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Indoor & Outdoor Walkers for Seniors

Find both indoor walkers and outdoor walkers for seniors on AvaCare Medical, all at great prices and offering countless beneficial features. Outdoor walkers have a benefit over indoor walkers; they can be used both indoors and over multiple types of outdoor terrain. AvaCare Medical has a full line of outdoor and indoor walkers for seniors, for home use and outside use, that are made by the top manufacturers in the US medical industry. Read more...

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  1. Bariatric Folding Walkers
    Bariatric Folding Walkers
    Starting at $65.42
  2. McKesson Folding Aluminum Junior Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Junior Walker
    Starting at $46.29
  3. McKesson Folding Steel Walker
    McKesson Folding Steel Walker
    Starting at $71.02
  4. McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    Starting at $134.19
  5. McKesson Dual Folding Walker, Case of 4
  6. Steel Adult Walker 2 Button with Wheels
  7. Invacare I-Class Paddle Walkers
    Invacare I-Class Paddle Walkers
    Starting at $53.37
  8. Step N Rest Roller Walker
    Step N Rest Roller Walker
    Starting at $158.72
  9. Folding Hemi Walker 30"-34" Adjustable Height
  10. Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Crosstour Rolling Walker
    Starting at $220.78
  11. Adult Paddle Walker
    Adult Paddle Walker
  12. Hemi Walker, Adult
    Hemi Walker, Adult

Items 1-12 of 42

Set Descending Direction

Benefits of Outdoor Walkers for Seniors

Walkers are much more secure than rollators and offer many more benefits than traditional walkers and rollators do. Wheeled versions of walkers are sometimes optimal, but, at other times, unnecessary. If a person has a decent degree of stability and balance, they would be allowed to use a wheeled model. If such a person purchased a 4-legged traditional model, it could actually slow them down. Whether one chooses a walker that has wheels or not, all of our indoor and outdoor walkers are optimized for maximum security and safety, and provide numerous benefits! These advantages include the following:

Improved Gait and Posture

One of the largest benefits of an outdoor mobility walker is that they help the user maintain posture and walking gait support in diverse settings. Elderly people have a hard time maneuvering as they should, and they often have trouble getting around because of back pain, irregular walking gait, or other issues. Using a walker can improve this and help force the user to take steps more slowly and carefully, while providing posture support (to help keep their spines straight) and improving their walking gait, just the same as pediatric walkers do for children.

Increased Stability and Independence

Indoor mobility walkers do increase mobility for users, but users are limited to walking only in certain settings. Often, they are restricted to indoor use only; hence the name indoor walker. Outdoor walkers for the elderly can be considered all-terrain, and can increase a person’s stability even outdoors. They provide a mode for a senior to get around outside their house and still retain the independence that they cherish. Being able to get out and about also improves an elderly person’s physical and mental health.

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

As stated, outdoor walkers for the elderly are capable of being used indoors, but they are built primarily for outdoor use. Many of them do come with large wheels that help to cover terrains such as grass, gravel, and other uneven surfaces. This is an advantage that outdoor walkers have over walkers built for indoor use. These models may also be a little sturdier than basic indoor walkers, since they’re meant to be used while out and about.

Wheels Allow for Improved Mobility and Speed 

Having wheels on a walker can increase the walker’s speed and mobility. It allows for smoother maneuvering, eliminates the need to lift the entire walker off of the ground (thus reducing fatigue), and so much more. Of course, this is not to say that it does take away some of the stability from a walker if it didn’t have wheels. Users should always consider whether they need more stability, or more mobility. If they want and can handle more mobility, they can purchase a walker with wheels, or simply buy the wheel kits to attach it to their walkers. Even if a person is using an indoor walker for the elderly, they can benefit greatly by having wheels on their walker since it can improve their walker’s maneuverability dramatically.

Comfort and Height Adjustability

Both indoor or outdoor walkers are adjustable. Ensuring that a walker is the proper height for a user is extremely important, and all of our walkers have the capability of being adjusted to the correct user height. Whether it is the handle height or even the wheel height that needs adjusting, having the proper walker height reduces undue user exhaustion and discomfort. Most walkers are intended to improve the user’s posture or help them maintain it. If a walker causes a user to hunch over the unit, then it needs to be adjusted. Here at AvaCare Medical, we have adjustable models to accommodate both short and tall individuals.

Can Come with Accessories (Or They May Be Purchased & Attached)

A user who wants to get the most out of their walkers may want to consider adding accessories. Some walkers come with a few accessories already installed (even besides for wheels). A frequent walker user can greatly benefit from using an indoor walker with a tray, or with a walker bag, cane holder, or a walker basket to their model. This allows them to bring their own personal items with them no matter where they’re going.

Choosing Outdoor Walkers for Seniors

There are a few important factors to keep in mind when choosing outdoor walkers as compared to other walker types. Of course, a user needs to first and foremost consider the walker size, the weight capacity, and other safety features. Aside from these considerations, however, outdoor walker users may want to evaluate a few other things when they’re looking to purchase one.

Walker Composition

The materials from which outdoor walkers are constructed are extremely important to consider. Most outdoor walkers for seniors are made out of aluminum, which is highly rust-resistant and can even resist other common elements that corrode over time. Other walkers are made of steel. While the steel may be coated in most cases, using the walker outdoors may wear the coating thin over time and cause rusting or deterioration.

Do the Wheels Lock?

If the indoor/outdoor walker that a person chooses has wheels, one should check and make sure that the wheels can lock so a user can continue to maneuver it as a standard walker. This means the front wheels lock in place, which helps to further increase and stabilize the walker when needed.

Walker Handles

Zimmer walkers have specially designed frames and handles to accommodate users. While both these and standard frames are considered to be ergonomic, the handles and the grips should be comfortable. Many elderly users suffer from arthritis or other debilitating conditions that may cause discomfort and pain in the hands; therefore, it’s important that the walker handles provide cushioning and comfort as well as help the user to maintain a comfortable wrist position.


If you enjoy dealing with caring and competent care professionals, give us a call, and a member of our customer care team will happily be of assistance. Whether you’re looking for outdoor walkers for seniors, a different type of mobility aid, or any other type of medical supplies, we have what you need. Simply dial 1-877-813-7799, or message us at [email protected].