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Walkers With Bags & Trays / Mobility Walkers With Accessories

Whether you are looking to find a walker with a bag or a walker with a tray and wheels attached, AvaCare Medical can take care of you! You can even purchase a walker with wheels and a basket already attached to them as well. Having a walker with accessories already attached can save time and improve the overall convenience of being able to carry one’s belongings. It is important to know just what these accessories can do for a walker. Read more...

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Wheels Have Numerous Benefits

Some of the most common walker attachments are wheels. Walker wheels not only represent an accessory included on many walker models, but they also can be attached separately and installed on the back or front legs of a user’s walker as well. Having wheels on a walker can increase the mobility and walking speed for many walkers, as well as provide benefits that range from fatigue reduction, lighter lifting, and easier use. Wheels can also provide the ability to increase the amount of places that a person can walk because they can add all-terrain functionality to a walker.

Walker Trays for More than Mealtime Convenience

Medical walkers with trays are commonly bought because a person prefers not to need to buy a separate universally compatible tray. They can have a mobility walker with a tray to set their meals on, and many trays also have a cup holder that can help them carry drinks as well. There are even wheeled walkers with trays available for sale in our inventory. Of course, trays aren’t always only used for mealtime, but can also be used for placing items such as books, notebooks, pens, and so much more. Some of them even come attached as the top of a walker basket.

Walker Baskets Allow Carrying Capabilities

Speaking of walker baskets, this is one accessory that many people can’t live without. Some walkers are available to buy with the walker baskets already attached to them, while others may be purchased separately. Baskets allow users to carry personal belongings and even do things they wouldn’t normally be able to do, such as secure groceries and other items when they go out to the store. Some baskets are even made foldable so they don’t have to constantly be attached and detached from a folding walker.

Walker Bags Improve Security and More

Some people may want to purchase a walker with a bag instead of a basket. While they may not be able to hold as many things neatly in them, walker bags are commonly used for personal items and belongings that a user desires to be kept discreet. Certain items like cell phones, money, wallets, personal hygiene items, and many more are often considered personal, so having a walker with a bag can help to improve user privacy while still providing a place to store such items conveniently. Some walkers with wheels also have bags instead of baskets on them; otherwise a walker bag can be purchased separately. Of course, if a user needs more mobility and stability isn’t so much of an issue, they can always purchase a rollator instead.

Are Walkers with Accessories More Expensive?

This is something to consider when looking for a walker as well. The answer, though, is yes. Depending on what attachments and accessories come with a walker, this can affect the price some, and it almost never is less than the walker would be without the accessories. Users can, however, save money by purchasing a walker with accessories already attached to them when they compare the price of buying each item separately. Add that to the time that will also be saved in installation, and it can be a win-win situation for the user.

Many walker accessories are also made to improve quality of life; they are not for mere convenience. For example, some walker accessories may come with a walker (or be purchased separately of course) such as an oxygen tank holder or even a walking cane holder. This is so that if a user also uses a cane at times, they can employ their cane for the shorter distance trips, saving their walker for more strenuous walks. Add front wheels to the mix, and this can give a person much more stability, mobility, and help them recover so they can continue to improve their walking quality.

Make Sure to Choose the Proper Walker for Your Needs

There are numerous things to consider when purchasing a walker with accessories. It’s important to choose a walker that will fit the exact needs of its users and can benefit them so there are no undue complications. Some of these things are:

The Walker’s Weight Capacity

A walker’s weight capacity is the most important thing to consider when shopping around for walkers. Once the weight capacity is chosen, it can help to narrow down the viable options of walkers with accessories that are available for purchase. It’s also important to know how much the walker weighs both with and without the accessories attached. Any time a user adds items and accessories to the walker, they are essentially increasing the weight of the walker, but simultaneously lowering the weight capacity available. This is true of all accessories except for walker wheels and walker glides, which don’t have any impact on increasing or decreasing the weight capacity.

The Height of the Walker

Both how tall a walker stands and how tall it can be adjusted to are important factors to understand before purchase. Nobody wants to use a walker that requires hunching over, as this causes stability issues, problems with balance, and back pain & discomfort. Make sure that the purchased walker is going to be tall enough for the person to be used while standing, but also has a short enough base height to be used for getting out of a sitting position as well.

Here at AvaCare Medical, our customer care representatives can help you find a high quality walker with accessories if you prefer not to use our website. Simply give us a call toll-free at 1-877-813-7799 and one of our team members can assist you in your shopping or answer any general questions or concerns you may have in making your purchase. You can always also check out our handy walker guide if you want to learn more information!