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Best Canes for Elderly / Best Walking Sticks for Seniors

Find the best canes for elderly people on AvaCare Medical today. AvaCare Medical understands the unique mobility goals of our senior users. Sometimes, customers need minimal help with mobility, and can use the assistance of a walking cane. By providing the best canes from top manufacturers, we offer seniors a way to get around safely, but still retain the freedom that they desire. Read more...

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The Purpose of Canes for Seniors

In order to accommodate specific users’ needs, there are many different types of canes, each kind with certain unique features. For example, some feature sling style seats which create a makeshift bench for when a person needs to rest. This renders these canes particularly suited for elderly users.

There are walking sticks which have four-point ends (these also known as quad canes), and then there are others which are very ergonomic, and have orthopedic grips, which offer a person a sense of comfort and stability while he is walking. These walking sticks help to offer a measure of pain relief which can offset, for instance, arthritis symptoms. Aside from achieving the aforementioned, it is important to know that the primary goal of a walking stick for an elderly person is to provide the user with support and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers ask many questions, especially first-time senior users. This section is designed to address some of the most popular questions we receive in order to help our clients find the right cane they may need. Survey the FAQs and so that you can see if any of these pertain to you at all.

Do the Kind of Cane Tips Make a Difference?

The truth is, most canes require different cane tips. The secret to finding the right cane tips involves determining the width of the cane’s base, as well as what kind of cane it is. If a person has a quad cane, they will need a certain tip on the end of each “foot”, while many tripod cane tips and four-point rubber cane tips can make a singular, standard cane convert into a self-standing cane.

Do Walking Canes Have Weight Limits

Another important factor to keep in mind while choosing the best walking cane for seniors is the model’s weight limit. For example, a seated cane can provide exceptional bench quality as mentioned above, but since they are of a more lightweight construction, they are often made with about a 200 pound weight limit. Most walking canes are perfectly fine for almost anyone, being able to hold anywhere from 300 pounds all the way up to approximately 500 pounds. Most people won’t actually bear this much weight on a walking cane, though.

What Kind of Handle Should a Walking Cane Have?

Some of the best hiking sticks for seniors come with ergonomic tips, which makes them a perfect choice for patients with arthritis. However, there are some exceptions to this, and depending on one’s needs, your walking cane may need an L-shaped handle with a foam grip or even an old-style curved handle. It all depends on a person’s comfort, a factor that is almost as important as safety.

Are the Best Walking Canes Easy to Store?

Users who travel may have difficulty storing even height-adjustable devices. When this is the case, one may want to consider finding the best folding cane in order to get the most use out of it. A folding cane can fold up into a more compact state so that it won’t take up much storage space. Some folding canes even come with their own travel bag.

Are Walking Canes Expensive?

This is, of course, one of the most frequently asked questions. The truth is that cost depends cane type, style, material, and features. For example, if someone is looking for the best walking cane for seniors and cost is not on his priority list, then he can technically end up getting a diamond handle, with titanium as the primary material. While we do not sell any of those, we do have some unique models for seniors – such as the Glow ‘n Go Folding Cane.

Most walking canes, however, are extremely affordable. It is important for the cost conscious shopper to keep in mind that over time, cane tips are known to wear down, and because of this, one may need to buy replacement cane tips about every 6 months to a year. For this reason, someone who tries to save money may want to look into cane tip prices before choosing a cane. Other accessories a cane can come with include special dongles or wrist bracelets that help to keep a walking cane from leaving their user’s grasp should they lose grip on the handle itself.

Are Walking Canes Safe for Seniors?

Safety is AvaCare Medical’s primary concern when it comes to connecting our customers with the right walking cane. Whether a person is buying a standard model or a bariatric cane, it is important that he gets one that is sufficiently stable and sturdy. A cane that is supportive enough can often help the user to walk freely without the need for a wheelchair. All of the walking canes available here are designed to help an older person get around and maintain a degree of freedom so they can enjoy their independence.

If you’re searching for the best walking canes, you’ve reached the right page. Our curated selection includes top brands in the industry, along with some more of the most well-constructed canes you can find. Simply select your product, add the item to the cart, and follow on with our easy checkout process. Should you have any worries, we are only a phone call away. Call us toll-free at 1-877-813-7799, or send us an email anytime!