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Senior Walkers With Seat / Walkers for Seniors With Seat

If you’re looking to buy the best senior walkers with seats on the market, browse our inventory of models that can help you improve your mobility and independence! AvaCare Medical has models from some of the top brands of walkers with seats for seniors, such as Drive Medical, Medline, Carex, and many more! There are some important things to know when either determining whether or not you need a rollator and when finally choosing the right walker with a seat for seniors. Because we know how important these decisions are, we’ve compiled some important tips to help you choose the best rollator for your needs! Read more...

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  1. Simplicity 2 Rollator
    Simplicity 2 Rollator
    Starting at $158.79
  2. Empower Rollator
    Empower Rollator
    Starting at $173.34
  3. McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator Steel Frame
    McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator Steel Frame
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  4. McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator Aluminum Frame
    McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator Aluminum Frame
    Starting at $89.75
  5. Nova Zoom Rolling Walker
    Nova Zoom Rolling Walker
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  6. Step N Rest Roller Walker
    Step N Rest Roller Walker
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  7. Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Crosstour Rolling Walker
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  8. Briggs Eurostyle Rollator
    Briggs Eurostyle Rollator
    Starting at $260.66
  9. Bariatric Rollator with Carry Pouch
  10. Lumex Walkabout Four Wheel Hemi Rollator, 23-1/2" x 21-1/2", Royal Blue
  11. Rolling Walker, 38-3/4" x 26" x 27"
  12. Classics Rolling Walker, Metallic Blue

Items 1-12 of 56

Set Descending Direction

How to Choose the Best Senior Walkers with Seats

When it comes to purchasing an elderly walker with a seat, there are many things that go through people’s minds. The important thing is that a person knows what to look for when choosing an adult walker with a seat. When it comes to choosing a walking chair for the elderly, one needs to consider safety and security as the most important factor. Below are the most important points one needs to consider when shopping for rollators for seniors.

Proper Weight Capacity

Having the proper weight capacity when choosing walkers with seats for seniors is the most important thing that a person can do. Users need to be equipped with the confidence of knowing that their walker chair for elderly persons is sturdy enough to bear their weight. The typical standard rollator is designed to withstand weights of 250 to 300 pounds. However, there are bariatric models for heavier (and taller) users that can have capacities of up to 600 pounds. When choosing the weight capacity, consider the maximum amount of items you may end up carrying, plus the user’s weight, and then round it up. Consider buying the next size rollator above your actual weight to preserve the life of both your rollator and the warranty.

The Right Height

The base height and adjustable height of a walker is also important when choosing from the many options of adult walkers with seats that are available. A user needs to make certain that they can have their arms completely extended and then only have their elbows and wrists bent forward slightly to properly use the rollator. Many of our rollators are adjustable; therefore, one needs to make sure the model is adjusted to suit the proper position so they can walk “inside” of the rollator and not behind it, while keeping their backs as straight as possible.

Width and Comfort of the Seat

Seat width is another area of concern when it comes to walker chairs for adults. People come in many different shapes and sizes, and a user’s geriatric walker chair needs to be tailored to their individual needs. Having a walking chair for seniors that doesn’t have a wide enough cushion can cause hip discomfort, and even pressure bruising or sores. Along with the width of the seat, a stand up walker with a seat for adults should be comfortable. To ensure this, one may look into the materials that the cushion is made of. If need be, a user may be able to find a seat cushion that can help to make their adult rolling walker more comfortable as well.

Handles and Brakes

Walking chairs for seniors need to have comfort and safety in their handles as well. Many older people suffer from problems such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, so it is important to have comfortable hand grips that a user can manage without discomfort. Along with this, one needs to consider what kind of brakes their walker chair for seniors will have. Many adult rollators have handbrakes that can help a user control their speed and maintain their balance.

Additional Safety Features

Locking wheels and additional safety features to ensure stability should be in place in rolling walkers for seniors. Wheels should always be able to lock when the user is sitting on their rollator or elderly walker. Most 3 wheel walkers for seniors don’t necessarily have this locking mechanism simply because they don’t have a seat, but most 4 wheel walkers for seniors do.

Choose the Right Wheel Count

One of the most important things that a user needs to know is that the wheel count is extremely important when choosing rollators for seniors. While rollators are considered less stable than walkers, the correct wheel count can serve to mitigate risk. Users can choose from three wheeled walkers for seniors or a 4 wheel walker for the elderly.

Three wheel walkers for the elderly offer much less stability, but they offer the most in maneuverability. These walkers are lightweight and capable of negotiating sharp corners and narrow spaces with ease as compared to the typical elderly walking chair. The downside, though, is that in order to use a 3 wheel walker for the elderly, a user needs to have optimal balance control on their own, an ability that some users simply don’t have any longer. Therefore, a regular walking chair for adults may be the best option when compared to a 3 wheel walker for adults. Furthermore, 3-wheel rollators don’t have seats, and that is very important to keep in consideration when choosing a rollator.

Four wheel walkers for seniors are exceptionally stable in comparison to 3-wheeled models. These models offer a lot when it comes to security, having the most accessory capabilities and so much more. Most four wheel walkers for the elderly have baskets on them, and they all have seats.

Elderly Walkers with Seats: Choose Safety over Maneuverability

Because of the diversity in walker types and in what each type offers, it’s important that one prioritizes stability and security over all else. Millions of elderly and handicapped individuals suffer from life-threatening slips and falls due to the lack of or limited amount of mobility associated with operating a walking aid. Some also suffer these accidents because they are improperly choosing or using their elderly walkers with seats. We care about everyone’s safety and always encourage people to choose the walker that best suits their actual needs in terms of mobility and safety.

If you’re shopping for senior walkers with a seat, we want to hear from you! Our friendly customer care representatives have a lot of knowledge when it comes to buying and using walkers for seniors with a seat, and they’re available to answer the phone toll-free at 1-877-813-7799 during business hours, Mondays through Fridays! If you think you may benefit from using a rollator instead of a walker, you can also read our Rollator Buying Guide for more information!