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Ergonomic Crutches / Ergo Crutches

Ergonomic crutches, or ergo crutches as they are sometimes called, provide support to anyone looking to increase his mobility level. Whether it’s due to a leg injury, or simply because of age, these crutches will be very beneficial for your use. Ergo crutches have special hand grips which make them more comfortable to use than other types of forearm crutches. There are numerous benefits to using them, and many things to consider when looking to buy them. If you’re thinking about getting yourself ergonomic crutches, AvaCare Medical has some of the best ergonomic forearm crutches on the market. Read More...

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What Are Ergonomic Crutches?

Ergonomic handle crutches are slightly different than typical forearm crutches. The first ergonomic forearm crutches were from Canada, and they were invented by a polio survivor in 1953. They have special grooves and shapes to make them more ergonomic than standard forearm crutches. Most standard crutches and forearm crutches have basic cylindrical handgrips, which may present challenges to some users who suffer from chronic problems such as carpal tunnel, arthritis, and more. 

Forearm crutches with ergonomic handles are often used by those who need crutches for long-term partial-weight bearing and non-weight bearing solutions. For patients and users who only need short-term crutches, they may want to consider choosing from our line of axillary crutches. All of our crutches are affordable, and many have additional accessories that we offer to enhance user experience and make them more comfortable. 

Benefits of Ergonomic Crutches

There are a lot of benefits to using forearm crutches with hand grips that are designed for ergonomic capabilities. Many people who have to use crutches either permanently or for long periods of time enjoy the benefits and comfort that forearm crutches provide. Some of the benefits of ergonomic elbow crutches are: 

Improved Balance and Posture

Forearm ergonomic crutches are much better at promoting proper posture than most underarm crutches. The reason for this is because many people don’t always walk with shoulder crutches the way they’re supposed to, and they end up leaning when they walk forward. This causes them to bend their upper back down and forward. The resulting curvature of the spine can often cause muscle soreness, back and shoulder pain, and even neck pain. Ergonomic crutches allow users to achieve good balance just as they would with underarm crutches, while keeping their backs straight when they are fitted, and using them properly. This helps to minimize back pain, promote good posture, and improve upper body gait (and even lower leg walking gait if a user is able to use one leg). 

Reduced Nerve Damage

The reason underarm crutches aren’t meant for long-term use is due to the fact that they can cause axillary nerve damage (underarm nerve damage). This can create problems like loss of feeling in the arm and hands, as well as a loss of grip, or other painful and debilitating issues. Ergonomic Canadian crutches can be used without causing any underarm nerve damage, and the ergonomic handles can help to prevent carpal tunnel or joint pain and nerve damage of the hands. 

Pain Relief for Chronic Conditions

As briefly mentioned above, people who suffer from chronic conditions can benefit by using ergonomic-handled crutches. The normal handles on most axillary and forearm crutches can sometimes cause pain and discomfort, and can even lead to other issues, such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Using ergonomic handles affords the person substantial relief and allows them to bear more weight with their hands on the crutches. 

Improved Strength and Stamina

Seniors and other people with mobility problems often have much less upper body strength. Of course, these crutches aren’t for everyone, but for the long-haul, most users can increase not only their mobility but even their upper body and core strength. Doing so promotes even more mobility and allows for users to get around even more as their stamina and strength increases. 

Increased Mobility

Naturally, all crutches allow people to have increased mobility. Underarm crutches, however, usually require more care in terms of crutch placement to ensure proper grip and balance. Further, they accommodate proper placement during use in order to avoid falls. Many users have trouble keeping their injured legs completely off of the ground in a non-weight-bearing situation with underarm crutches. With forearm ergo crutches, users can have more control over their body and placement, and also enjoy better weight distribution. The user’s weight is not distributed to one point on the arm, but throughout the entire arm and upper body itself. This benefit allows users of forearm crutches certain benefits by being able to move a little bit faster and smoother, at a more natural pace. 

More Comfortable than Axillary Crutches

While there are numerous ways that users of axillary crutches can improve their comfort (as we mentioned earlier), forearm crutches with ergonomic grips don’t really need any accessories for increased comfort. Ergonomic crutches don’t cause hand and wrist pain like other types of forearm crutches, and they also provide more comfort than underarm crutches. All of the benefits above combine to provide enhanced comfort for the user. Some users do still choose to get accessories, such as handgrip covers, which offer a softer and even more comfortable grip. 

Finding the Best Ergonomic Crutches

Finding the right crutches can be confusing for some people due to the large variety of brands, cuff styles, and features. What’s most important is that a user knows what weight capacity their crutches need to have. The average forearm crutches can hold between 175 pounds to 650 pounds at max, depending on the model. The average weight capacity is usually about 300 pounds. 

Once the weight capacity is determined, you’re ready to start browsing our selection. Don’t hesitate to compare prices, but keep in mind that some ergonomic handle crutches may not be like others, and there may be a limited variety of certain models. The best ergonomic crutches are available for a reasonable price and have a specially shaped handle that will help the person with getting a good grip. For the most ergonomic capabilities, one should look for a crutch with a full cuff as well. If a user needs a lightweight crutch, there’s that, too.


So, now’s the time to find ergonomic crutches at AvaCare Medical! All of our orders of $50 or more are eligible for free shipping, and we ship the product right away, usually within 24 hours of receiving your order. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like assistance, don’t hesitate to chat with one of our representatives online or send an email to [email protected]. You can also give us a call at 1-877-813-7799!