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Medical Walkers for Sale / Handicap Walkers for Sale

When it comes to finding affordable walkers, many people look for handicap walkers for sale at discount prices. Many older people need medical walkers for sale at lower prices due to a fixed budget by which they must live, and AvaCare Medical understands this. That’s why we offer a complete line of cheap walkers for adults, made by brands like Drive Medical and Medline, which are both affordable and durable. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Folding Aluminum Junior Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Junior Walker
    Starting at $46.29
  2. McKesson Folding Steel Walker
    McKesson Folding Steel Walker
    Starting at $71.02
  3. McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker
    Starting at $134.19
  4. McKesson Dual Folding Walker, Case of 4
  5. Steel Adult Walker 2 Button with Wheels
  6. Invacare I-Class Paddle Walkers
    Invacare I-Class Paddle Walkers
    Starting at $53.37
  7. Folding Hemi Walker 30"-34" Adjustable Height
  8. Adult Paddle Walker
    Adult Paddle Walker
  9. Hemi Walker, Adult
    Hemi Walker, Adult
  10. Bariatric Heavy-Duty Folding Walker with Wheels, Adult
  11. Dual Release X-Wide Folding Walker
  12. Pediatric Folding Walkers
    Pediatric Folding Walkers
    Starting at $54.57

Items 1-12 of 31

Set Descending Direction

Types of Handicap Walkers for Sale

Just as any other medical device, walkers are specifically intended for the user who needs a certain level of assistance. Therefore, while there are two generally well-known types of walkers – models with wheels and without wheels – there are actually variations in both types that are considered to be in their own category. Some of these categories are:

Cheap Walkers for the Elderly

Most walkers that have no wheels are called standard walkers, because they offer simple, basic mobility. If you’re looking for an adult walker for sale, but only need the essentials, then a standard walker may be the proper choice.

Lightweight Mobility Walkers for Sale

Nearly all cheap walkers for seniors are lightweight. These walkers are commonly used by the elderly because they provide benefits in terms of physical capability, since they are lighter. These cheap walkers for the elderly that are for sale on AvaCare Medical are some of the most affordable wheelie walkers that can be purchased to help senior citizens get around, and yet provide them with the security they need to avoid dangerous or fatal falls.

Gait Trainers

When it comes to medical equipment, walkers can provide essential gait improvements for adults. When someone has a handicap, is injured, or is elderly, they often have problems walking correctly. Having a gait training attachment can affect the mobility walker prices. Yet even these disability walkers for sale can be considered low-cost.

Folding or Non-Folding Walkers

Having the option to fold a walker is extremely important. People still like to have the independence to travel, so it’s important that a person has the option to take their walker with them. Many folding orthopedic walkers have this ability to compact into a much smaller size, and since they don’t weigh very much, users can simply stow away their cheap medical walkers in a compartment when travelling, take them with them onboard, or even fit them in the trunk of a car.

Some walkers do not fold, however. These walkers are often used by people who don’t need to worry about space. Some non-folding walkers can even come with wheels, and they are intended to help users simply get around and then set aside when not in use. These cheap walkers with wheels can actually provide a little more in terms of stability and prove a little more affordable since special features can affect a wheelie walker’s price.

Narrow Walkers

Narrow walkers are specially crafted folding walkers that can allow a user to get through tighter spaces, go through doorways more easily, and so much more. Narrow walkers are often created smaller in width than other wheeled walkers for sale. There are actually bariatric models that are available for larger clients. Our narrow walkers offer two button functionality and allow the models to be folded on one side individually to fit swiftly into narrow corridors.

Stand Up Assist Walkers

Stand up walkers are considered to be one of the best senior walkers when it comes to value and functionality. They provide both a riser functionality to help the elderly or disabled get up from their seats, toilets, and other areas while adding the functionality of use as a walker as well. They promote mobility, excellent stability, and independence much more than some other basic walkers.

Are Senior Walkers Expensive?

When shopping for medical walkers for sale, there are many things that can affect the medical walker’s price. For example, weight capacity can considerably increase the price of walkers for seniors due to their enhanced and often stronger frames. Another common thing that may affect the price of a walker for the elderly is whether it has wheels or not. Adding these to a walker can benefit the user, but the extra materials used may cause a slight increase in the cost of a walker. Other things are:

  • Having a tray or a basket that comes with the walker may affect a walker with wheels’ price.
  • Cane holders and walker bags remain common items that are used with walkers, but they may increase the cost of the walker for an elderly person’s price if they are already installed.
  • Some health walkers for sale may cost more if they have special folding features, or if they’re ultra-compact.
  • Depending on the frame style and even the height adjustability of a walker (such as a tall walker), a walker for the elderly’s price may be a little higher than a standard walker.

No matter the cost, however, all of our handicap walkers for sale are generally inexpensive in terms of price.

What About Used Walkers?

Some people spend time looking online for second hand mobility walkers for sale, but the truth is, these people often spend nearly the same amount or more on them as they would for a brand new walker. Here at AvaCare Medical, we have a plethora of walkers for affordable prices. We (and most doctors) don’t recommend purchasing second hand walkers for sale because it may be in imperfect condition. Further, in most cases, there is no manufacturer warranty for pre-owned models. There are also often many unknowns when it comes to buying used walkers, and a user risks safety by purchasing walkers that have already been used. It is important to note, of course, that some items may have been refurbished by the manufacturer themselves. This would be the only acceptable case in which we might recommend purchasing. Users must take care to consider only mobility options that can guarantee safety and security.

If you’re looking to buy an adult walker for sale, we recommend that all customers read our walker buying guide to get the best possible price for an elderly walker. If you need any help with your order, we’d love to hear from you! Our friendly staff can be reached anytime during our business hours at 1-877-813-7799, and you can always send an email as well!