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Cane Tips / Replacement Walking Cane Tips

Use replacement cane tips to keep your cane in good shape! Just like the soles of a pair of tennis shoes, walking cane tips wear out over time. When this happens, one may need to get a replacement cane tip. AvaCare Medical carries all different shapes and sizes of these products to ensure your cane stays in pristine condition. Read more...

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    Cane Tip, 7/8" Black

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Cane Tips vs. Cane Ferrules

A ferrule is just another name for a walking cane tip. Some even refer to them as cane stoppers and walking cane stoppers, among other titles. But no matter the name, they all serve the same purpose: to fit snugly on the bottom of a cane in order to help the user maintain superior gripping and non-slip capabilities. This way, when a person is walking, his cane won’t ever slip out from under him.

Features of Cane Tips

Many cane tips have special bottoms that are contoured to increase traction and help the user walk more easily with their cane. Some cane tips even resemble suction cups to provide a little bit of an extra grip. The numerous types of tips on the market allows for personalization without sacrificing safety. For instance, avid golfers may choose a cane tip that looks like half of a golf ball! This is just the beginning of possible customizations!

Certain Types of Cane Tips for Different People

Some cane tips have extra features to make them unique. 

Self-Standing Tips

Self-standing cane tips provide exceptional user support and ease of storage. Many people are familiar with the frustration of leaning their cane up against something, only to have it fall down multiple times at the slightest bump or nudge. Using a Carex self-standing cane tip allows users to always have their cane by their side so that it is upright and convenient to reach.

Single Cane Tips

A single cane tip functions exactly as it sounds. This single tip, designed to fit on the bottom of a cane, doesn’t have extra support points. These are excellent choices though, because despite them being made primarily for single tipped canes, they are also able to be used on the bottom of many quad canes and even tripod canes. Their purpose remains the same: to provide the user with the ultimate amount of safety.

Glow-in-the-Dark Cane Tips

Often seen as a commodity, these are actually more than a luxury item. Most of these tips are made with glow-in-the-dark rubber and are designed for safety when a user is in low-light situations. No one should be stumbling around at night because he can’t see his cane. This tip adds a little bit more support in these darker settings by allowing the user to make sure that the cane tip is placed properly on the ground. 

Impact-Reducing Cane Tips

This type of cane tip is specifically designed to increase shock absorption. This means that a user can have a high quality rubber cane tip that can handle different types of terrain. When a user walks, it is important to give that person a solid cane tip that can handle concrete just as well as it does tile or carpeted floors. Therefore, it also helps that there is more shock absorption in the cane itself, making a user feel a bit more confident from the start.

Extra Large Cane Tips

These cane tips have larger bases to provide extra support. Such support is essential to the mobility-conscious, and as such, many providers manufacture quad and tripod cane tips which also fall in this category. Instead of providing simply a tip that is the same size as the cane itself, these have a larger footprint, increasing overall contact with the ground.

What Sizes Do Cane Tips Come in?

One thing that many people may notice is that cane tips come in all different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right tip for one’s exact walking cane, therefore, is the most important thing that a person needs to do. It does not matter whether a person wants to use a 4-point cane tip or even a single tip. What matters is the diameter of the cane matching with the diameter of the opening on the cane tip itself.

If someone’s walking cane is 3/4 inches wide, then it is important to choose a 3/4-inch cane tip. This means that the opening will fit on essentially any walking cane that has a width of the same measurement. The same principle applies when a walking stick is smaller or larger in diameter – the cane tips (even if a person needs 1-inch cane tips) will be compatible with many other walking canes.

Are Replacement Cane Tips Expensive?

Fortunately, walking cane tips are relatively inexpensive. Drive cane tips remain a popular choice among many people. Their cane tips are often used to fit on different types of walking canes, making them completely universal. Some people also use cane tips as an alternative to rubber feet for certain bath chairs.

AvaCare Medical has a large variety of cane tips that are perfect for your walking cane! If you need replacement cane tips, or simply need to purchase one for other reasons, then these tips are an excellent choice. Order today, or give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 anytime during business hours. You may also send us an email or chat with a support specialist and who will be sure to reply promptly!