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Silver Alginate Dressings / Silver Alginate Wound Dressings

Find silver alginate dressings for wounds on AvaCare Medical now! Here, you’ll find the highest quality dressings at great prices. If you’re not sure which silver alginate dressing will work best for your needs, give us a call at 1.877.813.7799, and a customer care representative will be happy to help you out! Read More...

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  1. Biatain Ag Calcium Alginate Dressing with Silver
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    Algicell Ag Silver Alginate Dressings
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  3. Silvercel Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing
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What is a Silver Alginate Dressing?

A silver alginate dressing or alginate ag dressing (ag is the chemical symbol for silver) is sourced from seaweed, and contains silver ions. The algae component of the dressing assists with disintegrating dead tissue, eradicating unhealthy bacteria, and allowing exudate to drain properly. The silver (sometimes referred to as ag) is beneficial because it reduces bacterial contamination (bioburden) in the wound. Also, it protects sensitive wounds that appear to be prone to infection, and also reduces the risk of recurrence of infection. Use a silver alginate dressing to maintain a sterile wound environment, keeping the area as protected as possible. 

Why To Choose a Silver Alginate Dressing

Wounds with a lot of exudate can become infected relatively easily. Actually, often, excessive exudate can be a sign of infection. Antibacterial alginate works with silver to absorb exudate and prevent infection. For these reasons and more, packing wounds with silver alginate is a good idea. Also, silver dressing can help with forming new tissue and blood vessels on the surface of a wound while it is healing, thereby helping to continue the recovery process, as well as with healing the skin over the wound. These dressings soak up excessive exudate, while still keeping the wound area moist for optimum healing. 

When to Use a Silver Alginate Wound Dressing

A silver alginate wound dressing is the ideal dressing choice in the following circumstances: 

  • The wound is at risk of becoming infected.
  • The wound has become infected in the past.
  • The wound is infected.
  • A high level of bioburden is causing the wound to heal extremely slowly.

What Kinds of Wounds Can a Silver Alginate Dressing Be Used For?

Here are some of the most common types of wounds an antimicrobial silver alginate dressing will be used for: 

  • Wounds with heavy exudate
  • Cavity wounds with heavy exudate
  • Some types of burns
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Sacral pressure ulcers

Best Silver Alginate Dressing Brands

On AvaCare Medical, you’ll find the best silver alginate dressings for wound care, from brands that are highly recommended by doctors. These companies include Silverlon, Biatain and other trusted brands. Check out the full selection of alginate ag silver dressings today! 


Are you looking for a dressing for a wound that is at risk of infection? Or do you perhaps need a silver alginate dressing for a burn? Whatever your reason, if you’re trying to find a high quality silver alginate dressing, you’ve chosen the right place to look! AvaCare Medical has a carefully curated selection of calcium alginate ag dressings with silver as well as silver alginate dressings to browse through. Find the dressings you need at a price you can afford on AvaCare Medical now! 

As always, if you have any questions regarding alginate with silver dressings, you can simply give us a call at 1.877.813.7799 and a member of our care team will be happy to assist you. Everyone on our customer care team has years of experience in the medical supplies industry. That means that when you speak to an AvaCare Medical customer care member, you’re talking to someone you can trust. Whether it's about dressings, bandages, or even incontinence supplies, or anything else related to medical supplies, you’re sure to get the answers you need. Call now!