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Walking Canes for Women / Ladies Walking Canes

Walking canes for women allow ladies to stay active and independent, while keeping safe. Browse the large assortment of beautiful ladies walking canes on AvaCare Medical, and find a cane that is simultaneously stylish and supportive; just how every woman wants her cane to be. Read more...

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Advantages of Walking Canes for Women

There are definite and distinct advantages to choosing a walking cane that was designed for women. These aren’t regular canes; they were designed to be utilized by women, and therefore feature distinct benefits. Here are just some of the advantages you can benefit from by choosing a feminine walking cane. 


Ladies’ canes are stylish and classy. They not only provide optimum support, but also keep the user looking sophisticated. This means that a ladies’ cane can even be used confidently at formal events and the like. They are available in many different styles, patterns and shapes; you can choose from a single-toned shaft, a floral-themed one, or even a cane with a shaft that has a subtle sparkle for an eye catching appeal. Anyone who is looking for a cane that will impress should have a look at our ladies cane collection.


According to statistics, the average woman is less tall and broad than the average man. A woman will also often have smaller body parts than a male; for example, a lady’s hands are often quite obviously smaller than a man’s. Therefore, if a cane is designed for use by both men and women, many women may find the shaft to be too long, or the handle to be too broad. For this reason, it is advantageous for a woman to use a cane designed for her gender. Utilizing such a cane will help ensure that she is using a cane that is most suited for her. 

Weight Limit

Women don’t usually weigh as much as men, and therefore don’t require a cane that features the same weight capacity. A cane that is able to bear more weight is often heavier, and more difficult to hold. Choosing a women’s cane that features a weight capacity that is adequate for your needs will allow you to conserve your strength for when you really need it. 

Guide to Choosing a Women’s Cane

Finding a women’s cane can be a tedious process if you shop elsewhere, but is usually quick and easy if you’re looking around on AvaCare Medical. All you’ll need to do is keep in mind the five factors below, and then you’ll know exactly what to look for in a women’s cane. If you have any questions, you can always dial our customer care team for friendly, yet efficient assistance. 


There are many different handle options; each are excellent for different circumstances. There is the Derby handle, the Fritz handle, the Tourist handle, and many other options. It is important to research the advantages each handle will offer so that you’ll be able to make an educated decision about which handle will be the most practical for your needs. Here’s a quick overview of three common kinds of handles and the advantages each of them offer. 

  • Crook Handle aka Tourist Handle: The crook-style handle allows for this cane to be hooked onto many different surfaces in a way that it shouldn’t fall down. No more bending down every time you’re ready to get up because you have to pick up your fallen cane.
  • Fritz Handle: This cane relieves pressure from the hands. It is an ideal choice for any woman with arthritis. It is also a very decorative choice. 
  • Offset Handle: This cane provides support, and helps with balance, since it distributes the user’s weight.

Weight Capacity

Be sure to check the weight capacity of the cane before making a purchase. It is very important for the cane to have the capacity to bear your weight; never go with a choice that can hold less than your full body weight. To summarize; in order to ensure that you are getting maximum support, choose a cane that is able to hold your full weight. 

Base Design

If you need just a bit of added support, a single tip cane should do the trick. However, if you’re looking for a cane that will offer more support than standard canes, go with a cane that features a four-pronged base. Such a cane distributes the weight it is holding along the entire base, which makes it much more supportive. The four-pronged or quad cane is also known to be the best cane option for anyone with balance issues. 

Note: Anyone who has severe balance issues should speak to a licensed medical professional before purchasing a cane. 

Storage Options

How often do you plan on using your cane? Do you think you’ll be bringing it along with you outside? For practicality’s sake, if you do plan on taking it with you when going out, you may find it easier to have a petite folding cane, which can be stored in your purse when not in use. Our folding canes for women are extremely popular; ladies love their compactness. 

Which Women Would Benefit from Using a Cane?

Any older lady who feels a bit insecure or unsteady walking around without any sort of walking assistance, but doesn’t need two-sided support, will benefit from using a walking cane. Getting a walking cane is a wise and proactive measure one can take. It will reduce the likelihood of a fall while allowing you to stay safely independent.

Be proactive and invest in a ladies’ decorative walking cane that is as supportive as it is stylish. Choose from our full selection of women’s canes, which includes adjustable walking canes, petite folding canes, and even fancy canes for ladies. All of our canes are durable, made to last, and let ladies look their best. Whether you’re looking for a petite walking cane that can offer the most aesthetic appeal or the highest level of support, you can find the women’s cane you need for sale on AvaCare Medical. Shop now!