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Foam Dressing / Silicone Foam Dressing

Foam dressings absorb exudate while keeping the wound area optimally moist. These silicone foam dressings are flexible, and contain thermal properties. They are very unlikely to cause trauma to the wound when being removed, and help cushion the wound so that trauma is less likely to occur. Due to their ability to cushion the wound, foam wound dressings are an excellent choice for heels, hips, elbows, and areas of bone that are close to the skin surface. Read More...

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  1. McKesson Hydrocellular Foam Dressing Adhesive
  2. McKesson Lite Thin Silicone Foam Dressing without Border
  3. McKesson Lite Thin Silicone Foam Dressing with Border
  4. McKesson Silicone Foam Adhesive Dressing without Border
  5. Lyofoam Max Foam Dressing
    Lyofoam Max Foam Dressing
    Starting at $7.47
  6. McKesson Hydrocolloid Dressing Foam Backing
    McKesson Hydrocolloid Dressing Foam Backing
    Starting at $3.04
  7. Aquacel Silicone Adhesive Foam Dressing
    Aquacel Silicone Adhesive Foam Dressing
    Starting at $24.03
  8. Aquacel Foam Dressing Non Adhesive
    Aquacel Foam Dressing Non Adhesive
    Starting at $12.11
  9. Xtrasorb Foam Dressings
    Xtrasorb Foam Dressings
    Starting at $9.52
  10. 3M Tegaderm Border Foam Dressings
    3M Tegaderm Border Foam Dressings
    Starting at $7.89
  11. 3M Tegaderm Foam Dressings
    3M Tegaderm Foam Dressings
    Starting at $6.03
  12. Island Ultra-Soft Foam Dressings
    Island Ultra-Soft Foam Dressings
    Starting at $51.56

Items 1-12 of 23

Set Descending Direction

Constructed of semipermeable polyurethane, these dressings are made up of tiny empty cells (that are sometimes impregnated with other materials) which can hold fluid. The thicker the foam, the more cells there will be, and, hence, the more absorbent the foam dressing will be. These dressings provide the wound with exudate with the moisture it needs to heal properly. 

Benefits of Bordered Foam Dressings

Foam dressings with borders are one of the most popular choices of dressings for wound care, and for good reason: these dressings come along with a slew of benefits. Below you’ll find the principal advantages of bordered foam dressings. 

Moisture Retainment

These dressings retain moisture. A moist wound environment is known to be optimal, and can help the wound to heal at the most accelerated rate possible. Foam border dressings, which retain moisture so well, are therefore one of the most popular types of dressings used in the healthcare industry. 

Easy Application & Removal

Applying this dressing is easy, and since, as mentioned previously, a foam dressing provides the wound with necessary moisture, the dressing should not adhere to the wound. Therefore, removal shouldn’t cause trauma to the area. 

Various Thickness Options

As mentioned previously, the thicker the bandage, the more absorbent it is. Foam dressings for wounds come in multiple thicknesses, or with different absorbency capabilities. Choose a sterile foam dressing that will have enough absorbency to contain the wound’s exudate. 

Wound Cushioning

The thickness of this dressing can keep the wound more insulated, as well as help prevent re-injury. This is especially important for bony prominences which need extra protection from re-injury, as well as for wounds which need to be kept warm. Foam is a cushioning and comfortable material, perfect for such wounds. 

Infection Prevention

Medical foam for wounds barr bacteria and germs from coming into contact with the wound. This helps prevent the wound from becoming infected. 

Infrequent Changings

This dressing does not usually have to be changed daily. It is generally recommended to change foam dressings every three to seven days; see the manufacturer’s instruction for your dressing. Less frequent changes means less exposure to germs, and less money spent on dressings. 


Wound foam dressings are flexible, and can be cut to size so that it fits the wound bed optimally. Since they can be snipped into almost any shape, they can be used as dressings in many different body parts. 


Foam dressings are non-linting, and don’t adhere to the wound bed. This can prevent trauma from occuring during the dressing removal. 

When to Use Foam Dressings

There are many foam dressing uses. These dressings are intended for full- or partial thickness wounds with exudate. They can also be used for compression therapy. Use foam dressings for pressure ulcers, skin grafts, infected wounds, and many other types of wounds. These dressings can be used as either primary or secondary dressings. 

When to Avoid Use of Foam Dressings for Wound Care

Don’t use foam dressings if the wound has very little to no exudate; this will cause the wound bed to become too dry. Foam dressings shouldn’t either be used for non-draining wounds, and wounds with dry eschar. Also, foam wound dressing pads should never be used for third-degree burns. 

Types of Foam Dressings

  • Silicone bordered foam dressings: border dressings or foam island dressings are the most widely used type of foam dressings.
  • Non bordered foam dressings: Also called non adhesive foam dressings, these are much less common, but you can find them on AvaCare Medical. These are most often secured with a secondary dressing.
  • Sacral Border Dressings: sacral foam dressings are designed for use over the sacral area (for instance, over pressure ulcers).
  • Silver Foam Wound Dressings: These are foam dressings impregnated with silver.
  • Hydrocellular Foam dressings: A hydrocellular foam dressing has a triple-layer structure.
  • Heel dressings: Heel foam dressings are specially shaped foam dressings designed to contour around the heel. They can be worn if a heel injury occurs.
  • Hydrocolloid Foam Dressings: These dressings are very absorbent, and boast self-adhesive properties. They keep the wound insulated and properly moist.

Find foam wound dressings with silicone adhesive borders on AvaCare Medical now! Whether you need a silver foam dressing, sacrum dressing, or a plain and simple foam dressing, you can choose from our huge selection. These are comfortable and practical, easy to use dressings. Mepilex, Allevyn and Aquacell are just a few of the brands of gel foam for wounds that we carry. Shop foam dressings now!