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Wooden Canes / Wooden Walking Canes for Sale

If you’re looking for an elegant, solidly constructed wooden cane, you’ll appreciate the wooden canes for sale now on AvaCare Medical. Our wooden walking cane collection features canes with stylish designs and elegant curves; they’re designed for classier consumers who value sophistication and will only choose quality. Read more...

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Wooden canes are very sturdy, yet naturally beautiful. There are all types of solid wood canes; some are crafted from high-end, luxurious woods, while others are classic, cheap wooden canes made from basic wood. There are black wooden canes, and ones that haven’t been painted. Either way, the wooden makeup lends the cane a rich, unique style that can make a statement the way only nature’s beauty can. 

The type of wood that the cane is formed from will impact its durability. For example, hardwood walking canes, such as those formed from oak or eucalyptus, can support more weight (but, as a result, is also heavier). Softwood canes can’t bear much weight, and shouldn’t be used by individuals who need a cane to grasp for support. 

Wooden canes are usually laminated or stained, to prevent erosion. However, over time, the cane can lose its luster just a bit. You can prevent this from occurring by keeping your wooden cane indoors as much as you can; away from the elements. 

Wooden Cane Handle Shape

There are several different kinds of options available when it comes to deciding which kind of handle you want to look for in a wooden cane. There are Fritz handles, T shaped handles, and a few other handle styles to choose from. Below, we’ll share with you some details on the various kinds of handles our wooden canes have. 

Fritz Handle

The Fritz handle was first introduced by a count in eighteenth century Germany. He created this handle to help reduce the pain felt by a person with arthritis who needs to use a cane. It has a more defined curve, which reduces the pressure on the fingers that is often felt when using a cane. The Fritz handle is ergonomically ideal yet elegantly styled. It is still often used by older individuals with arthritis.

Tourist Handle

The tourist handle, also referred to as a crook or J handle, is one of the most common wooden cane handle styles. This kind of cane is sometimes called a C cane. It is one of the oldest cane styles; modeled after the walking sticks shepherds used in days gone by. The ‘crook’ (another word for curve) at the top is quite practical since the person can hook it over his arm when it’s not being utilized. This cane handle doesn’t support your wrist as well as other canes will, but is so convenient and classic that it’s a popular choice nevertheless.

Orthopedic Handle

The innovative shape of an orthopedic handle ensures that your palm and fingers are positioned most naturally across it, and the pressure is spread out evenly; not only in one spot. These two factors allow for a comfortable grip. 

Palm Grip Handle

The palm grip handle is both a practical and an aesthetically appealing handle option for your wooden cane. This cane handle is designed in a way that it will contour to the shape of the user’s palm. Also, the palm grip handle distributes pressure evenly across the palm. One does not require much strength in his fingers to use this cane; rather, the palm is what’s bearing the weight. Since the palm has such a natural positioning on this handle, and any pressure is spread out, it is quite a comfortable cane handle.

Before ordering a palm grip handle for your wooden cane, do take note of the fact that there are palm grip handles for lefties, and palm grip handles for righties. Be sure to get the handle that will suit your dominant hand.

Derby Handle

The Derby handle is essentially a combination of a Fritz handle with a tourist handle. Similarly to the Fritz handle, it has a defined curve, but the curve continues into a small crook, like the tourist handle. The crook can be slung over the edge of a table. The derby handle is a classic and practical, yet elegant choice for anyone who is looking for a handle for their wooden cane. 

Contour Handle

A contour handle is a distinct, classy handle. The contoured shaped distributes the user’s weight evenly across the entire shaft, to minimize pressure points. This is another great choice if you’re currently looking at wooden cane handle options!

Are you interested in getting yourself a wooden cane? That’s no surprise; many people who want to get a cane end up going with a wooden one. These canes are practical, and can even be cut down to the exact required height. They come in several styles and sizes, and make an illustrious statement while enhancing the user’s appearance and providing him with supportive assistance. 


AvaCare Medical carries a huge selection of solid wood walking canes for sale. You can choose from differently stained, styled, and sized wooden canes on our site now. Browse our wooden cane selection today so that you can add your favorite to your cane collection!

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