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Lightweight Wheelchairs / Ultralight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs are great for users and caregivers: They allow ease of movement, and are easy to fold and store. Some wheelchairs can even be considered ultra lightweight due to their lighter frame types. These models are great for individuals with active lifestyles, who are often on the go, and involved in all sorts of physical activities. There are many different types of lightweight wheelchair models, with varying features, so that each individual can find one that meets his preferences. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Lightweight Wheelchair
    McKesson Lightweight Wheelchair
    Starting at $201.20
  2. Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair
    Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair
    Starting at $548.24
  3. Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair with Flip Back Removable Arms
  4. Cruiser X4 Lightweight Dual Axle Wheelchair with Adjustable Detatchable Arms
  5. K3 Basic Plus Wheelchair
    K3 Basic Plus Wheelchair
    Starting at $189.00
  6. Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair
    Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair
  7. Cougar UltraLight Wheelchair
    Cougar UltraLight Wheelchair
    Starting at $805.81
  8. Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchair Chairs
    Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchair Chairs
    Starting at $287.19
  9. K4 Lightweight Wheelchairs
    K4 Lightweight Wheelchairs
    Starting at $263.49
  10. K4 Extra Wide Lightweight Wheelchairs
    K4 Extra Wide Lightweight Wheelchairs
    Starting at $296.76
  11. K4 Basic Lightweight Wheelchairs
    K4 Basic Lightweight Wheelchairs
    Starting at $217.82
  12. Merits Manual Lightweight Wheelchair Sequoia with Spoke Wheels
    Out of Stock

Items 1-12 of 16

Set Descending Direction

Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are basic wheelchairs that are not powered by a battery. These ultralight wheelchairs are self-propelled; either by the user moving his hands along on the casters, pushing them forward repeatedly, or by using one’s legs to maneuver the wheelchair about. Options for these lightweight standard wheelchairs include seating size options, seating materials, wheel spoke options, wheel sizes, frame type, adjustable arms, swing back arms and legs, hand brakes, wheel brakes, and so much more.

Lightweight Bariatric Wheelchairs

The frame of a lightweight bariatric wheelchair is always constructed from a durable frame material. For example, Bariatric wheelchairs with carbon steel frames have a weight capacity of 700 pounds. Reinforced steel gussets are located at all weight bearing points of the frame to provide maximum strength. And yet, even though due to their sturdiness they can bear very high weight capacities, these wheelchairs are still extraordinary lightweight. They are also quite comfortable; these ultra lightweight wheel chairs feature reinforced durable nylon upholstery. Both the frame and front forks and casters are heavy duty, and the frame features dual cross bars to help with durability, strength, and to enhance safety. 

Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs

Folding light wheelchairs are more common than many have been wont to think. Actually, most manual wheelchairs fold for easy storage and transport. The average weight of a manual wheelchair is around 35 and 40 pounds, while lightweight wheelchairs, in contrast, are often between 27 and 35 pounds. 

The frame type of a folding ultralight weight wheelchair can greatly reduce the weight of a folding lightweight wheelchair. Added features such as various spoke types, steel or composite Mag style, and riggings such as footrest and leg rests can also impact the weight of the wheelchair.

Wheelchairs for the Outdoors

The majority of manual light wheelchairs are designed for use on varying terrains. Both the casters’ durability and their height aid in making them better suited for outdoor activity. Things that can enhance outdoor lightweight wheelchairs include features such as the 8-inch front casters’ ability to change positions. Removable or adjustable rigging such as arms, leg, and foot rests can also add to the weight. Since the terrain you are traveling on can greatly impact the mobility of the wheelchair, be sure to consider wheelchair type and durability if you are interested in outdoor use.

How to Choose the Right Lightweight Wheelchair

When choosing which type of light wheelchair is right, one should look into each type of wheelchair available. Consider which seat sizing and wheel type will be needed to make the unit more comfortable and safe. Verify the weight capacity that the wheelchair provides to ensure it meets the user’s individual needs. Finally, double-check the appropriate features that are needed for your safety and comfort. Once all of these factors have been taken into consideration, it can be easier to choose the right wheelchair. 

Special Features to Consider

Light wheelchairs have many features that can be added to customize them for each user’s individual needs. Some ultra light wheelchairs have specific features such as detachable legrests and footrests, making it easier for foot propulsion. Some models include a taller back that may recline, for users who require such added support. Swing-back desk arms are another feature; they allow for comfortable seating at tables and desks. Many customers consider features such as seat size and wheel sizes important as well. 

Immediately below is a summary of some features to take into consideration when choosing a wheelchair.

  • Carbon steel frame for optimal durability and a high weight capacity. 
  • Adjustable front casters allow for a more smooth and therefore more comfortable ride.
  • Swing-back desk arms make sitting at desks and tables more comfortable and aid in transferring.
  • Rear axle release allows for easy transfer.
  • Padded arm and leg rests provide increased comfort.
  • Seating materials such as vinyl or breathable mesh aid in comfort.

Average Size of a Lightweight Wheelchair

Most standard light wheelchairs have a seat that is between 16 and 20 inches wide. For bariatric patients, seat widths often go to 30 inches to ensure maximum comfort. So, essentially, weight ranges on these ultra lightweight wheelchairs vary from 250 to 700 pounds.

Comfort Tips

Some people find that when they sit in a wheelchair for long periods of time, they become uncomfortable. Even caregivers may have difficulty pushing the wheelchair user for long periods of time if there are no proper handle grips. Therefore, there are numerous wheelchair accessories available that can help both the user and the caregiver.

For example, for manual lightweight wheelchairs, there are gloves specially designed to help grip the wheelchair rails. These ensure comfort and can help prevent the user from getting blisters. These provide extra hand and wrist support and can also be worn by a caregiver who must hold the handles for long periods of time.

Another great accessory to aid in comfort is the wheelchair cushion which can help especially when the user must sit in the chair for a long period of time. This provides the user with the same comfort he’d experience if he was sitting in a normal chair. This also helps to ward off sores that may develop after extended periods of sitting.

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