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Crutch Accessories / Replacement Parts for Crutches

Crutch accessories make using crutches a much more pleasant and comfortable experience for anyone. Sometimes, a person's crutches become worn and overly well-used. In such scenarios, a good option would be for the user to find replacement parts for crutches. AvaCare Medical has a full selection of affordable crutch supplies that can make your crutches more comfortable and much easier to use! Read More...

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  1. Crutch Attachment Platform Adult Size
  2. Nylon Crutch Bag 9" x 6" x 1-1/2"
  3. Standard Crutch Tip, 7/8", Gray
    Standard Crutch Tip, 7/8", Gray
    Starting at $5.36
  4. Crutch-Mate Hand Grip For Aux. & Forearm Crutches
  5. Crutch-Mate Arm Pad For Auxiliary Style Crutches
  6. EZ-ACCESSORIES Universal Crutch Carry-On
  7. Sherpa Crutch Cover & Hand Grip Set
  8. Sheepette Crutch Cover Set
    Sheepette Crutch Cover Set
  9. Replacement Crutch Tips
    Replacement Crutch Tips
  10. Replacement Crutch Pads
    Replacement Crutch Pads
  11. Replacement Crutch Hand Grips
  12. Crutches Replacement Kit
    Crutches Replacement Kit

Items 1-12 of 27

Set Descending Direction

Distinct Crutch Accessories for Different Needs

Different crutch accessories are available, depending on what the user needs. Many of the items can be considered replacement parts, but others are simply there to make things more convenient for the user. The most common types of crutch parts that can be purchased are: :

Crutch Pads

When someone mentions crutch pads, they sometimes confuse these with crutches cover padding. The crutch arm pads are some of the most needed replacement pads for crutches. Over time, these underarm crutch pads may become loose or even simply lose the cushioning value that they had when the crutch was first purchased. On axillary crutches, the pads go under the armpit area. 

In lofstrand crutches, forearm crutch pads may be purchased to make the forearm grip more comfortable as well. Some people may also need replacement arm pads for forearm crutches, as time can take a toll on the crutches’ foam pads. The padding for crutch handles is either made with regular foam, or sometimes with a firm rubber foam. Depending on the person’s needs for comfort, gel pads may also be purchased for axillary-style crutches. These act as both a cover as well as a crutch pad itself. 

Comfort pads have numerous benefits aside from mere comfort. Elderly users, for instance, may not only have pain and discomfort associated with crutches, but they sometimes also lack the physical strength to hold the crutches properly. This is where crutch grip pads come in. Crutch arm pad covers can not only eliminate discomfort but also protect the nerves in the axilla – the scientific medical name for the armpit – as some people may end up getting nerve damage from heavy crutch use if they don’t buy cushion pads for crutches or softer crutch pads than those that came with the crutches. Many of our crutch accessory replacement kits come with underarm crutch cushions, along with forearm crutch hand grip pads. 

Crutch Tips

Crutch tips are the firm rubber tips that help the user maintain traction and balance, keeping the crutch from slipping out from under the user. They are medically designed, and similar to the rubber feet on walkers, canes, and even shower chairs. We have many crutch tips in our inventory that can fit different sizes of both forearm crutches and axillary crutches. 

Crutch Cushions

Crutch arm cushions are specially designed to optimize comfort for the user. Much like crutch pads, these cushions act similarly to crutch cushions and are available as both axillary and forearm crutch accessories. Armpit cushions for crutches are often softer than the standard rubber foam cushions, and the hand cushions for crutches are similarly soft. This allows the user to have a more contoured grip and reduced axillary discomfort or damage. Many crutch cushions are a great addition to a pair of crutches for those suffering from arthritis or other nerve disabilities (such as fibromyalgia or carpal tunnel, for example). 

Covers for Crutches

Many manufacturers make covers for crutches, handles, and even armpit covers for their crutches. Some manufacturers also make forearm crutch covers. The purpose of a crutch cover is not only to add some cushioning, but also to protect the crutch handles and pads themselves. 

Replacement Crutch Handle Grips

Crutch grips are another example of the most commonly replaced crutch accessories. Most crutch hand grips for comfort are designed with a little bit of contour to them so they are easier to hold onto without losing grip. Over time, these crutch handles may end up losing this contoured finish. They then become more slippery, especially since they’re often made of firm foam rubber. Some users would rather have a soft grip for crutches which makes it easier to grasp their crutch firmly. 

Are Crutch Accessories Expensive?

Absolutely not. Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to provide exceptional value which means that all of our customers receive only the best medical-grade quality equipment and items. Depending on the brand name and the replacement part or accessory that is needed, the price can vary greatly. For example, many accessory pillows and crutch covers may be more expensive than the standard foam rubber pads, depending on many factors; from design to the materials used. One can even buy synthetic sheepskin covers for their crutches, for comfort and cooling. Gel covers are another popular option. Most cover pads and pillows are available in the $30 range. 

Crutch pads can be purchased singularly or with kits for anywhere from $9 to around $30. The price depends on factors such as the brand, whether the items are universal, the materials, and whether or not the items come in single or packs with multiples. The same applies to crutch tips as well, as most of the packs that cost more often include multiple crutch tips (for example, our $28.88 1 inch tip pack comes with 8 tips – only $3.61 per tip). 

What About Carrying Cases?

Here at AvaCare Medical, we carry a few special crutch bags and carry-on bags that allow users to carry their personal items with ease, and enable them to keep their hands free. Many people would like to keep certain belongings, such as a cell phone, snack or beverage, safe, while having them close by. Our bags attach to a user’s crutches (they’re primarily meant for axillary crutches) to allow the user to stow their items inside. Crutch bags attach to the crutch and hang below the handgrip so that they are out of the way, allowing the user to still walk with the crutches easily. 


Our mission is to help you find the best crutch accessories when you need them, as well as other useful items from our inventory. We want to serve all of our customers with the highest quality customer service possible. Experience unprecedented customer care by calling 1-877-813-7799 for assistance. You can also email us at [email protected], or chat with us onsite. Call now; our customer service team would love to hear from you!