinkles and sagging skin. Collagen dressings are excellent for healing wounds: They promote the development of new collagen fibers in the wound bed, thus accelerating the healing process. Collagen also helps with debridement (getting rid) of infected tissues. Use collagen dressings to attract new skin cells to the wound, get rid of bad tissue, and enable fresh tissue to grow in the area. 

A collagen dressing helps new collagen to grow at the wound site, thus helping the wound to heal at a quicker pace. Collagen dressings also help with fibroblast production, and help regulate the temperature of the wound site. Antimicrobial agents in most dressings reduce the risk of the wound becoming infected. The collagen in these dressings is usually derived from an animal source - either bovine (cattle), porcine (pig), equine (horse), or avian (bird). 

There are enzymes in the wound bed known as MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases) which dissolve the body’s natural collagen. Collagen in the dressing gives the MMPs a different source of collagen to break down, thus ensuring that the body retains more natural collagen. 


Did you know this about collagen?

As a person ages, his body begins to produce less collagen. This results in wrinkled skin, weaker muscles, joint pain, and a thinner intestinal lining which can lead to digestive issues. If you are noticing these symptoms, there are nutrition drinks and shakes you can try which contain supplemental collagen.


Collagen Wound Dressing Usages

Collagen wound dressings are primary dressings, and they will usually require a secondary dressing to stay in place. Depending on the type and location of the wound, a collagen dressing should be changed within a week range (anywhere from once a day to once a week). These dressings can be used for the following types of wounds: 

  • Pressure, diabetic, venous and arterial ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • Bed sores
  • Skin grafts and donor sites
  • Acute or traumatic wounds
  • Partial and full thickness wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Superficial, partial thickness, first degree and second degree burns
  • Low to moderate and moderate to high exuding wounds
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Chronic wounds
  • Necrotic and granulating wounds


Benefits of Collagen Wound Dressings

There are many reasons to choose a collagen wound dressing over other dressing types. Collagen pads for wounds are frequently used by healthcare professionals, because they are so conducive to wound healing. They have many benefits, as you’re about to find out! 

Accelerated Healing Process

As you’ve just learned, collagen bandages help wounds to heal faster. Seniors especially can benefit from this because they have a much lower level of collagen production. An older person’s wounds take much longer to heal, so using collagen based dressings when dressing a senior’s burn or wound is a wise option. (See above for exactly which situations collagen dressings are ideal for.) 

Moist and Non-Adherent

Collagen bandages are generally non-adherent, and provide the wound with a moist environment that is conducive to healing. All this prevents trauma from occurring to the wound when the dressing is removed. 

Multiple Options

Collagen matrix dressings are not one-size-fits-all. There are many different sizes and types of collagen dressings. There are also several forms of collagen ‘dressings’ - just to name a few, there are collagen wound powders, gels, pads and even collagen sheets for wounds. 

Reduced Risk of Infection

Collagen reduces the presence of bioburden, which is bacteria on the wound which can cause infection. Also, collagen dressings help spread antimicrobial agents around the wound, thereby reducing the risk of infection. 

Reduced Trauma to the Wound

Collagen dressings don’t usually require daily changings. They can actually last up to six or seven days, although the exact time frame when a dressing needs to be changed depends on the wound type. Since the dressings usually don't need to be changed quite so often, there is less trauma to the wound which can occur from frequent changing. 


Best Collagen Wound Care Products

The following are our most popular collagen wound care products. Some are collagen gauze dressings, some are gels and some are powders. 

Puracol Plus Collagen Dressing

Medline’s Puracol Plus collagen dressing is effective under compression, and can therefore be used for venous ulcers, and under other types of secondary compression bandages. Like any collagen dressing, it is most suitable for use on wounds that aren’t healing within the typical timeframe. 

Smith & Nephew BioStep Collagen Matrix Wound Dressing

Smith and Nephew is one of the most reputable wound care supplies manufacturers in the medical industry. This silver collagen dressing they offer has gelling actions which are soothing and cooling for the wound area. The silver in the dressing helps to reduce bioburden, and the collagen helps stimulate growth of new skin tissue.This collagen matrix dressing with silver is an excellent choice. 

Stimulen Powder

Stimulen Collagen Powder is a type of wound dressing made up of modified collagen particles. It is dissolved by enzymes in the wound fluid and provides the new skin and tissue with a protective gel. Since it dissolves on its own, it does not need to be removed. Like all other collagen dressings, the Stimulen Powder speeds up the recovery process. 

Finding the right collagen sheet dressing doesn’t have to be complicated, and it won’t be when you shop at AvaCare Medical. Our carefully curated collection of dressings from the best collagen dressing brands makes it easy and simple to choose the one you need. And if you’re having trouble deciding which collagen particle dressing to choose, you can always give us a call, and a member of our care team will be happy to be of assistance.


AvaCare Medical is your source for wound care supplies. Whether you need collagen for wounds, gauze, adhesive dressings or anything else, we’re your one stop medical supply store. Make shopping for medical supplies easy: get the products you need quickly and easily on AvaCare Medical today!