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Tall Walkers for Seniors / Tall Walker With Wheels

Tall walkers for seniors aren’t always easy to find. Users who require mobility assistance vary in height, and if the wrong walker is purchased, it can cause the person tremendous discomfort and even more limited mobility, or lead to a lack of balance. Sometimes, a tall walker with wheels can help with this. Here at AvaCare, we have a special selection of tall walkers for the elderly that can benefit taller individuals. Read more...

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What Constitutes a Tall Walker for Seniors?

Almost all walkers on the market (both rolling and manual walkers) are adjustable in height. What is important is that the tall adult walker can adjust to the height of the user and accommodate their size. Many standard walkers stand anywhere from 24 inches up to 34 inches in height. The taller walkers can often be adjusted up to 39 inches, and sometimes higher with certain models. Whether a user purchases a tall walker with wheels or one without wheels, the handlebar needs to be positioned just a bit higher than the user’s arm length. This allows the user to bend their elbows slightly and hold onto the walker while standing up straight.

Benefits of Tall Walkers for Seniors

Of course, many user benefits exist when using one of these models. In order to derive maximum benefit from a high walker for seniors, one must be aware of the numerous things that a walker can be used for. A walker can be used for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are:

Debilitating Conditions Associated with Age

As a person gets older, it becomes harder for them to balance themselves and continue walking. With this in mind, it’s also important that the elderly are still able to retain as much self-control and independence as possible for both physical and mental health reasons. While many people’s body sizes generally shrink over the years, it isn’t usually by much. As such, a person may still be almost as tall as they were when they were younger. This means that high walkers for seniors can be used in order to achieve that part of mobility that a person loses when entering their golden years. If, at a later point, a user’s mobility level improves, he may want to upgrade to a rollator

Partially Handicapped Users

Some people suffer from health conditions that have nothing to do with age, that affect their mobility. There are even users that may eventually need to be transferred when navigating more challenging settings at home or in public places. In these cases, a walker may be used to help users with severe handicaps get around if they still have a little bit of mobility left. They’re also great for those with moderate disabilities or injuries that make it hard to be more mobile.

Surgical Recovery

In the medical field, walkers are widely prescribed by medical professionals simply because they assist in the rehabilitation process of those who have had some sort of orthopedic or osteopathic surgery. Many taller patients who have had knee surgery or even those who have some sort of prosthetic surgery can benefit from the use of tall medical walkers.

Are Wheels Required?

There are two different types of manual walkers that exist - walkers with wheels, or standard 4-legged walkers. The choice of which one is best depends on many factors, such as a person’s height, weight, the amount of weight they will have to bear on the walker, and whether they need to move a little faster than a typical walker will allow. There are also tall walkers with wheels available for those who need the faster mobility but still need the benefit of stability and balance that regular walkers provide compared to rollators. 

Another benefit of having two wheels on a high walker for elderly people is the model’s ease of use. Seniors may have trouble using walkers since they may struggle with the constant lifting that is involved in using them. An extra tall walker with wheels can help to alleviate this, as only the rear end has to be lifted in order for the user to move forward. 

Tall Walkers for Seniors Are Extremely Durable

Tall walkers for the elderly and handicapped are often made of a few materials that help them maintain their strength and durability. Walkers for tall people have to withstand numerous tests by manufacturers in order to meet medical guidelines. The materials that are used, the shape of the frame, and other safety features that may be added must pass inspection as well. Almost all walkers are made of the following materials:

Sturdy Metals

Most walkers are made out of aluminum. This allows the walker to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. Some walkers may be made out of steel as well, but these walkers aren’t as widely used since aluminum features inherent protection against the elements and rust.

Rubber, Foam, or Gel Handle Covers

It’s important that users are comfortable and able to grip their walkers properly. The handles often have grips made of rubber, gel, or foam to accomplish this.

Rubber Feet

All walkers are required to have rubber grips on the bottom. This allows the user to have sufficient traction just like the rubber feet do on shower seats, no matter where they’re being used. 

Rubber Wheels

Some models have rubber wheels attached to the front which offer excellent traction and still allow for more mobility and safer transportation. For many models of standard walkers, these wheels can be purchased and added as attachments as well. 

If you need a tall walker for seniors that can provide maximum security and stability compared to a rollator, you should consider our selection. Particularly if you are not in need of a wheelchair, you may greatly benefit from the line that we carry. Looking for more information? Consider reading our handy Walker Buying Guide that can tell you how to choose the right walker to fit your needs. 

At AvaCare Medical,we carry tall medical walkers for seniors made by the top brands in the nation. We ship to all 48 of the continental United States, and offer free shipping on every order that is over $50. Give us a call at 1.877.813.7799 and complete your order today!