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Silver Dressings / Ag Wound Dressings

If you’re looking for silver dressings, you’ve come to the right place! Silver dressings help reduce bioburden; in other words, they lower the amount of bacteria in the wound. Check out our extensive array of silver dressing options today, which includes foam, hydrocolloid, and multiple other types of silver dressings to choose from. Browse our selection of quality silver dressings now and find the silver dressing that suits your needs and fits your price range. Shop now! Read More...

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  1. PolyMem Shapes Silver Dressings
    PolyMem Shapes Silver Dressings
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  2. PolyMem Wic Silver Cavity Filler
    PolyMem Wic Silver Cavity Filler
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  3. PolyMem Silver Dressings
    PolyMem Silver Dressings
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  4. InterDry Ag Textile with Antimicrobial Silver Complex
  5. Allevyn Ag Border Silver Hydrocellular Dressings
  6. Acticoat Burn Dressings w/ Nanocrystalline Silver

6 Items

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What is a Silver Dressing?

A silver dressing or bandage for wounds releases silver ions into the wound bed. Wound exudate activates the silver ions in the dressing. These ions work steadily to decrease bioburden, prevent or reduce infection, and reduce excess fluid at the wound site. 

Sometimes instead of being called a silver dressing, the name of the dressing will include the term “Ag,” which is the chemical symbol (name) for silver. These dressings can be used as either primary or as secondary dressings. 

Types of Silver Dressings

There are several different types of silver dressings to choose from. These are the more popular types of silver dressings. Each one has distinct benefits.

Hydrocolloid Silver Dressings

Hydrocolloid dressings with silver rapidly absorb and dependably contain low to moderate wound exudate. They work as a scab, providing the wound with a protective barrier that prevents fluid from leaking out. Some hydrocolloid dressings contain silver in order to prevent or manage infection by reducing the amount of bacteria in the wound bed. 

Charcoal Silver Dressings

Charcoal silver dressings provide the same benefits as silver, but present the added advantage of charcoal; they conceal odors. 

Silicone Silver Dressings

Silicone silver dressings are very easy to apply. These dressings don’t shed, and won’t litter the wound bed with any residue. They also lower the chances of maceration. 

Silver Alginate Dressings

A calcium alginate dressing with silver absorbs exudate, breaks down dead tissue, and helps the skin to regenerate. Calcium alginate ag dressings (or silver alginate wound dressings) are extremely absorbent; they can contain exudate that weighs up to 20 times their own weight. 

Silver Foam Dressings

Silver ag dressings that are made from foam are very unlikely to cause trauma to the wound, since they keep it well cushioned and are easy to apply and remove. These silver cell dressings are sometimes termed polyurethane dressings, since foam is a type of polyurethane. 

Silver Collagen Dressings

Silver collagen wound dressings contain collagen, which helps with getting rid of old infected tissue, replacing the area over the wound with fresh skin. Also, these collagen ag dressings, which lessen the amount of bioburden, help prevent the wound from becoming infected. 

Silver Hydrogel Dressings

Silver hydrogel dressings provide the wound with a moist healing environment. 

DID YOU KNOW? The side of the silver infused bandage that is in contact with the wound is always gray.

Using a Silver Dressing for Wound Treatment

Silver ag dressings are not to be utilized for long term, unless such is recommended by an experienced licensed medical professional. Rather, they should be used for a two week period, and then the wound should be checked for signs of infection. If the level of infection appears to have been reduced, one can continue for another two weeks. If it appears the silver dressing is not helping infection to disappear, stop using the silver bandage - use a regular dressing instead. Obviously, if the infection appears to have been eradicated, there is no need to use the silver dressing any longer. 

Silver dressings can include the silver either as a coating, as a compound that forms part of the dressing, or as a mix of the two aforementioned types. 

Two Main Advantages of Silver Dressings

The two main advantages of silver dressings are as follows: 

  • They reduce bioburden in infected wounds.
  • They help prevent infection from occurring to sensitive wounds that are likely to become infected.

Silver surgical dressings come in many shapes and sizes. Choose from oval, rectangle, square, sacral or heel-shaped. There are dressing rolls, silver island dressings, and other options to choose from, too. 

When Not To Use Silver Dressings for Wound Care

Silver dressings should not be used for wound care during pregnancy or nursing. They also should not be used for newborns. Silver gel wound dressings are not a good choice for dry wounds; rather, be sure to only choose a silver patch for wounds with exudate. Use w caution for children Silver dressings should be used in the treatment of children with caution and the dressings should not be used for more than two weeks without good clinical reasons.  

Aside from silver impregnated dressings, there is also gauze with silver, packing for wounds, as well as silver antimicrobial wound gels and creams. Silver items can be used for surgical incisions, leg ulcers, and many other conditions. 

Find quality silver antimicrobial dressings on AvaCare Medical today! Check out our extensive selection, with so many choices. No matter what type of silver medical product you’re looking for; whether it’s silver gel for wounds, silver antimicrobial wound dressings, or anything else, chances are you’ll find it on AvaCare Medical, your #1 online source for medical supplies! And, of course, if there are any other medical essentials that you need, you can find them here, too. Shop now!